Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thirty-Five Years? It Can't Be Already !!!

I really have a difficult time with the fact it has been thirty-five years since the birth of my first born son, Christopher Martin.  The difficult time being, where in the heck does time fly off too .... now I know where the saying, "time flies" comes from, don't you?

"This is a photo of my son, Chris I found on his Facebook page dated 2009.  Since my oldest son and I have been estranged from each other for a number of years, anything I find as being his "friend" on Facebook is pretty much the only contact I have with him.  A very difficult situation for any Mother, or parent for that matter, to be this way."

We, as parents have no idea how things will end up after we have done our "job" of parenting in the best way we know how .... however there are times we have to learn to acknowledge we have done our very best and "let go and let live", even though it be very difficult at times.

Since "Spring" has "Sprung", I decided this morning that I needed to get with the Program and begin some Spring cleaning ....

"I began with a small grid, starting first with the a "L" section of the diningroom.  Curtains removed to be washed up fresh, furniture taken out from the wall with dust and cobwebs vacuumed or dusted from crevices and corners (oh man there a few spiders vacuumed up along with the cobwebs), and floors vacuumed and washed."

"My  "Spring" cleaning friends are Vinegar and Pail, with a Cloth thrown in the mix.  Fantastic having such a reliable "Team" behind me !"

1001 Uses for Distilled White Vinegar :

What is your favorite Spring Cleaning "cleaner"?

After my small grid was all done, being really not too small as it took me pretty much the whole morning, it was time for our Dinner.

"The pork chops I had taken out earlier weren't thawed, so we had a Dinner of leftover Black Bean & Feta Salad, along with an Egg Salad Sandwich.  My kind of Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 Dinner."

I am sure it had to be over a month ago that I had received an invite for coffee from Caroline Murray, an acquaintance I had made through a little bit of "twittering", who, along with her husband, Doug, own the Evergreen Forest B&B just south of Wiarton.  Today I picked up the phone and made good on the offer, which turned out to be "perfect", as Caroline said, "come on over".  

Let me take you on over to the "The Evergreen Forest B&B" ....

"It is a long winding driveway through the greenery, but don't worry you wouldn't get lost as ... "

" .... it takes to you into a breathtaking spot you would be sure to enjoy."

"Caroline was outside to "greet" me as soon as I had arrived.  We took a short walk behind the B&B to where her husband, Doug, was making this totally awesome enclosed Gazebo.  Doug explained to me it will be totally "bug proof" when he is finished, as he had even put fine screening underneath the flooring.  A wonderful escape for Guests seeking a little bit of solitude and one on one with Nature."

"Once inside it didn't take me long to realize the way Caroline and Doug have things organized that any Guest's needs were going to be all looked after, being put first, to ensure their stay would be most welcoming and comfortable with everything accessible at an arm's reach away."

"These are two of the Guest rooms, out of the three Caroline toured me through.  I suppose we must have been "chatting" that I had forgotten to take a picture of the first room I had been shown.  Absolutely beautiful .... any room here would make you feel at home by pulling you in with a total feeling of warmth and comfort."

"This is "Z", who is sure to give you the very first "welcome" when you arrive at The Evergreen Forest's B&B."

The Evergreen Forest B&B has a "prime" location with its privacy, however not too far away from the beautiful Sauble Beach on Lake Huron, or many places that can be taken in as a "Day Trip" up on the amazing Bruce Peninsula.  Boating, fishing, canoeing .... all just a "stone throw" away for you, or that "special" someone you would love to gift.  A relaxing drive, barely 2 1/2 hours from Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, or the London areas .... more about The Evergreen Forest B&B and its hosts, Caroline and Doug Murray, at their website:

... I could almost guarantee it would be an experience you would want to have again.

Darn, it all if I wasn't "chatting" so much I could have been taking more photos, but I am sure you will see lots more at the above website .... lol.

Tomorrow is another day, so hopefully I will be able to complete another little "grid" of Spring cleaning.  On my way home from Caroline and Doug's, I did stop in at the Home Hardware to pick up the paint for the spare bedroom we are re-doing .... hope that gets painted sometime soon !!!!  *Hint*Hint*Hint* towards one particular person who I love most dearly .... lol.

There are three here in my "pack" who are needing my attention, so my attention, Bandit, Lexus and little Missy Mercedes, will be receiving here very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy,
    What can I say, what a fantastic plug in for our place!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly becoming one of my very special friends:) Our door is always open, please do not hesitate to come by often!!!! Caroline

  2. What a lovely B&B. So sorry to hear of your situation with your Son, I know you must be heart broken. Prayers that someday things will be mended and you can hold your sweet boy again

  3. I'm sorry to hear tat you & your son aren't in contact... :( Is there a way to mend old fences? I can't imagine... ((hugs))

    The B&B Looks beautiful! I'd never want to leave! Haha!!


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