Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stuff, More Stuff & Then More Stuff !!!

"This was the Ferndale to Lion's Head Road last Friday morning."

"This is the same road this morning.  Black & White isn't it, or should I say, "White & Black"?  What a difference in just a matter of a few days."

"This is the Golden Dawn Retirement/Nursing Home where my Mother now resides."

This morning Aiden and I went to visit my Mother to find out there was a viral respiratory infection going on at Golden Dawn.  After speaking to the Director of Care, who is a wonderful understanding lady, it was decided I would not put myself in any kind of jeopardy with consideration of my history with pneumonia.  Aiden and I turned around to head back home South of the Checkerboard.

"When we got back home, Aiden had a little play time while I headed into the house to get Dinner on the go for him, his Poppa, and myself."

"On heading on into the house, I was thinking it might be safe to put Mr. Snowman here away until the next Wintry Season, with hopes this one is now past us for good this Year?"

Lunch wasn't too much of a bother today, with Egg Salad sandwiches, and Cucumber and Caesar salads on the side.

It wasn't long after lunch was cleaned up from that my "Crabby Cabbie" took off into the South, and Aiden I went into town to meet up with Sharon and her grandson, Ben, to head off to Bluewater Park.

"The boys had a great time together at the Park, getting along absolutely fabulously !"

After the Park, Sharon had us back to her house for Pizza, Salad and desert.  

Sharon surprised me today with a very unexpected beautiful early Birthday Present.  I was totally taken back and most pleasantly surprised.

"Is this scarf not totally amazing ???  This is the same one I had been admiring just two weeks ago when Sharon & I had been out on one of our walks together.  Thanks friend, you are the best !"

In my opinion, Rob and I have been "scoring" for ourselves pretty good these past couple of days.

"I had filled out an Ontario Health Survey a couple of weeks ago which took up maybe 15 minutes of my time and received a $10 Gift Certificate in the mail today for doing so."

"I received this Exercise Mat and Carrying case from a Swap Group for absolutely free, as well as a Air Hockey Table for the boys (no picture as it hasn't been setup yet)."

"I made this purchase from a Swap Group of a Pampered Chef Apple Peeler & Corer for $10.00."

"These "BUM" slip on shoes, very lightly or barely used, for a grand total of $4.00.  Trust me they are like "brand new" ! "

"Rob scored this 6500 Watt Generator in exchange for a Breaker box and some electrical wiring.  Wow !  What a score Rob, carry-on bartering !!!"

"I so happened to score this pretty cool Birthday Card in the mail from my Sister, Donna, who obviously has me pegged as inside the card it says, "We start out with lots of Memory & Drive, then we become outdated, "CRASH" at odd moments, and eventually have to get our parts replaced."  LOL !!!  Only problem is, I don't think I can afford to get any of "my" part replaced?"

I really don't know why I have been so exhausted the past few days, could it be because I am soon to be another Year older, or could it possibly have something to do with the time change?  Um, I am pretty certain it is the "time change" .... 

... a girl can dream can't she?  

I think I will be telling my "Crabby Cabbie" this is what I do when he is gone away from me .... he,he,he, wonder if he will believe me?  Why not ?  ~ giggle ~ giggle ~

There appears to be quite a bit of action going over at "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook tonight, with even more new members for a total of 206 !  I think I will be refilling my cup of Green Tea, and heading over there to join in on the "fun".

Once again, but since I am tired not too fast, I am off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Haha...nice card :) You got some nice deals there. And your park is just so beautiful. I miss living close to a lake or a river. Here we have beautiful mountains surrounding us but not much water.

  2. What a beautiful scarf!!! You guys have been scoring some great deals. I too think I am having a problem with the time change, just seem to be dragging around all week


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