Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Definition Of Overwhelmed Would Be Me At 90 Miles An Hour?

Hotter then a "pepper sprout" ....

....I am going to Jackson .... so ya better watch out !

LOL, I laugh every time I hear this song.

There is a little place just outside my Hometown of Southampton on the Great Lake Huron, called Jackson.  You know, one of those little spots that never in a lifetime would make it on a map; don't blink you will miss it kind of places .... well when families used to come up to vacation in Southampton, I can remember two particular guys who my friends and I had totally convinced our very own Jackson was where Johnny Cash originated from ....LOL, we had them over the barrel for quite some time as I recall !  Harmless fun is always the best fun, is it not?

I am always busy !  I can't seem to get a "handle" on why I am always so dang busy?  I suppose what happened all began over four years ago when I was unable to do much of anything.  That first Summer I can remember spending it sitting out on the deck doing nothing but mostly crying with pain and frustration of not being able to do much of anything at that time.

I think things got so behind on me these past couple of years, with me just now beginning to start making a "dent" in how things used to be, but at a much slower pace.  With not being able to do a lot for a couple of years, much got away from me, so much I was finding it extremely "overwhelming".

Also there was a life change adjustments with my Mother living with us for over 4 years, another with her moving out last June, and then Rob making a life change by purchasing his own Taxi Cab last Fall .... lots of, at times, "overwhelming" situations for me.

Surely the definition of being overwhelmed is my mind going 90 miles an hour.

At times I still get overwhelmed with my mind seemingly going 90 miles an hour, but the dent in what I am and have accomplished is so rewarding it sometimes takes the overwhelmed feeling down a bit.  I think the biggest issue I have with myself (still), is realizing I physically can't go 90 miles a hour any more like I used to, so things take a little bit longer getting done then they used to, in turn this is why I am sure I feel so busy all the time !!!  LOL

When thinking about all of this and putting it into perspective, I think I will keep on being busy, opposed to not being busy.  When I reflect back on not being able to do hardly anything at one time and how "maddening" it was, unable to do a dang thing about it, I will keep how it is now.

What saying comes to mind?  "Idle hands are the Devil's Workshop".  There sure can't be any Devil around here, as my hands are usually never idle, and if they are idle, I am sure my mouth isn't .... LOL.

My hands were definitely NOT idle today, as I had stripped our bedding, mattress pad included, to all be washed.  Since it was such a beautiful Springlike day out today, I had hung the comforter and mattress pad out on the line.  Once the sheets were washed and ready to be hung out, I went out only to find both comforter and pad off the clothesline and on the dirty mucky ground, as nice it was but windy as well !!! Into the washer again with them.  And the sheets?  well let's say they didn't get hung out on any outside line today !

"Not only was it Springlike outdoors today, but it smelled Springlike indoors.  A little piece of Heaven !"

My brother called today, offering some baseboards they had purchased last year that will not work in their home.  *Bonus* for us !  ... and I also had an offer from my sister-in-law to help stripping that dang border, but I was already almost finished by then ... but do you know what?  just the offer was appreciated !

The last of the spare bedroom's "Goosey" border was removed today, with 1 1/2 walls completely washed down.  Tomorrow the rest of the walls should be done washed as well.  Just some "stuff" to be purchased to fill any holes or dents and the room should have the "green light" to be painted !

"Another *Bonus*, the Home Hardware flyer came today & all their paints & supplies are on Sale right now !"

Yesterday I had sold two items on two different Swap & Sale Groups on Facebook.  The one item was picked up today ....

" .... and I scored $40.00 which we have decided to put along with the "loonie" bunny to save toward a "some day year" vacation for us."

After a Dinner of leftovers, with the dishes done up, Rob and I went downtown as we needed to order him a couple of "Crabby Cabbie" shirts with the logo ....

".... on them the same as his hats, but a tad larger."

"From our most favorite gal, who does this type of work downtown Wiarton at .... "

Once back home, it was time to make up our bed fresh, vac & dust the bedroom, then go downtown for a walk with my friend ... then come home, look after the "pack", grab myself a sandwich and finally sit down with my hands "definitely not idle" typing across my lap top's keyboard ....

*Phew*  90 miles an hour !!!

I have yet another phone call to make tonight, before I call my "Crabby Cabbie", take the "pack" out for their last of the evening, and call it a night myself here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the  Checkerboard".


  1. Better put your feet up in front of the TV and get your breath! I'm worn out just reading all of that! lol!

    Actually, I've just recycled the material out of the spent tomato tubs, sieved it all to get the rubbishy stuff out, added some Osmocote long life fertiliser, mixed in 40 pound of coarse river sand and 5 litres of plant raising mixture and then turned it all over to give me a barrowful of revived potting mix for next spring.

    Had my break - now off down to the shadehouse and unload that barrow into my potting mix bin.

  2. I SOOO know what you mean by the 90 mile and hour life. I too was stricken by an illness 10 years ago that put me on the sidelines for a little over a year. I will never be 100% again but by golly I will give it 100% try each day and be happy I can still get around!!!!!

  3. I agree with what Debbie says. You sound very busy to me and we have to focus on what we do do and not what we don't .... keep smiling xxx

  4. hotter than a pepper what?
    I will use that one!!!

  5. I don't remember who said this but I've read somewhere that "When we are not busy it means we are dead!" So keep going :) I feel the same way all the time. But do save that money for your vacation. We all need a break once in a while. And I can only imagine how amazing your house smells today...Hyacinths are one of my favorites!

  6. Life is always busy though, isn't it?! Some days though you just have to leave it all & take a day for YOU!! :) Good job on saving the cash!!


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