Sunday, 11 March 2012

Aiden & Bandit ~ One Not Without The Other

I survived the DST ~ Spring ahead, barely really darn good so I thought, considering I didn't get to bed until after midnight, and pretty dang sure I got at least 3-4 hours sleep.  Needless to say, I have been dragging my sorry butt pretty much the whole day through .... and then some.

I was kind of "out of it" with exhaustion all morning, but certainly glad Aiden and Bandit kept each other amused for at least two hours out in the beautiful day we were having .... and I am so happy I have 10x Zoom on my little Fuji Camera.

"There was still some snow left to make snowballs to play "make & fetch" the snowballs by the looks of the goings on here."

"Bandit patiently taking the "stance" while waiting for the next one to come his way."

"Woohoo !  Here comes the "big" one ! (my most favorite picture thus far)"

"Enough snow to erect a pretty good "snowman" after all."

Do you think two hours out in the "fresh" air wore out these two characters?  NOT !!!  They were back in with Aiden looking for more to do, as well as something else to fill his belly with.  This growing spurt will put us into the "poor house" if I am not careful .... lol.

I managed to have myself a "quick" shower after Poppa had gotten up.

While having my shower, I am thinking to myself, "why am I standing in almost an inch of water?". 

After checking out the drain it was soon to be figured out .... gross !

"Rob thought with this much hair loss it will be no time before I am bald, so I had to mention there appeared to be quite a few "grey" ones mixed in here.  Um, wonder who will be going "bald" first?"

I was able to quite easily pull this scummy wad from the drain, however for those not so easy drains that need "unclogged"?  here is a link to "How to Remove Hair From Drain Natually":

The plunger one I didn't know about, however the baking soda/vinegar was a given.

"Once my shower was over with, obviously there were two who thought they could bring their shinnaigans into the bathroom with me."

After feeding our Rip-tail Snorter for the ... how many times this day?  we finally got out and about for a drive since it was our very first official "springlike" day we have actually had so far this year.

"Road Trip !  And what a perfect day for one.  We even stopped at a Timmies to pickup up a "Free Donut" from a Roll Up the Rim Win, for a certain someone."

"Once back home, the Venison Sausage in the Slow Cooker was cooked with only taters and brussel spouts to make ready.  Within a half hour or so, we were all sitting down enjoying our Sunday Supper all together."

"After supper was cleaned up from, I was too tired for us to go for a walk, so the "Rip-tail Snorter" got thrown into the tub for a wash down."

"Finally for myself, some "Peace and Quiet".  A little piece of Heaven I am sure ...."

... as it sure feels "Heavenly & Peaceful" from where I am sitting for the moment anyhow !  LOL

It is "check-in" day for the March Eat Right Challenge five us began at the first of the month HERE.

Week 1:  March 5th - 11th:


Weight Loss:  No change

Waist:       - 1 inch 
Stomach:   -2 inches

Game Plan:  Increase exercise/walking; drink more water and/or Green Tea


No changes (Awesome, Sharon, no gains !)

Game Plan:  Increase exercise; change eating habits


Weight Loss:  -1/2 lb. (Way to go, Lena!)

Game Plan:  Increase Exercise and Daily Water intake; Improve Food Choices


Weight Loss:  -1 lb. (Fantastic, Bonnie!)

Game Plan:  Increase exercise activity; stop eating in-between mealtimes

Mrs. Thrifty:

Has been sick & will be "onboard" when well again (be better soon!)

Making a "lifestyle" change, or any change sometimes isn't always easy for some of us, so any change in the "right direction" of a healthier lifestyle is significant.  There is never any losers, when one is always trying to make one's own life better .... Kudos to all of us for a great first week !

Let's see now it is 9:20 pm new time, so that would still only make it 8:20 old time, and that would bring me to .... oh STOP doing that to myself !  LOL, it takes me a bit every Spring ahead, and Fall behind, to get myself from not doing this.

Whatever time it is, old or new time, I am tired so I think it is almost "time" for my "bedtime", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Keeping up with the grands and their food needs is a full time job!! Glad you have your dogs to help entertain him!! Ha have a great week

  2. At first glance I thought Bandit was peeing on the snowman.. haha!! Looks like a great day! :) Good job with the healthy eating, Cindy!!!

  3. Love Aiden and Bandit - boys and dogs - Magic!


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