Monday, 30 March 2015

Aussie Antics & A Walk

I most certainly was happy for Rob to be home this morning.  I could barely move to get out of bed with my neck and shoulder pain.  He was kind enough to take care of the Aussies this morning before he went out on his calls, and I was left to stay in bed until 8 pm, a very rare occurrence for me.  

Too much last week I suppose, regardless I broke down and popped 2 Tylenol 2's and 1600 mg ibuprofen, as I needed some relief.  When the meds kicked in I did get some relief and began my day.

I began with the usual then went on to getting the floor swept up of Aussie hairs.  First I picked up the toys, putting them in a box and up on their chair.

Despite my efforts the Aussie antics began almost immediately from knocking the box of toys off the chair, to helping herself to scrap papers from the burn pail.  Thank goodness Bandit is old enough to know better as Portia is enough Aussie to handle at this age.  She does make me laugh though.

 I really didn't get much done, but then again tomorrow is another day.  I am not going to make plans for it as whenever I do my plans somehow always get sabotaged either by something else coming up or some kind of pain or headache preventing me to carry through with them.  Best not to jinx myself.

I did decide this morning I was going to hand deliver my Mom her Easter Card, and stay to have lunch with her.  When I arrived down in her room she was not only surprised to see me, but really delighted as well.

Mom has always enjoyed getting occasion cards early so she can enjoy them before hand.  I think she was also happy with getting a chocolate Easter Bunny too.

Lunch today at the Gateway Haven Nursing Home was very yummy.  Cream of Vegetable Soup, Mom had a deli sandwich, while I had the Broccoli & Mushroom Strata.  Dessert for me was Lemon Pudding, and Mom had a piece of homemade Carrot Cake thanks to my Auntie Gladys.  The piece was 1/2 more then what is in the photo, as I remembered to take the pic after Mom had already consumed some.  She really enjoyed the cake, and I really enjoyed our lunch together.

After my visit with Mom I had to mail a couple cards then head on over to the Wiarton Chamber office to have the girls upload some photos for the new WDCC member presentation folder that is being created.  My goodness I didn't get home until after 2 pm !!!

After a bit of a rest back home I called my friend Pari to see if she would like to go for a walk.  Even though the wind was up the Sun was out and it was 10*C (warmer then usual).  Off we went, taking Portia along with us to train her on walking, at 3 pm downtown Wiarton.

I am happy to say we walked 3 km in total !  not a bad start to hopefully a daily routine (fingers crossed I have not jinxed myself by thinking that out loud).  So far this day I have taken over 7400 steps, which is over 3.5 miles.  Whoohooo !!!  I need to loose some weight before my Son's wedding in July, so I MUST MUST MUST keep focused.

Rob has been gone all day, however I am hoping he is home to watch The "Voice" with me tonight by 8 pm.  That is only 1/2 hour away from now, making it time to sign off from here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

One Of Those Days

It had to be around 1 am, or shortly thereafter, I heard our Buddy crying downstairs from his kennel.  I went down to take him out, assuming that is what he needed, to hear water running.  Walking into our furnace/laundry room areas to find a pipe had let go and there was about one inch of water across the floor.

I pulled the plug to the pump.  Then I moved Lexus from her kennel into the whelping pen, taking Buddy into her dry kennel.  After I had the dogs settled I then went back up stairs to get Rob up.

We got the shop vac, dehumidifiers and basement wood stove going to get a handle on it to dry up.

Thank goodness Buddy woke me up as I never heard the water pouring out and onto our basement floor.

Yes after this mess to deal with at 1:30 am both Rob and I were very tired today.

With not much sleep between the both of us we waited to head off to the Wiarton Home Building Centre when it opened at 9 am.  $78 dollars later we came home with Rob fixing the problem.  I am very grateful Rob knows how to fix such things, as anyone can well imagine how much it would have cost to have a plumber to come in on a Sunday.  Thank you ROB ! xx

No Frills stores have Cook's Shank Hams on "sale" for .97 cents a pound this week.  I called my neighbour, and we headed on over to Owen Sound to do a quick shop.  Driving back, Rob called to see if we wanted to meet up at the Green Door Cafe to have ourselves some lunch.  I was exhausted and thought that was a terrific idea as cooking was not on the top of my list today.

We were all very please, as usual, with our lunches at the Green Door Cafe.  They now are featuring their Spring/Summer Menu.  Pari had the Curry Chicken, I had the Ginger Chicken Salad, and Rob the Shepherd's Pie.  Oh YUM YUM YUM ... it was beyond satisfactory for my breakfast, lunch and dinner today, with some snacking the remainder of the day.

We had just finished up our lunch when my sister, Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, had came in to have lunch.  Too bad we were leaving, however we did get to chat for a bit before we left.  One never knows who they run into.  The Green Door is also frequented and enjoyed by one of my first Cousins, Bob, and his wife, Marlene.  Yes it is good food priced very reasonable for one's budget.

Since Rob & I both quit smoking, Rob coming up a year, and myself five years, and neither of us drink alcohol, we feel a dinner out is a very minimal expense in comparison.

This afternoon Rob had himself a sleep.  I cleaned out the upstairs wood stove later in the day.  A very huge mess, of course, with the fine dust settling everywhere.  It is unavoidable.  After two pails of ashes cleaned out I began dusting.

I lost my balance, in turn knocking something a top the china cabinet which shook it sending the 
Galileo Thermometer smashing to the floor. What a mess was that to clean up, as it is oily inside them, not water.

The good part of my day was admiring the one flower left from the bouquet the kids had sent me for my Birthday. There is always some good to be found in "one of those days", is there not?

The headache I had this morning still persists on being noticed within my being.

I am going to put my feet up with hopes of an early night and good sleep this evening, and dream of NOT having another one of those days again tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

In The Blue

I might be in a lot of pain, but I am very grateful that I slept all night until 5 am.  Happy happy happy I was about that.

This morning I had errands downtown Wiarton.  I left the house at 9 am, not returning until almost 11:00 am.  It does not take long for time to fly by when you have a couple of stops to make, never mind popping in to see my girlfriend to enjoy a coffee with her.

I did get laundry done today.  Three loads to be exact.  I also made mental notes of what and where I am going to start purging and decluttering.  I started with Rob, as when I was putting laundry away I was taken back on how many pairs of jeans he possesses, and bought 2 more pair only last month.

Yes I was "in the blue" over the number of piles of blue jeans Rob owns.  All I got from him when I brought them all to his attention was "the look" as to say, "yes is that a problem?".  Out of these 5 piles (not including yet another pile on the top shelf in the closet) he managed to throw out one pair.  He is worse then a woman, as I am sure he has 3 different sizes for when he looses or gains weight.  *shaking head*

For some reason I got a chill this afternoon.  My feet, hands, and even my nose were all freezing.  I ended up having a bath as hot as I could stand, which actually did the trick of taking the chill from my bones.

Our niece's husband, Rich, is very talented with is own business of Ironworks.  Richcraft currently is offering a "special" which is 25% off, for a limited time only, pre-ordered weather vanes..

Yes this is one of Richcraft's amazing weather vanes.  I absolutely LOVE it, but then again I am a huge fan of both Rich & his work.  His lovely wife, Jenn, is also a gem, and we all know there is always a gem behind any good man.

For more information on Richcraft, please drop on over to the website by *clicking* HERE.

Dinner was not only easy with a Cottage Roll put into the Crock Pot earlier today, but it was very colourful and yummy as well.  LOVE ME that colour !

Rob and I can not believe since the weather was getting a bit nicer the past week, that our pain levels increased more then when it had been down in the minus double digits in February.  Yes dampness does a number on arthritis does it not?  Hot baths, a warm blanket and some good pain rub can go a long way some days .... damn getting old sucks does it not? but still I am certain I love the scenery on this side of the dirt then the other side.

Time to take a couple of Aussies out for the last time this evening, and look forward to maybe another good night's sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Happy Birthday Lunch

What happened to Spring? it had been snowing and -13*C this morning when I got up at 5:30 am.  Everyone had been hep to the warmer temps last week, and now they have gone down, down, down.

I headed downtown this morning to do a bit of shopping, then returned home to a quick shower and get ready to pickup my friend, Pari.  We were heading into Owen Sound for lunch, drop off our books to the Accountant, and go to my appt. with the neurologist. 

I picked Pari up at 11:45 am and we headed out.  After stopping at Staples we headed over to Joe Tomatoes, where my Niece, Joanne, met up with us to join us for lunch.

We began with a Spinach, Artichoke, Cheese Dip, then Joanne and I had the Chicken Greek Wrap, and Pari the "hot" Chicken Wings.  I was surprised afterwards with the staff coming out to sing Happy Birthday to me with a Brownie topped with ice cream and whipped topping.  Thanks to Pari for spoiling me with this Happy Birthday Lunch today.

After lunch Joanne headed over to her boyfriends, while Pari and I dropped around to the accountants.  We then went on over to the Owen Sound Hospital where Dr. Young's office was located for my appointment.

Dr. Young went though some of my history with me, then did some tests.  He also checked the MRIs which have been done on my neck.  He concluded the problems of my experiencing dizzy spells, unbalance, headaches and of course chronic pain are stemming from the osteoarthritis in my neck.  His comment was, "you have a lot of arthritis in your neck".  Yes this I knew, and once again yet another Doctor has validated this.

Dr. Young said he was sorry there was nothing which could be done about what I am experiencing, however suggested a neck brace worn for short periods might give me some relief.  I tried a neck brace some time ago and it had caused me more or the same discomfort.  He also gave me some new meds to try for when I get a migraine, and to keep him informed of how, if, they worked for me.

I found Doctor Young to be one of the most modest empathetic Doctor I have met. His bed side manner is impeccable.  He listens, giving information directly and with suggestion.  Should I have to go back to Dr. Young, I surely will look forward to doing so.

Pari and I made two more stops, one at Sears, and the last at the Giant Tiger before heading home.

Pari had given me a nice grey purse and silver bracelet.  Oh yes some Ferrero Chocolates too which I put in the freezer as I do not need any temptation after the huge lunch I had.

It had been way after 5 pm when we got back home.  For dinner I had some raw mushrooms and curry dip which filled me right to the top.  Rob? he had leftover chicken wings and half a wrap from Joanne and Pari.

I am done like dinner, however once again grateful for having such wonderful friends and family. 

Oh yes is everyone still "in" on the 52 Week Money Challenge?  as I am working on it backwards, I deposited $40.00 today, and have a total of $625.59 to date in my account.  I am thinking on what we will do with the money when the challenge is over ... endless possibilities at our house.

Not certain if I would appreciate a belly rub with Rob's foot as much as Bandit does, however I most certainly know I would enjoy one on my back with his big strong hands.

This evening will be rest, rest, rest for my aching tired, but very happy, body, Just North of Wiarto & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Breakfast With The Mayor

Good thing I am an early riser as this morning I attended breakfast with the Mayor at 7:30 am hosted by the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce.  Once I got all my Aussie duties out of the way, and myself ready, I headed out to first pickup friends, Wenda and Cathy, who own The Painted Turtle & Headquarters downtown Wiarton.  

The WDCC has began these breakfasts for Business owners within the Community to interact with the Mayor in a comfortable and casual atmosphere where Community issues and/or concerns can be addressed.  

A couple of subjects touched upon this morning were the "Big Dig" an upcoming downtown update to replace many very old water lines, etc, the Airport, which is jointly owned with Georgian Bluffs,  the possibility of Wind Turbines coming to the Bruce Peninsula, and Paid Parking at Sauble Beach.  

It was nice to be enlightened by the Mayor on these subjects instead of trying to read between the lines of newspaper articles and/or public speculations.

Host, WDCC President, Paul Deacon, introduced South Bruce Peninsula Mayor, Janice Jackson, to the invited group.

The businesses who are invited to a breakfast are limited in numbers (as too many people would not afford casual discussion(s) ), and include a mixed variety of people.  This breakfast meeting was the second one, with one more planned this Spring, and resuming again in the Fall.  It is hopeful a large part of the Business Community will be invited and attend these events in hope a good relationship is built and maintained with the Mayor.

I had never met Mayor Janice Jackson before today, and really enjoyed listening to her speak on the matters put to her.  I found her to be very positive about growth within our communities, as well as keeping the taxpayers tax dollars in mind with doing so.

I got home around 11 am, had myself some lunch, did the dishes and made the bed before heading back out to attend a Living a Healthy Life Workshop put on my the South West Self Management Program for 1 pm at the Wiarton Library.

This is a 6 week workshop for people with or caring for someone with a Chronic Condition, whether it be for Arthritis, Chronic Pain, or a Mental Health issue, just to name a couple.  The workshop is offered free.  Should anyone like anymore information on a future workshop you may do so by contacting South West Self Management at 1-855-463-5692.

Today's introduction was nothing I did not know already, as probably will be the case with the whole workshop, however I feel it is good for me to attend for validation of my own chronic pain issues, as well as knowing and meeting other people with the same or similar issues.  Even if I come away with one new learning tool I feel the one day a week for six weeks will be worth it.

We never stop learning.\

Can you believe Easter Weekend is only a week away from tomorrow?  hoping everyone has prepared themselves for it ....

Hahaha ! this was so cute I could not resist sharing it.

Tomorrow I have an appt. with a Neurologist, so we will see where that goes.  Not familiar with Fibromyalgia or its symptoms, please *click* HERE.

With a busy couple days behind me I have been getting the repercussions from them with pain from head to toe.  Hopefully I can sleep tonight and feel more rested for the day ahead of me tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

DISCLOSURE:  This is my personal daily journal with all opinions being my own and not affiliated with any organization I might belong to or be affiliated with.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lunching With Mother

More things ahead of me today there was.  Before I left the house I did get the dishes done and our bed made.

I had an appt. with my GP, Dr. Diodati, at 10:45 am.  He was a bit on the busy side this morning so I really didn't get in until 1/2 hour after my appt. time, and then back out to my vehicle at 11:37.  

The Doctor was quick to tell me how fantastic Rob has been doing with his weight loss and exercise.  It must be nice to see a patient be dedicated to going forward and away from getting diabetes, as Rob's numbers have dropped and he really is doing good all around.

We addressed my fibromyalgia and not sleeping issues again today by increasing the medications with another follow-up in a months time.  While I had been waiting for my appt. time Dr. Kaal's office had called me and booked me in for next week to address my stomach/liver/pancreas issues.  

A scan had also been ordered for Rob's back as it is full of arthritis, and also needed to be addressed.  

We are both very happy with Dr. Diodati, and his being thorough with wonderful bedside mannerism as well.

After leaving the doctor's offices I headed over to Gateway Haven to meet up with my Sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil.  We had decided we were going to have lunch with our Mother today.

We had a nice bit of a visit together over lunch.  Mom is always happy to see us.

Not to mention what an awesome lunch we had.  Mom had the Egg Salad Sandwich with a Cucumber Salad on the side, with jello for dessert, while the rest of us had Chicken a la King with carrots, a Corn Muffin, and mixed berries for dessert. 

I got back home to enjoy a coffee before heading back downtown to another appointment I had this afternoon.  

I had been very happy today as Rob ordered the new window for our bedroom.  Progress is being made !  hooray !!!!  That should be a couple of weeks by the time it is custom made and come in.  After it is installed I will then be able to think about painting the room and putting the new carpet down ... maybe maybe maybe it will be all done before Summer?

Before I had went to my appointment this afternoon I had put a small roasting chicken in the oven for our dinner.  Rob had put potatoes on to cook just as I was coming home, and I steamed cauliflower to go along with it.

Dinner was not only simple, but had been simply delish too.

I have been thinking all day about what I am going to be wearing to my son's wedding in July.  I figured I was going to settle with the dress I had purchased a couple of months ago, deciding I didn't need a long Mother of the Groom's dress.

This is a Black dress with some nice "bling" on the neckline and will only require a nice blingy bracelet and sandals to finish setting it off.  Should I loose a significant amount of weight prior to the wedding then I might consider purchasing a different dress, however in the meantime I will remain my cheap frugal self and be satisfied with what I have and count my blessings for that.

Rob has already gone to bed as he had a very late night last night.  I will be not long heading there myself as I have to be out the door by 7 am  in the morning to attend a Breakfast meeting.  Rob will  have to hold down the fort for me first thing, as well as look after our Aussies, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Beautiful Day !

A very cold crisp morning but also an extremely beautiful beginning to the day.

Last night I had been speaking to Elizabeth.  She told me her and her cousin, who was going to be her Maid of Honour, were going shopping for Bridesmaid dresses today.  I so wanted to be part of it ... and expressed this to Rob.  He told me to phone her up to tell Liz I could go along.  We were all so excited !!!!

This morning I headed South down the highway to Liz and Paul's at 7 am.  I arrived in good time, but before I arrived Liz told me to brace myself .....

Mercedes' photo last Friday, and Mercedes' photo this morning ... YIKES !  Liz had taken her to the regular groomer for a "hair cut", but when they had picked her up last night she had been "shaved".  When they arrived back home the first thing the kids said was, "Grandma is going to be mad".  Hahaha.  Thank goodness it will grow back and she will look like an Aussie again, but in the meantime she will be freezing her butt off outside in the mornings, and she looks part Dalmation and Pitbull to me.  Still she is sweet and cute.

Liz and I were to meet her Cousin, Vivienne, at David's Bridal Salon in Cambridge at 11 am, and we were almost right on the minute when we arrived there.

We were all so excited, and I was so happy that I was able to go along with them today.  It really made my day !

We all were having so much fun the 2 1/2 hours were were there just flew by us... and we could have stayed longer if we hadn't had to get going.

After Vivienne had tried on a "few" selections, this one absolutely was "it" for all three of us.  The colour Liz chose will be Watermelon.  Liz loved this dress so much she found one in her size to try on herself.  Beautiful dresses for girls who are beautiful inside and out.

Once a dress was chosen for the "big" girls we went on to look at the ones for the "little" girls.  Liz will be going back down this Friday with Chloe and Briar for some fittings.  We had all liked this style below.

I had asked Liz is she was going to wear a veil.  She had thought maybe a hair clip with some very pretty bling, however I suggested while we were there, "what the heck, try some veils on".

The "perfect" veil had been found.  At the reception the veil can come off and the bling can stay in.  So very pretty to compliment the pretty girl who will be wearing it.

Just before we were going to leave I thought I would look at a couple dresses for the Mother of the Groom.

The second one I had tried on was the one all three of us loved.  As beautiful as it is, I can not justify spending $379.00 on a dress I will be only wearing for a few hours.  I am going to look at a couple more shops before I decide.

I wish I could go back down Friday, however I have two other commitments that same day.  It makes for a long day going down and back, however it had totally been worth taking pain meds and being tired, every second of it.

Liz and I had a quick, but very yummy, lunch at Meme's Cafe in New Hamburg.  We both enjoyed a Wrap with a small side Feta House Salad.  Should you ever be in New Hamburg, well worth the stop for lunch.

I had left for home a bit after 2:30, with one stop at Food Basics in Hanover I was home at 5 pm.

Tonight I am going to put my feet up, relax and watch The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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