Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Girls

I had company for my sleepless night last night, as Rob joined me since he had been in terrible pain with his back.  Too much moving couches and piling wood last week I am certain on both accounts.  Me? my usual.

No matter how tired we were Rob made two happy girls today by taking us on a Road Trip.

Myself & Portia got to go along to Kitchener with Rob today on some Crabby Cabbie Business, and a wee little bit of shopping on the side.  Portia had her "smile" on despite the bad hair day she was having.

I couldn't have been more  happier when Rob pulled into the Redwood Restaurant in Clifford where I had one of my most favourite meals in the form of the small portion of Liver & Onions.  They make the best I have had I think.  Later in the day Rob also got us a "Smiley" Face Cookie at Tim Hortons along with our coffees.

Support your community by purchasing a Smile Cookie between Sept. 15th and Sept. 21st from your local Tim Hortons!  LEARN MORE BY *CLICKING* HERE.

After Rob had stopped in to take care of "Crabby Cabbie" Business, we headed on out to the Costco Store at the far end of Kitchener.  We got a few essentials, dog food, and a couple of treats.

Healthy Treat Choices for myself, Essentials for both of us, and some unhealthy treats Rob picked out for himself ... but they are nuts and nuts are good for you in moderation, so really not too terribly unhealthy.  I had also got a good deal on Paper Towels, and with a Piddler in the house now, aka Portia, those are essential.

By the time we pulled into Wiarton it had been 6 pm.  Yes another long day behind us, especially since we hadn't hit the road until about 10:30 am this morning.  Regardless it was a day Rob and I got to spend together and away from our regular routine which is always good for the souls from time to time.

Ha ! now that I think about it, Rob and I sleeping out in the RV the odd time after he had purchased had also been good for our souls, as imaginations and pretending we were away and not in our driveway was good for the souls too.  Does anyone else have fun in the same kind of sense?

Brrr .... the dampness gets a little much for some of us with all of this rain and cool weather.  I am hoping to convince Rob to start a small fire in the wood stove to take the chill out of the air house.

OMG, I just realized now why our creamer has been going sour !!!  The new creamer I had used in my coffee this morning had been sour, and Rob bought another new one tonight and it went sour.  The LIGHTS went on ..... ready for this???? the other day I had put Vinegar in the kettle to clean it out and forgot to rinse it and run new water through it.  Now was that a "blonde" moment or what ???
Thank God I can laugh at myself, otherwise I would be crying half my life away.

Well it is getting to be about that time of night to call it a wrap, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Curdling Start

I could not keep my eyes open past 10 pm last night falling fast asleep until Rob arrived home at 3 am.  Five hours of lovely enjoyable sound sleep ... heavenly it was.  I am hoping I have the same luxury again tonight.

I did all my Aussie rounds first thing after I had gotten up at 6 am.  More outside times with Portia more then not.  Finally an hour later I got to make myself my first coffee of the day .... short lived when I poured the not yet expired creamer into my cup for it to curdle before it even hit the hot coffee.  GROSS !!!  

This called for some Liquid Gold in the form of a large Tim Horton's Dark Roast with 1 1/2 cream.  Truly my first sip had been Heaven.

Highlights of my day ....

Travelling to Timmies with Portia this morning for a Dark Roast Java, a ride into Owen Sound turning into a last minute coffee with my friend, Sharon, a Roasted Turkey cooked to perfection by the time I arrived back home, and the Calla Lilies that bloomed very late which I have had the pleasure to enjoy at this time of Year.

Really lots of highlights considering my day got off to a curdling start.

Rob, Portia and I just returned from a 20 minute walk down by Colpoy's Bay.  A lovely evening which feels like it might get cooler by the time Dusk has passed.

An early night for me again, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Older Ladies

Holy Moly that was some rain we had last night, was it not?  and most of the day until mid-afternoon.

To make matters worse Rob tells me today that the temperature is to drop this evening to 3*C.  Needless to say the Wood Stove was "fired" up this morning to ward off the dampness, and has stayed on all day long.

Unfortunately I have been have side effects of the new medication.  Along with not sleeping now I have nausea and wooziness.  There is always something !

Today I barely did much other then take Portia in and out all day long.  I have to admit I did move out the one remaining old recliner to sweep and dust under and around it, as well as the few dishes leftover from last night's dinner.

I wasn't the only one in the household with my feet up not doing too much of anything.  Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled !!!  I an the one who barks the order (no pun intended) while Rob sucks everyone up for all the attention as these photos depict.

My Apple iphone 5s has been giving me grief for the past while.  Today I could not hear anyone who called me unless I put them on speaker phone or had my bluetooth on.  I put in a call to Apple Support,  I had tried a "hard boot" which had not corrected the said problem, so they told me they were sending me out a brand new phone under my 2 year purchased warranty.  I should receive it in 3 to 5 business days.  I have to say I was very pleased with their prompt courteous service.  Thank you Apple, I hope it remains as so always, and this new phone gives me no further grief for the price they cost.

Speaking of money, how is everyone doing with the 52 Week Money Challenge?  I will have an update after paying for the new recliner chairs we ordered which should be arriving sometime this upcoming week.  I think after paying for the chairs from what I have saved this far, along with the seal pot and piggy bank money that I should still have approx. $712.00 by the time the 52nd week roles around.  Not to shabby I am thinking.

Not only was I dozy, I felt to lazy even to make us some Diner.  The Dinner solution was downtown's Kgum Bo Restaurant where we each ordered the Dinner Special along with an order of Moo Goo Pan.  It was very good  as any other rare occasion we have eaten there.

Rob got a call when we were almost done our dinner, so he left me downtown to go for for walk ending up being just over 1 km by the time he picked me back up to go home.  It was a beautiful evening to be walking even though it had been a short distance.

Back home again just after 7:30 pm.  The skies were gorgeous this evening.  
Red skies at night a sailor's delight.

I did get a belly laugh today that I just have to share ....are you part of the Older Ladies group? as I am pretty certain I have made it there.

Hahaha ... I LOVED it.  Spunk, Fun and ALL of it !

On that note I will close still chuckling, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The "Spoiler"

Another not so great sleep last night.  I am pretty certain Rob slept real well since he had no problems pulling most of the covers off of me all night long (reality? maybe only once).

Today?  I was totally exhausted waking with a headache.  After speaking to a couple of my girlfriends I also learned one had also been totally exhausted and the other had a severe headache.  Comfort in numbers I suppose I could say, or misery enjoys company?

I did manage to strip our bed, as well as do two loads of laundry and get them hung on the line.  It was on the cool side today, however the Sun had been out making it somewhat more pleasant.  I also got down to the Wiarton Farmer's Market to have a wee visit with my girlfriend, Abby.  We have plans to meet each other for Dinner at the Green Door Cafe Wednesday for Dinner, which we are both looking forward to.

Since I had been feeling a little under the weather, so to speak, Rob was kind enough to make us some scrambled eggs and toast for our lunch.  It always tastes better when someone else makes it, does it not?

This afternoon I made our bed up fresh, took all the dogs out and back in, thinking I would lay back my head to relax for a bit.  No sooner had I finished everything that thought had been soon squashed as I had to deal with some Crabby Cabbie phone calls on accounts, and then some emails.

Should the old saying, "No Rest for the Wicked" be true, I must be really really wicked, as we already know I am weary.

A few of my Life Recaps, the first being from last night to show who really is the "spoiler" in our family as in who ....

... spoils the dogs.  That would be Rob as you can tell by who is allowed up on the "old" lazy boy chair with him.  This will NOT be happening once the new chairs arrive.  We are actually keeping Bandit's chair for him, as we are not going to be teaching our Older Dog New Tricks, as we love him way too much to put him through that.
Portia sure was having fun being up with her Human Dad.

This was a young fox Rob and I seen loping up along the road this morning.  It was so terribly skinny with obvious signs it was starving.  My Heart when out for it.  It  had finally stopped across from us where it had found some chicken bones or something in the ditch left from someones garbage but already been picked over by a previous carnivorous. 

Lexus was having some fun with "fetch" with me while I was bringing in the laundry.  Portia has already been taught to sit and stay at the door until I go out first.  Bandit? he had to be retrained all over again, but really new what was expected of him right from the get go.

I was one happy gal today as I had a great feast of cooked Beets for Dinner.  Rob had also been over in Owen Sound today picking me up my favourite Gala Apples which are on sale this week at Food Basics for .88 cents a lb..  Great deal.

Here it is 8:20 pm.  Portia and Bandit have been playing tug of war for the past half hour, while Rob is back in the Lazy Boy chair watching re-runs of Two & A Half Men.

Such is our Life at times, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Thirteen Years Gone By

Thirteen years gone by since the tragedy of 9-11.  For some that day along with its horrific happenings will never leave their mind until the day they die.

The Tribute Commercial made by Budweisser is truly a heartfelt beautiful tribute that brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

Prayers to the survivors and to the families whose loved ones did not survive.  God Bless Our Friends and Family Members to the South of us.

Last evening I laid awake listening to the wind and torrents of rain until the grey of the morning light bleakly appeared outside our windows.  Again another long day I found it in fatigue, however it still went fast now I sit here typing to realize it is going on to 7 pm already.

This morning I had a bit of time to putter by getting a few dishes done up, updating the Business facebook pages, then trying to take care of a fruit fly infestation again this Year.

I prepared the "trap" while Portia looked on patiently wondering what I was up to.  It didn't take long to work, but there is still quite a few, actually more then quite a few, still to be captured.

Not long after the very patient Portia was loaded up into the Van to go pickup Shea Lynn to keep us company while we headed on down to the Mildmay Vet Clinic for Portia's 2nd set of shots.  Portia had been very happy to meet a new setter at the clinic.

Portia has double her weight from when she was 7 weeks old, now at 12 weeks old she is 16 lbs.  She absolutely loved Dr. Kim showering her with kisses.  A little yelp from her when she got her shot but other then that she was priceless the whole time.

We had left Wiarton just before Noon hour not returning until after 3 pm.  By the time we got home everyone else needed out, and for some reason I was ravishing even though I had a sandwich before I had left.  

Dinner for me had been another Salmon Sandwich, 1 cup of Cottage Cheese and 2 granola bars.  

After I had polished off my food I had to go downtown to pickup the prescription for my nasty prickly itching hives on my head and go to the bank.  Rob never got home until about 6 pm or so.  Dinner for Rob was 2 fried egg sandwiches and a sliced tomato.  Eating on the run again.

I had also had to make a phone call to Revenue Canada as they had sent the wrong forms out for the 2nd quarter for HST.  Geesh you know how long those phone calls take, right????  I also managed to clear off a lot of paperwork I had sitting on our diningroom table.  Always lots of papers that drive me MAD !!!  more to do in the next couple of weeks.

Poor little Portia has been flavouring her let where she had the shot, holding it up and walking on three legs.  I hope she will begin putting weight on it tomorrow.

Rob won't be back home until at least 8:30 this evening.  I am going to shower, take Bandit and Portia out, then put up my feet to relax somewhat, or try to, the remainder of the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Special" Deliveries

What an amazing sight to drink in as soon as you walk out the door first thing in the Morning.  Were you as fortunate as I to have such an experience?

Lots to do today with nothing at home being accomplished.  This seems to be my life past months having become common.  Am I liking it? absolutely not, however for the time being this is the way it is to be whether I care for it or not.

After running around this morning I had to be somewhat presentable to head off to my Doctor's appointment at 11 am.  

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE Dr. David (Diodati)? he is such a great all around person, and Doctor too.  I learned that my blood work all came back with A+'s in all departments.  My Bad Cholesterol is still Good !!!  and my sugar is also awesome.  My Blood Pressure? right on the money.  Not bad for a gal who weaned herself off all kinds of medication, eats lots of veggies, fruit, yogurt and very seldom eats red meats.  Junk Food, very very seldom, if I overeat it has been usually good food choices, but still overeating.  My biggest "junk food" downfall would have to be Ice Cream, if you consider Ice Cream "junk food"?  I consider it HEAVENLY !

However the Fibromyalgia has been getting the best of me the past few months since I have not been keeping a regular routine, eating habits and exercise.  These three things play a huge role in controlling Fibromyalgia symptoms and flare-ups.  

Dr. David asked me if I would try a prescription medication called Cymbalta.  At one time I had been on Lyrica for two years with hardly any results that did not warrant the cost of the drug, nor the chemicals in my body.  I agreed I would give it a try to see if it will help with the daily Chronic pain of the Fibro and the degenerative disk disease in my neck.

Before I left Dr. David's office he said he wished all his Fibro patients had such a good handle on what Fibro symptoms require, most importantly exercise.  Regardless of how bad the daily chronic pain, should one get on a regular daily exercise routine, trust me the benefits of lessening the Chronic Pain is truly amazing.  We are hoping until I can get some order back in my life,  seeing if the Cymbalta gives me some kind of relief, hopefully sooner then later.

Dr. David assured me if I was not feeling any benefits, that we would take me off the medication immediately.  I am happy he understands how I feel about medications.  

Another problem I have had the past few months is extreme allergy symptoms in the way of hives, prickly itching on the back of my neck, head and edges of my scalp and burning.  Almost like eczema but it isn't.  Dr. David has prescribed a lotion and instructed me to use Head & Shoulders shampoo along with it. It has been driving me to the edge most days.  Hopefully I get some relief soon as I feel like my head has been lousy for the past couple months ... bring out the coal oil !!  

When I returned home from my Dr's appointment I walked up into our living area to find I had a "special" delivery by way of my hubby and his friend.

They had gone down to Singhampton to get our "new to us" leather recliner couch.  The Quilt? that was gifted to me by my friend, Cathy, who I used to volunteer with VON.  I had put the word out on Facebook I was in the market for quilts to use as throws on our new furniture to protect from our dear Bandit's and or Portia's claws.  Thanks Cathy, not only appreciated it, I also absolutely love it.

I only need a couple more for the chairs to use as throws when we are not home, so I will keep my fingers crossed I come across a couple more as nice as the one Cathy had gifted me.

Today there had been two "Special" Deliveries.  The first being the couch, and the second being ...

... no, not Portia, the box containing our Winter Cover for our Gazebo.  Happy happy if it means we can leave our lawn furniture out there and not worry about carting it back and forth to the basement in the Spring and Fall.  Portia had herself lots of fun by having an adventure on the box.

Rob and his friend managed to get a huge dent in the wood pile between what they had done yesterday and today.  Lots has been stacked in the basement and the rest is almost piled into the wood shed now.  Hopefully it will be enough for another harsh Winter they are calling for and we don't run out again at the beginning of January.  I am pretty confident that over 10 cords will do us just fine.

Robs back is in much pain, needless to say, so he needs to take a break and rest it the next couple of days.  I hope we both get a good sleep this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shine On Shine On

Harvest Moon for me and my guy.

Last evening after our Dinner Rob and I took Portia down to the Bluewater Park for a bit of a walk.  

Of course being a puppy everything was an adventure to Portia, and an even bigger adventure when she got to meet up with Wiarton Willie almost nose to nose.

Heading back to our car the sky had my full attention, and so it should have ....

.... as it was a beautiful Harvest Moon, that hopefully many were fortunate to view.

Today?  out of this World busy on, once again, barely any sleep. 

I did some Spring cleaning to the corner where the new couch is going to be placed (hopefully tomorrow), and finally got around to washing the "stick to it" kitchen floor, as well as two loads of laundry out on the line.

I also had to attend to some Crabby Cabbie business this afternoon which consumed quite of bit of my time by conversing on the phone, scanning documents and emailing.  As soon as that was all done I wolfed down a Chicken Burger Rob had bbq'd for each of us and rushed out the door for a 6 pm meeting..

I am on the Wiarton Christmas Parade Committee this Year.  These events do not organize themselves and there is much to be done in the next couple of months before the evening of December 6th, 2014.  Myself, along with three others got a good start on a few things this evening.

The 2014 Wiarton Christmas Parade Theme will be Super Heroes, either fictional or real life heroes.  I think the parade participants will have lots of fun with this one.  Last Year had been an Alien Christmas and that had been lots of fun !!!

Rob had a friend come over and they got some of our load of wood put in before Winter arrives here, even though it has already arrived in Alberta from the photos I see of friends having posted on their Facebook pages.  Stay West young snow, stay West.

I am not doing very well with positioning myself in this occasional chair with my laptop.  My neck is not happy with me at the moment, so enough is enough as I sign off at this time, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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