Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Beautiful Beginning

What a beautiful beginning to a day when one is able to watch the Sun rise up in the Eastern skies.

Then go on to realize a red-breasted beauty is nesting in your pine tree, and shows no fear when you stand by to observe him.

Accomplishment (even though it should have been housework, but tomorrow is another day) in being able to go on a walk in the morning, and again in the afternoon of the same day.

Grateful for the food going on our table and making a meal which makes my husband very happy,, and even happier knowing he has his favourite leftovers in the fridge for the next day. (sorry Auntie Gladys, I know how much you LOVE turkey too).

Taking pleasure in watching one of our four legged loves being spoiled by the man I love.

Life is GOOD, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Another Big Item Is Off The List

Today I thought I was going to be tackling housework, but once again that got put on the back burner as a bigger project took place, and I was the gopher with at least two trips to the Wiarton Home Building Centre.

This is the view outside our bedroom window.  Yep, there is no window there !  as the window Rob custom ordered from the Wiarton Home Building Centre arrived yesterday, and today was the day the old one came out and the new one was going in.  Rob said we replaced it in time before the water backing in under the sill rotted the wood it had been framed in to.  Check out all the yucky dead flies that had been getting in underneath.  There had been one little strip of insulation along the bottom of the old window, that you could have spit through.  

Of course my Rob had lots of Aussie doggies helping with the window installation, while he was working like a dog, and one even took advantage of the open view.


Our brand new Energy Star double hung window is installed, with just the trim needing replaced.

If nothing else got done today I am okay with that as another big item is off the list.

This afternoon Rob and I headed over to Owen Sound as he had to go on a call.  While we were over there we went into Sears to finish off outfitting Rob for the Wedding.  He got a really nice pair of shoes for 40% off, and dress socks. It cost more to outfit him then me, but then again I had a shawl and evening bag lent to me that I didn't have to buy which helped.

We didn't get back from Owen Sound until after 5 pm.  I decided I needed to get back out for a walk, as I want to keep the momentum going now I have started, and it was a beautiful day out there today.

I had called my friend, Lynn, who was available to go along with Buddy & I.  We did a good walk, and we managed to poop our energetic Buddy out.  I broke my walking goal of 10,000 steps today by completing 11,868 steps !  Holy moly I haven't done that many since before my knee surgeries, and I am very pleased with myself.

Exercise is a great stress and depression reliever, it is just getting yourself to push and get at it.  I sure hope I am able to keep at it regardless of what is going on in my life.  My health is more important then housework at the moment, so one thing at a time ....

It has been a good day, and hopefully I will sleep fitfully this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 24 April 2015

What To Say?

Not certain what to say today, as truly I have not had that much interesting going on in my day, or so I think that is of interest to myself, or anyone else for that matter.

What to say?  let's give it a go anyway.... I did enjoy a morning coffee at Wiarton's newest Bakery/Cafe Shop, downtown on Berford Street.

Luscious Bakery is amazing, or so I hear as I was very good and refrained by indulging myself in some of Owner Karen's yummy baked goods.  Farol, WDCC Staff, however treated herself to a scone to go with her morning coffee.  I was tempted !!!  

Open Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm, on the corner of Berford & George Streets, kittykorner from the Post Office.

Owner of Home By Design, Carl Dejong, had also been out early this morning.  I got to peak in his store before it was open to see something was a "wow" factor to me.

I thought what a great piece to compliment a "feature" wall in any home !  Could you see this in a huge 4 Season Sun Room?  I am pretty sure I could.

It seemed I had been running aimlessly around like a chicken with its head cut off today, to the point of not even getting my bed made yet, and the dishwasher only just loaded 1/2 hour ago.  I have been caving lately and using the dishwasher.

The Chamber After 5 event, which was hosted by Chamber Member, The Spirit Rock, was a lovely evening out.  Lots of faces, some usual, some new ... great presentation of what is up and coming for this Season by Owner, Bob Bell.

 WDCC President, Paul Deacon, Bob Bell of The Spirit Rock, and Chamber Director, Koreen Ryan, WDCC After Hours Coordinator.

Charity of Choice proceeds to the Wiarton Skate Park.

What a nice gesture the host giving to a local Charity of Choice.  Touche'

I guess some more Wiarton news would be our Foodland store is getting a new location and a new building, since it was passed, after some length of time being in the works, this week.   A little bit more on this can be read by *clicking* HERE.  30 MORE jobs being created !  that is wonderful.

Hopefully new development comes faster ahead giving away to more growth and job creation in Wiarton.

Oh yes, for all us lover of Orchids out there, check out this link by *clicking* HERE.

That is all she has to say this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Six Years This Day

Six years this day was the day I quit smoking after I had turned 50 years old, and I have never looked back, other then still getting the odd craving here and there once in a blue moon (old habits must really die hard at times).

My Mother quit when she turned 50 years old, so I had my mind set on that age to do the same for quite a number of years prior.  I can still remember my first "puff" of a cigarette at the Esquire Theatre in my Hometown of Southampton.  I was sicker then a dog and have no idea why I ever continued, other then it was the thing to do back then.

Would you like to read more, then about when I began smoking, about the Southampton Esquire Theatre back in the day? just *click* HERE.

This morning I was having difficulty getting motivated with anything again, so I decided to force myself to get out on a walk with one of my favourite companions.  I bundled up and we headed downtown to Bluewater Park where I parked and got going on our walk.

Lexus was my Aussie of choice to begin my walking routine again.  She is really a great walking companion, and has learned over the years to sit very quietly at my side while a take photos.  I will take turns out walking between her, Bandit, Buddy and Portia.  I hope I find the time and energy at least twice a week to get started.  My goal is to do 10,000 steps a day, and to day I walked over 6,000 steps, so off to a good start.

Last night's shopping trip at the Sears store in Owen Sound was successful, as we got Rob pretty much outfitted for the upcoming Wedding in July.

He looks pretty dapper in this nice black suit with a grey shirt.  We also picked out a tie and belt to go along with the ensemble.  All that is left for him to get is a pair of dress shoes.

I am very excited for us to both be getting all dressed up for the Wedding and have our pictures taken.  I do not think Rob and I have had that done since our own wedding 19 years ago this October.

It will be nice to get a Family Photo together also with the Grandkids !!!

This afternoon I had every muscle in my body seemingly screaming.  I tried laying down for awhile with no luck at relief.  I finally got off the couch and into an extremely hot shower.  Yes I then felt well enough to make some Homemade Hamburger for our dinner.

After Dinner I was off to an Chamber After 5 Event at The Spirit Rock Motel on the North Hill in Wiarton.  More about The Spirt Rock Motel can be found by going HERE, as it is much more then a motel.

I can not believe after such a dull grey cold day the Sun has decided to come out at 7:30 pm to give us hopefully a bit of teaser of what tomorrow might bring maybe?  Fingers crossed.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy Earth Day 2015

Is it not wonderful to breath in the air and the wind knowing we somehow contributed to its wellness, in turn giving us wellness?  How do you contribute to our Earth?

I try to recycle what I can, never throw garbage refuse anywhere then where it should go, plant flowers to attract butterflies and bees, grow a veggie garden with no pesticides, and more I am sure if I stopped to think about it a little longer.

In this "throw away" World we now live in, it is more and more difficult I am sure to keep our landfills from filling up quicker then they should.  I vote we bring back appliances, as one example, that last longer then 5 to 8 years, like when I was growing up.

I suppose with higher populations they decided more jobs would be created if things wore out faster then they used to?  and who is someone like little old me to change that up, but it does upset me that MORE THEN A LOT of our industry has moved down to Mexico.  And again, what is to be done about it now ... nothing.

Ooopsie didn't mean to make Earth Day celebration into an Economic rant.

My friend, Abby & I had made plans to meet up for lunch over a week ago.  Today was the day, and of course she wanted to go to the Green Door Cafe, so that is where we met up at 11:30 am.

Lunch was awesome and we got to chit chat until almost 1 pm !!  it was long overdue for us to get together.  Can't wait until the Wiarton Farmer's Market begins then I will see her every week there.

When I got back home my poor tired Rob was sound of sleep on the couch.  I was happy he got a couple hours sleep before he had to go back out this afternoon.

The ice has been out of Colpoy's Bay since last week when we had the warm spell.  The weather has been erratic with bouts of swirling snow and rain.  Nothing in the way of snow that will stay.

Driving down by the bay I couldn't help but think it won't be long the sailboats at the Wiarton Marina will be back in the bay.

Rob and I went over to Sears this evening.  They had 40% off men's dress wear.  He bought a suit jacket, slacks, 2 short sleeve shirts, a tie and new belt for the upcoming wedding.  He still needs shoes and dress sock before he is totally outfitted.  I must say he looks pretty dapper when cleaned up.

Photos to follow tomorrow, as at the moment I am tired, he is tired, and we will not be far from our bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Thank God ...

Thank God I have bad luck, otherwise there are days I would have no luck at all.

First off my day began before 5:30 am, as I am certain I barely slept again all night due to shoulder blade, arm and neck pains.  Then for some reason or another Buddy decided he would like out an hour earlier this morning.

At 5:30 am the frogs and birds were chirping like crazy out in the fields and bush.  It is quite the chorus they have going on first thing.

I kept going once I was up, as what else is a girl to do.  I also had to run to town this morning as my new prescription glasses were ready to be picked up.  My prescription had not changed any, however I figured I needed new frames after having the ones I have had for over 4 years.

I like them as the black frame will go with anything.  For $369.00 I guess I better like them, and just think $69.00 was only the cost of the frames !

I could not believe how good my bad luck was today, as just before I had left to go out anywhere this morning, I bent over to put a collar on Portia and a muscle pulled in my lower left side of my back.  I have been barely been able to sit, or get back up to stand, without excruciating pain.  I know many know how that feels !

Nothing like having two days forward only to be set back two more.  Yes my good bad luck coming full circle again.

Rob was back home for lunch today.  Poor guy can't even have a snack without being begrudged ....

Yes two very well behaved intense Aussies looking on when there is food involved.

Needless to say not much got done in the housework department today, with the whole of my afternoon spent on the couch with the heating pad applied to my backside.

I am going to turn that heating back on very shortly here again while I watch who gets eliminated from The "Voice" on tonight's episode, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Another Fix

Rob had been waiting 3 days for a guy he had contacted earlier last week to come remove the plugged culvert from our drainage ditch.  No show after being told he would be here Saturday or Sunday.

The rains arrived last night causing the fields, and our neighbours pond, to swell even more today.

After his morning calls, Rob stopped back to see Ross Davidson, who we have depended on and been treated so well by the 12 years we have been here.  Ross told Rob if he was stuck to come see him, which exactly what took place.

Unfortunately Ross just had a knee replacement and will be laid up for 6 weeks, however his son Ben just happened to be there when Rob dropped in.  It worked out all perfect as Ben said he would be right up to get the job done.  Another fix done !

Our neighbour, Mike, also dropped over.  It is so great to have a wonderful neighbour on the one side of us, and people like the Davidsons in business to look after peoples needs.  Needless to say the ditch has been cleared and the water is now flowing down into Colpoy's Bay.

It was noon by the time Rob got back in the house.  As soon as he came in I left as I had some running around downtown to get done.  I had just gotten parked and recogonized a van parking on main street.

Amazing who comes to Wiarton !  I love spotting people before they spot me, however Uncle Basil had seen me when Auntie had been parking.  Sure wish I could maneuver parallel parking as well as she does ... she is a wiz at it from my observations.

Uncle, Auntie, and Cousins, Vi & Ross, were up to have lunch at the Green Door Cafe.  I returned a dish I had of Aunties, and she had some magazines and something "special" for me for my Birthday.

Things that made me happy today ....

The beautiful Rose Auntie had gotten for me, thank you again, Auntie.  The k-cup holder I purchased "on sale" at Rankin River Trading Co., which made my counter top more organized looking, and the first steak of the Year my wonderful husband grilled.

Late today Rob had a friend over, who does amazing woodwork and renos.  He was the guy who did the frame work between our dining/living room areas a couple of years ago.  He came to check our Bedroom, and the Kitchen, so he can give us an estimate on the work I would eventually like to have done in those rooms.  I am thinking this is what my 52 Week Money Challenge Money will be going towards this year.

All was good this day in my Life, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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