Friday, 1 August 2014

Girl's Day Out

I had wonderful plans to go for a walk after Dinner this evening however I was too dang, dang, triple dang tired that I could not move much more then I had to.

Today my girlfriend, Vicki, and I had a girl's day out together and it was fun.

First off we headed downtown to the Wiarton Farmer's Market were Vicki got to meet my friend, Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products.  We are all on a couple Facebook groups together, so it had been nice for Vicki and Abby to actually get to meet in person.  Vicki got some garden fresh Garlic from Greg, one of the produce vendors at the market, and some fresh green beans from Lena, the other produce vendor.

Off we went towards Owen Sound, where I had plans to take Vicki to the same girl who cut my hair earlier this week.  The Smart Style hair shop is just located inside Walmart.  While we waited for Lisa to come back from her lunch we had a look about Walmart.

Vicki got a good 4 or 5 inches trimmed off her ends, while the other day I had my trimmed up and thinned out on top.  It always feels good to get your hair washed and cut, does it not?

Then onto the Dollar Store to get some cupboard liners for both our RV Motorhomes, and then into Sears as I needed new pillows for our RV and Sears had their Obus Pillows on for buy one and get the other one free.  Each pillow was $35.99, so at sale price I got two for that, but it even got better as ....

.... I had points accumulated on my Sears Card giving me $30.00.  After taxes the two $71.98 plus tax pillows cost me $10.00 and change after taxes.  Whoopee !!!  Now I just need to get some pillow protectors, as Sears did not have any that I had fancied.  Our bedroom in the RV will almost be complete.

After Sears we went across town, working our way back home, to another Dollar Store, the Giant Tiger Store, then finished up at the No Frills Store.  We ended up back in Wiarton at Lloyd's Smoke Shop & Pool Hall to treat ourselves to a homemade ice cream cone (shhh don't tell the guys).

We got home a few minutes before 5 pm to two hungry guys who wanted Dinner, and we were full of ice cream !  Rob had been downtown, seen our vehicle and guessed we had been out for ice cream.  Found out we were !  Still we made us a Dinner of BBQ'd pork chops, baked potatoes and fresh steamed beans.

Truly I had good intentions to go for that walk tonight, but as I have already stated I was just too dang, dang, triple dang tired out after our girl's day out.

After having the Aussies out I took a couple of minutes out to take in a bit of beauty on my way back into the house.

A Clematis Flower emerging, my Jade plant enjoying Summer after being dormant in the basement after a long Winter, and flowers clustered on the steps.

Almost 9 pm, with another new day waiting for me tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bees & Their Stingers?

I was pretty excited this morning, as my friend, Vicki, and her husband, Doug, were coming today to visit for the Civic Holiday Weekend with us.  It is a great to have them here for a few days here and there in the Summer/Fall months.

This morning when I was out and about I came face to face with a Blue Heron standing in a swampy area at the side of the road.  By the time I had stopped, got my camera out, and backed up, he took one more look at me and ....

.... spread his wings, dangled his gangly legs and took flight.  Still I had been happy I had spotted him.

Doug and Vicki arrived this afternoon.  Rob got to see them on and off between going out on calls.  At least when we had Dinner together he had no calls while we ate (that was a change), so that ended up being quite enjoyable as we ate our Steaks, Baked Potatoes and Caesar Salands.

A couple weeks ago I had ordered a Phone Case for my iphone, and today it arrived via UPS.

I am extremely pleased with the case I had ordered through Vistaprint for 50% savings sale they had on.  Custom made with a photo of our Bandit & Lexus.  

Today I had the displeasure of walking to the laundry line and stepping on a Bee.  The searing pain was unbelievable !!!  and from just a bee sting.   Can you believe the size of that barb?  Rob came to my rescue with the tweezers.  Even though it is still slightly swollen, I am forever grateful I am not allergic to Bees.  Do Bees die after they use their stingers?  you can find out by going HERE.  And I was jumping around too much after being stung to notice what kind of bee it had been.  Who knew Bees & their stingers could inflict that much pain?

After Dinner Doug helped Rob put the awning back in on our RV, as they were taking it down to the Dumping Station at Bluewater Park to pump the septic out.  Unfortunately for us the previous owners had not done this before storing it last Winter, and there had been a very unpleasant smell lingering that I wanted gone before sleeping in it.

Doug's had RV Motorhomes and 5th Wheel Trailers for years, so he has been very helpful with showing Rob some of the ins and outs that Rob didn't already know.  Friends are great, are they not?

I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings, hopefully getting some time for Vicki and I to hang out on our own without the guys, which we usually manage to do with no problem.  Also hoping the weather is great as we also love going to Garage Sales.  Not to mention the 77th Annual Rotary Village Fair starts tomorrow in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  

Yes I am looking forward to having a great weekend ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Homemade Goodness

I had a terrible night last night.  I am at a loss of what is going on with me lately since I had a pretty good run of being able to sleep more then usual the past couple of months.  It makes a long evening when you are laying in bed trying to fight off the pain, as I am more then certain so many people experience this, and some more then others unfortunately.

Rob slept not too bad, other then getting up once through the night.  I always usually speak to him when I am awake and he gets up.  I wonder if I have ever startled him when doing this?  I will have to ask him.

He just was called out on a run about 10 minutes before I had our Dinner done.  Never fails.

I did speak to my Auntie Gladys this morning, and she had mentioned Ice Cream or something might be also setting off my Gall Bladder, and truly I have been having at least one a week since Summer has began as I really really LOVE Ice Cream, however the fat in it would not be welcomed by my Gall Bladder.  It also comes to mind I had a Tim Horton's Vanilla Bean Ice Latte made with Chocolate Milk the other day which probably did not help matters any either.  Damn, damn, triple damn, why do we always have to cut out everything we LOVE ?

I am telling you nobody ever better tell me to cut out my hubby, or them will be fighting words !  Hahaha...

The Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce has hired an Office Manager.  This morning I had a meeting to go over some Social Networking with her.  It was a very pleasant and concrete meeting.  I like when I walk away from a meeting with the feeling something was accomplished by contributing or learning from it.

I had not arrived back home until almost 1 pm, and we headed  back downtown again to go to the bank and stop at Carquest to pay our account.  Always on the go about something or another.

I am pretty sure after 2:30 or so I had a tiny wee cap nap sitting up on the couch.  You know those ones where you are aware of the TV still going and sounds around you, but you are in a semi kind of sleep?  I remember thinking I had wished I could go into a really really deep sleep, but no that did not happen.

Maybe tonight, as after 5 pm Lexus and I went for a 3 km walk.  I had to force myself to go, but once again I was glad I did.

Since Dinner was ready and Rob had gone, and it was almost 7 pm, I ate Dinner by myself.  It was soooo GOOD, and lots leftover for Rob when he gets home, and then some.

For some reason Blogger is not allowing me to upload any photos this evening, so I will just have to share the link to the Homemade Cheesy Hamburger Helper Recipe that you may find by *clicking* HERE.  Let me know if you try it if you like it as much as we do, cause there is nothing quite like some Homemade Goodness, rather then something from out of a box.

It is almost 8 pm now, so I think I will take myself into the kitchen to clear the sink of dishes, then head off to a nice hot shower before a bit of TV or reading before I call it a night, hopefully towards a fitful sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Really I Did That ???

As bad as I felt yesterday I still managed to go out with my neighbour last night for a 4 km walk.  I actually felt better for it believe it or not.  Today?  I felt better as the headaches were not as fierce, and the pains were down to a dull roar.

Rob had a rough day yesterday too, and was totally beat all day today.  The poor guy had a run all the way down to Kitchener last night, not getting back home until midnight, just getting nicely to sleep when he got called back out a 2 am.   Did our Mother's ever tell us there would be days like these?  

I could not and did not sleep well again last night, however what I did do was watch the movie War Horse from 9 pm until 12 am.  What an awesome movie !  very much worth staying up to watch.  It came out in the movies three years ago.  A must watch if you have not seen.

Rob headed out this morning, and I just before him.  We were both Owen Sound bound.  I was to meet up with my friend, Sharon, to pick her up from her first physio appointment, as last Wednesday she had a partial knee replacement.  Another friend had dropped her off, and since I was going over to Owen Sound anyway it just made sense to pick her up, also giving me a good reason to have a nice visit with her afterwards. 

Visits with good friends are always a nice thing to have happen.

Afterwards I went and treated myself to a hair cut.  I can not believe for someone who might have gotten their hair cut once a year actually having it cut within three months !  She thinned out the top a bit as it gets so heavy.  It feels good to have a good cut and get it cleaned up and a bit styled.  The hairdresser gave me a compliment about my natural waves, saying people are paying these days for what they call the "Beach Wave" !  Who would have thought I would have something natural that some would be paying to have one day???  Imagine that !!!

I got home around the lunch other, giving away to another lazy afternoon.  Not sure what is going on with me other then maybe the pain is wearing me out causing me to be so tired lately?  Oh well onward I go.

Later today I had Lexus and Bandit out for a good game of Fetch the Ball.

Bandit is starting to show his 9 years of age this Year, as Lexus has been running circles around him.

My "Pretty Girl" is 6 1/2 years old and showing no signs of slowing down.  I do love this girl to pieces with her energy, loving nature and antics.

It was in my mind last night that something was missing but I could not put a finger on it.   There had been a couple of fleeting thoughts about my camera, but I never put more mind to them.  Darn, darn, triple darn ... really did I do that????

Today it had poured rain like no tomorrow, and where had I left my camera last night?  Right out on the side table on the front stoop.  *Sigh* all I could think of was "Thank God I have full insurance on this one".  I dried it off and took some photos with it.  So far so good, so fingers and toes crossed.  Am I surprised I did this? the way I was feeling yesterday?  Not at all.

Rob got home late this evening.  Dinner was whatever either us could find to grab out of the fridge.  I had a few cheese and crackers.

I am thinking tomorrow I have a couple of things on my calendar, one being my oldest sister's Birthday.  I must not forget to call her first thing.  On that note I am going to call it a day and put my feet up here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday, 28 July 2014


I have not been feeling well the past few days resulting from having been too busy, and the weather changes.  Things always catch up to me after awhile and I "Pay the Price of the Piper" as the old saying goes.

Between sinus pain, fibro  & neck pain and on the verge of a migraine all day, not too much other then the bed got made and the dishes done.  *Sad* state of affairs this day I am afraid to say.

Such is Life some days, however one does not have to like it, but one does have to accept it some times.

I hate being down and out.  Even if I hurt every day, I put on my "I am living life face" and go for it, as what else is one to do some days?  However there are just those days that get the better of us all, and enough is enough, and that has been one of those days.

Today I have nothing to offer myself in a way of a diary entry in my personal online journal other then a big fat "Zilch".  And some days "Zilch" is okay.

But I will leave myself with one of my favourite songs from days gone by .....

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lazy Dazy Sunday

Rob arrived home at 3:30 am, after being out making certain people who had attended a Wedding up on the Bruce Peninsula got back to where they were staying safely.  I had been awake with the pain in my right side and my back.

It seems like everything I eat lately upsets my tummy.  The Tecta meds the Doctor had prescribed do not seem to give much relieve at times.  No worries in 6 weeks time I will have one or two less pains then I already have.  The nice thing about it all is if I only require the Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery, there will only be an approximate 10 day recovery.  10% require full surgery, and I am thinking or hoping I will not be part of that 10% as that requires at least 6 weeks recovery time I believe.

When Rob had his Gall Bladder removed he was off work the full six weeks, despite having tghe Laproscopic surgery, however his type of work that time was very physical so I am sure the Doctor wanted him to take the extra precautions.

Today I was tired and Rob, naturally so, was tired.  I was not only tired, I was lazy as well.  All I did was one load of laundry and a few dishes.  I also went on a run from Southampton to Owen Sound and back home with Rob late this afternoon.

Once we had gotten back Rob was called out again.  Getting home the second time he dropped Buddy and I down at the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay.  We walked home from there.

My Buddy boy & I only did 2 km from the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay back up to Hwy. 6, however the ascent up that hill felt like an extra 2 km.  Both our tongues were hanging to our knees and the sweat was on our brows. Nice to have such a wonderful walking companion, as there hadn't been one complaint from either of us.  If only his social manners were as fantastic as his heeling manners, he would be the perfect dog, but we LOVE him for him.  Who couldn't love a face like that ?

Rob made us BBQ'd Turkey Burgers when I got back home.  Yum Yum, love me those turkey burgers.  Moist and full of flavour goodness.  Much more appealing to me then a regular Hamburger made with beef.

Last night around 10:30 pm we had quite the thunder banger and lightning show.  The rain had been coming down so hard you could hardly see through it.  Poor Bandit was shaking like a leaf.

It is now raining again as I type.  The reason for my headaches, however it smells nice and fresh.  Good thing the farmer who bought our standing Hay cut Wednesday, baled Friday and took it off early Saturday morning.

I think I am going to carry on with my lazy dazy Sunday right through the remainder of the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Under The Weather

Yesterday I had been a bit under the weather feeling "off" with nausea and whatnot.  Today was very similar, actually waking up with pains in my front right hand side, chest and right hand side of my back below my kidney area.  The Gall Stones must be moving around and very unhappy the past while to cause such a disturbance within my body.

Feeling still the same, however with less nausea, thank goodness.

This morning I had given my word we would be somewhere at 9 am, and at 9 am Rob and I had been there to check out ....

This "red liver" tri Aussie girl, who is 5 weeks old, born June 17th, 2014.  Rob obviously had my camera.  I included the middle photo as for some reason the camera lens must have "screwed up" making me appear very thin, so I could not pass up the opportunity of taking advantage of the shot ... hahaha !  

Well it appears I am going to be busier then busy in a short couple of weeks.  Rob choose Portia as a name for this little girl.  Does she look to be a Portia to you?  Bandit will be helping me house train her I am sure, and Lexus will help me wear her out by running circles around her, and hopefully down the road late next Year, her and Buddy will give us some lovely puppies (we are still hoping for just one more litter from Lexus and Bandit, fingers and toes crossed).

Thanks goodness I have made arrangements to have help with Portia when I go in on September 2nd to have my Gall Bladder removed, which is a huge relief.

We got back home and I went back to bed.  Do you not just hate when you are feeling that uncomfortable you can not sleep? or even rest for that matter?  I finally got up, called my friend, Pari, and we went for a walk late this afternoon.

Rob hopefully is on his way home.  It is 7:32 and we still haven't had any Dinner.  He is going to BBQ a Turkey Burger for me and some hot dogs for him when he does arrive.

I just got in from throwing ball off the front stoop for Bandit and Lexus.  They are very quiet as they are both pooped out.  It is also almost time for me to take Buddy out for his usual walk around the premises before bedtime in an hour's time.

Hopefully the Gall Stones settle, and I get caught up on my rest this evening to be good to go tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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