Monday, 25 May 2015

Where Did That Day Go?

Truly this day got away from me, as I ask myself, "where did that day go?"

I messed around from the time I got up until I had to leave for an appointment I had to meet up with Danielle Mulasmajic, Economic Development Officer for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula. Danielle and I headed up North to meet up with the Manager of a business establishment being resurected by it's new owner.  More on this and photographs to follow tomorrow, so stay tuned as we most certainly were not disappointed.

Once we had returned back to Wiarton, mid-afternoon, I met up with a girlfriend of mine at the Tim Hortons for about a 25 minute coffee before she had to be at her Doctors appointment.  We hadn't seen each other since she had returned from from Africa where her husband had been stationed.  That has been 2 years now I think about it.  We have been friends since our early teens, and you would never know to see us together that we had any parted time of years between our friendship.  I love my dear friends who never change and we remain friends over the years.

I did manage to be back home for a brief time before Rob headed out on a call at 6:30, and I headed up to the Wiarton Hospital to visit with my Sister, Jeanne.  I stayed with her her until 8:30, just getting back home shortly after 9 pm.

I stopped at the store on my way home to get some salad fixings for our Dinner, which I am off to make up some now for myself.

Oh yes what a beautiful sky we had this evening which I took all in on my drive home tonight !

To be continued tomorrow ..... Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Fluffy Not Stuffy

Last night, just before 10 pm, I got a text from my niece, Joanne, that she took my sister, Jeanne, into the Wiarton Hospital.  She had fallen about 4 times yesterday.  It just so happens her family doctor was on call in the Emergency Department.

I went up this morning however Jeanne was sound asleep.  I went back an hour later and actually seen the Doctor, who told me she was going to be admitted for a couple of days as she was extremely dehydrated.  She was getting over a bout of pneumonia so it could all be related.  My brother, Al & I, went back up mid-morning briefly so Al could offer her husband, Cecil, to stay at his place while she was in the hospital.

I just got another phone call this evening from my other sister, Donna, that her husband, Wayne, was taken up to the Emergency Dept in Kitchener by their daughter, Jodi Lynn.  He was running a fever all day, achy and had a bad rash on his leg.  Oh my goodness he had gone through a life threatening bout with a staffa infection in his leg last Summer, the worse case they had ever seen.

Donna will call me back in an hour or so to give me an update.

My Rob was feeling under the weather today as well with a headache, sweating and dizziness.  This getting older is for the Birds !!!!  and our family is falling apart, seemingly all at once.

Today I only managed to get our bedding striped, washed and line dried, and the steps/foyer all cleaned and scrubbed.  Better then nothing I suppose.

This afternoon Rob was out on a couple of calls.  Late this afternoon he was called out to Owen Sound so Bandit and I went along with him.  Unbeknownst to our dear Bandit, he was going to the Pet Wash.

Bandit is now "fluffy, not stuffy", although he was not too impressed until after it was all over as you can tell by his *smile*.

We got back home not too long ago.  I still have to make up our bed with the fresh bedding, so off I go, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Nothing Was Done AGAIN !

I can honestly say nothing was done again at home.  When am I ever going to "get it together"?  I most certainly hope before I completely lose myself.

Other then getting nothing done, I had a fantastic time at the Heels & Hammer Event at the Wiarton Home Building Centre.  Have a "look see" yourself at the photos by *clicking* HERE.  And today I had also been invited to an OPEN house by Revell Real Estate Wiarton.  Oh my what I could do with a few hundred thousand dollars or more ... and the view over Colpoy's Bay is unbelievable !  See for yourself by *clicking* HERE, and don't forget to click on the video tab for an introduction of the home in person by Mike Revell.

I am so very grateful to be part of such an amazing Community.  Life took me down a long road, but I finally feel I belong, and that is a very good feeling.

The only thing I am not too much at peace with is our home.  It is hopefully not my forever home, as I need something all on one floor on a nice piece of property with a pond or water running through it, and lots of room for the Aussies to safely run without the worry of a Highway.  I will hold tight to this dream of mine, as dreams do come true, and I hope I will still be well enough and young enough to enjoy whenever it comes to be.

Really though I am grateful for having family and friends who love me, healthy amazing grandchildren and a piece of the World which is clean and safer then many other places out there.

What blessings are you grateful for in your life?

This afternoon I went out on a little shopping spree for myself.  At the Nurse's Luncheon & Fashion show I had attended, everyone there had received a $20.00 Gift Certificate for Josie's of Wiarton, on purchased over $50.00.  I took advantage of this savings today.

I walked away with a casual fun outfit today for less then $100.00.  The T with "Local is the New Black" is what I wanted since I had first seen it on Josie's of Wiarton's Facebook page.  The jeans are Capris, and can be casual or fancy enough to "dress up" too.

Lots of great stuff behind the doors of Josie's of Wiarton.  Check out her Facebook page by *clicking* HERE.  Josie also has a couple of clothes lines for the full figured ladies as well, so do not hesitate on stopping by, just in case something catches your eye.

We had homemade hamburgers for our Dinner this evening.  I also had raw mushrooms with Curry Mayo Dip ... oh so yum yum yum.

I hope I get to stay home tomorrow as I, once again, have big plans to get much done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Boys & Their Toys

A little piece of my amazing World as I see it ,,,



As for "boys & their toys", a little piece of my Rob's amazing World as he sees it ....

A new Simplicity 27 HP Lawn tractor (with a roll bar), and a big pile of gravel, delivered today for his moving around pleasure.

The Lawn Tractor was decided on after we have over the years many many used ones which keep breaking down and requiring very expensive belts.  Rob bought this Demo, which had 1/2 hour of time on it, after selling a Push Mower, the broken down Lawn Tractor, and our 9n Tractor.

Hopefully the 3 year warranty holds true for any future requirements if needed, and also it was bought locally as an added bonus on knowing who we were dealing with.  Thanks Pinkertons !

I am now off to a Ladies Night ....

Heels & Hammers Ladies Night at the Wiarton Home Building Centre
Ladies this is one event you won't want to miss out on ! This evening, May 22, 2015 at 6:30 pm.
Darrin Nobile from Beautitone Paints
Josies of Wiarton
Complete Wellness
Jewellery By Gail McClay
Door Prizes:
Gift Certificate for Paint- $100.00
Gift Certificate for Kuraidori-$100.00
Gift Certificate for Home Bldg. Centre-$100.00
In store Coupons, 40% off Woodshed Stain & Designer Series Paint, & 30% Off All Kuraidori Products
Be ready for some NEW Decor ideas & LOTS of fun !
What a deal on the Series Paint !  I will be picking some up for our new doors (we just got for free yesterday), the trim needing redone, and a galleon for our bedroom.  I will also be busy taking photos at this Event.

I best be off to get my camera battery put back into my camera, along with the SD card, before checking out, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Progress In The Works

I can not believe I slept at least 12 hours last night !  I could not go any longer and went to bed at 6 pm.  I woke up long enough at 9 pm to take my meds, call my son, Paul, and have a bathroom break, then it was back to sleep until after 5 am this morning.

When I got up, I looked after the Aussies, put in a load of laundry, and then thought of going back to bed feeling like my body was weighed down with a ton of bricks.  I somehow managed to push myself and got going.

I was very proud as I made a big dent in cleaning part of the kitchen today, and getting a bit of paperwork done as well.  Yes there had been some progress in the works today.

I also got the new Hummingbird Feeder, I had bought a few weeks ago, unpacked.  I just need Rob to mount the hanger for me to put it on then i will be ready to fill and put out.  I had also sold our Bunn Coffee Maker, since we bought a Keurig it had only been collecting dust on the counter and taking up space.  We really wasted more in it then we drank so it was not a bad thing I sold it.  I also got a huge box of stuff taken to the Sally Ann, dropped off 4 filing containers to my Brother, and got a box of stuff to go out to the RV.  

Mid-morning, a Canpar truck pulled in our driveway.  I was wondering what was arriving on my doorstep now.

I could not believe I received the new pair of BOGS already ! now that is Customer Service.  Thank you BOGS !!  I also thought the pair available to me was only in red (not my fav colour), and was even more happy to see they were green.  First thing to check was the nice soft tongue, which should not dig into my legs when wearing.  I would never hesitate to buy another pair of BOGS in the future, for their comfort, durability and guarantee.

More on BOGS?  just *click* HERE.

I most certainly had wanted to have a lay down today, but that did not happen for me.  By late afternoon I could barely talk as I had been slurring and stumbling with my words.  Fatigue does get the better of one, does it not?

I had to go downtown to do a couple of errands.  One was to stop round to the Wiarton Chamber office as The "Crabby Cabbie" is to be the Featured Chamber Business this week, and I needed to provide them with a photo.

Outside the Chamber office is where Wiarton Willie lives.  On my arrival I noticed he had been out having himself an early dinner.

He is quite the character some days, although a little discoloured from his long Winter slumber.

More on Wiarton's little celebrity? just *click* HERE.

Tomorrow night I am attending the Heels & Hammers at the Wiarton Building Centre.  More details on that by going to their Facebook Page by *clicking* HERE.

Rob got tired of messing around with used Lawn Tractors, and with the size of property we have we do need a lawn tractor.  He went out yesterday and bought a brand new one, since he sold our little Ford 9n tractor.  This one had better last us the remainder of our Lifetime.  At least it came with a 3 year warranty on parts and labour, and it was purchased locally.  More to follow on this new purchase along with photos.

For today? that is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Allergy Season

Is your throat scratchy, ear(s) congested that you can barely hear out of them, and your eyes itchy and burning? then I could very well tell you are experiencing allergy season with a BANG !

I have had an antihistamine already today which gave me no relief whatsoever.  It is 4:07 pm and I am ready for bed, caring less about dinner, or much else for that matter.  Fatigue gets to me on the best of days, and it feels like a whole ocean is inside my left ear and my head is going to float away.

The other night, after I had cut the lawn, not only did all these symptoms appear but the palms of my hands also broke out from holding onto the metal handle of the lawn mower.  Cortisone cream gave me relief for that, and the next day I wore gloves to cut more of the lawn.

Geesh, if it isn't one thing attacking me it is something else.  I am truly starting to feel like a hypochondriac even though I know this not to be true.

Nope it is NOT a cold, *click* HERE.

Every Year I hear, "this is the worse year for allergies".  True or False?  I believe it is False, as EVERY YEAR is BAD for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

I did weekly allergy shots for a good few years.  What a "pain in the backside", however they did help me build a non-existent immune system to where I am today.  Hopefully I do not have to go back to that weekly regiment.

I had wonderful plans for myself on the home front today, but my plans for such matters are always and continuously broken.  I did however get two invoices sent out on behalf of my Crabby Cabbie hubby, and made a trip to my Doctor`s appointment which was not today, as I screwed up with it being a week from today, also I accomplished sorting out a few things to either sell or give away.

Far from the plans I originally had but still something is better then nothing, and at least my bed got made.

4:38 pm and I am heading to mess up my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Amazing Customer Service

I am beyond amazed at the Customer Service I have received from Bogs Canada in the past 24 hours.  Their guarantee is 100% ! and you most certainly do not get that just anywhere now a days, do you?

I emailed them last night with the problem with my bogs, after wearing them for a lengthy time cutting the lawn, and heard back from them by 8 am this morning.  I sent them off a photo of the inside tag, and they emailed me some choices for replacement.  The replacements have been ordered and will be shipped out to me.

100% happy with the amazing customer service from Bogs Canada !  and would never hesitate buying another pair of boots from them in the future.

I would like to know who turned Winter back on ?  7*C with cold western winds was a rude awaking first thing this morning.  I was hoping the humidity would be gone, not expecting to go back to putting socks and shoes again !  Holy cold Batman ! you will be freezing the Robins back down South again.

First thing this morning I was sitting in the Lab of the Wiarton Hospital at 7:30 am so I could get my bloodwork done and get out of there lickity split.  I was back home about 1 1/2 when the phone rang.  It had been the lab ... could I go back down as they had overlooked something and needed another vial of blood from me.  Off I went down and back again.

At 10 am I called Gateway Haven to ask them to order a lunch for me as I was going up to have a visit with my Mother.  We had a nice lunch, and I had also taken her along a couple of nice blouses.  I had asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch sometime, and she told me "yes, for a hot dog and ice cream".  Guess when the weather gets warmer that is what we will be doing.

Believe it or not I was still whooped right out and it really hit me after lunch.  Yes I had a lay down, however did not sleep.  About 3:45 pm I had to head out on another errand, so I am STILL tired.

We had a light dinner of a BBQ'd hamburger and green salad with cucumber and mushrooms.  My new "favourite" salad dressing is Kraft Berry Balsamic ... very yummy, and only 30 calories per tablespoon.

For some reason my usual left ear is plugged as I am congested.  It feels like an ocean of waves inside there.  I hate that feeling.  I have tried plugging my nose to get it to pop, but nothing is giving.  Next I will give an antihistamine a try.

Tonight is the 2nd last elimination of talent on The "Voice".  It will be another great show again I am

16 year old Sawyer Fredericks has our Vote.

Rob just got the wood stove "fired" up as I am finding it a bit on the chilly side in here, and I want to be cozy and warm when I watch The "Voice" at 8 pm, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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