Friday 13 January 2023

I Really Thought I Could

 I really thought I could pull it off, however putting 5 hours a day into 10 puppies, and barely getting anything else done, blogging is going to have to be on the back burner on a daily basis.

I am still going to give myself an "E" for effort, as it is a lot of working looking after 10 little ...

"Oh how sweet these recycled babes are", Jan 2/23

"Could you imagine any more innocent puppy faces then these 10", Jan 4/23.

Let's fast forward a week later, which just happens to be today....

"Let me introduce you to the "Seek & Destroy" Gang" 

I have soooo much lovely things to blog about... the beautiful gardens I put in last Summer, the renovations we did the Year before, and the renovations we are just in the midst of completing, however no time to do so in the moment now, nor in the next couple of weeks....

Please think not I complain, I am just too dang busy to blog everyday as I had envisioned myself doing again.  Guess what? I have had to rethink that for now... hahaha.

Until then...

This is all she wrote...."Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"


  1. They are cute.

    You are not obliged to blog everyday. Just stay regularly in touch.

  2. babies whether human or animal are a full time job!! Having 10 at once is 10 times busier!!

  3. Ahh they are so sweet but I can’t imagine caring for them all!! I’m tired just thinking about it… hang in there!


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