Wednesday 4 January 2023

Everything Aussies

With the arrival of the 10 puppies on December 2nd/2022, my Life has been nothing but "Everything Aussies", as in Australian Shepherd Dogs. 

I’ve been breeding Aussies for going on 16 Years now.  We are known as the Checkerboard Aussies.  How did we come to choosing this name? I was talking to my Cousin Brad & his wife, Paula, when I first started breeding Aussies, saying to them, “I have no idea what to call ourselves”  immediately Brad suggested the “Checkerboard Aussies, which truly is very fitting considering we are South of the Checkerboard.

From a young girl, before becoming a teenager, I recall telling a friend I wanted to have lots of property, horses & to breed German Shepherd Dogs  

That dream became reality when I lived in Kitchener ON, breeding German Shepherd Dogs.  After a couple of litters we kept one of the pups, who we had named Boggie.  At 125 lbs., he was truly a gentle giant, loving people, other dogs, cats, & even came nose to nose with a field mouse not even making a move to show it any harm.  We lost our sweet Bog when he was 12 1/2 years old. He had been one of the best dogs in my Lifetime, until I was blessed to have a 2nd best dog. 

When I moved back to Bruce County, as I am a true blue Bruce County Girl born & raised in Southampton, ON, going on 20 Years this Year, we bought our first Australian Shepherd.

My husband, Rob, had no idea what I was talking about when I told him I wanted an Aussie.  Two years prior I had been on the Internet checking out Blue Heelers, and Aussies.  Shortly after moving here to Wiarton we got our first Aussie, Blue, who we tragically lost by someone coming into our driveway one night & hitting him.  We were devastated as he loved me & was very bonded to me.  My friend called me not long after we lost Blue telling me about a litter of Aussies.  This is how we came to have Bandit, my 2nd best dog in my Lifetime.  

Bandit DOB June 2005

Bandit Loved our Grandson, Aiden, who was a Year older then him.  Where Aiden was, Bandit was.  Bandit was an amazing Babysitter/Protector.  The one time we had Aiden for a week, I couldn't find Aiden, I was calling and calling, almost frantic.  At the back of the house coming out from the Hay field was Aiden with Bandit following right behind him.  I never had to worry about Aiden as Bandit never left his side.

Bandit also helped every new puppy we brought into our pack. Our first female, Lexus, not the pup in this photo, used to get into my flowerbeds when I was weeding them.  When I told her "NO flowerbeds, get", Bandit used to go up behind her, drag her by the back of the neck out of the flowerbeds.  This boy was always my right hand Best Friend.  Bandit loved everyone, especially our grandchildren.  He loved the cats, other dogs, and anyone he met on his Life journey.

My Mother lived with us for 5 Years, & she also loved him so very much.  When she moved into the Nursing Home he sometimes got to go along to visit her too.  Of course, by the photo, it made her day seeing him too.

Oh yes, Bandit was his dad's boy too.  When Rob was outside, you were sure to also find Bandit right along.  When Rob went to go in the truck, Bandit made sure he was in there right along with him.  Have you ever seen a picture with a dog showing his Master so much affection as this one?

This boy could put a *smile* on your face on the worst of days.

When I came home I always had the best greeting in the World I could ever have from this boy.  I went away down to Nova Scotia for 3 days, and Bandit didn't move from the top of the stairs the whole time I was gone waiting for me to come home.  Bandit was my boy, through & through.

Bandit had the most beautiful *smiles* in the World, can't you tell?

My & Rob's Bandit Boy.

My Boy, My Bandit 

I could share many many more photos of Bandit, and many more wonderful stories about his Life with us, however I am certain it would take page and pages of this blog post.

Thanksgiving Monday, 2017, we lost our boy, he was 12 1/2.  I think of him often, I look at photos of him & still cry, I miss this boy so much.  He was my joy & my comfort many times through all the years he was mine.  Bandit has a piece of my Heart forever.

Bandit was the "Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Dogs.

This is all she wrote this day..... "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Thanks for sharing the Aussie beginnings and especially the highlights of Bandit’s story. He truly was the best boy! ❤️🐕

  2. I can't believe Bandit has been gone over 5 years now.......the new puppies are just a delight.

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories. I can relate to your special unique relationships. We also had 2 extra special dogs during our years. This was our first Christmas without having a dog around. Ugh.

  4. I’m not Anobymous

    1. Where’s the edit button? Sue C


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