Friday 30 December 2022

Cuteness Overload

Who are our pack? They are the "Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Our sweet Aussie Tesla, & her mate, Buddy, had a beautiful litter of 10 pups, yes you read that right there are 10, born on December 2nd. 2022. Four boys & six girlies.

They are now 4 weeks old, the perfect time to have a Photo Shoot.  Are you ready for a "cuteness overload" post of "glamour shots"... let's hear the ohhs & aws ! 

Sweetie Pie, Red Tri.

Sleepy one,  Red Merle.

Bum's Up! Red Merle Female

Saucy Red Tri

Serious, Red Tri

A Bit Shy, Red Merle

Oh that is a "Love Me" look, Black Tri

Come & get me, Black Tri

Oh are we missing a 10th pup? This is the only Blue Merle, & a Male, who had his Forever Home when he was barely a week old.  The gal who is going to be loving this boy, has TJ, who is a Red Tri Merle male from our 2021 Litter.  Isn't he sweet ?

It's been a pretty busy couple of "puppy" days.  

Photo shoots don't happen in minutes.  You have to stage the set, bring up the pups from, in our case the basement is where we have our whelping pens, then the biggest part of it all is the taking of the photos after trying to get 4 week old puppies to cooperate.  Trust me sometimes there are many many photos taken until you get a good one or two of each pup.  This session I believe Shea-Lyn had said she had taken 200 photos ! then to go through each of them choosing the best ones, editing them, & identifying each of them as you go along.

Today I spent answering questions from people inquiring about the pups, and setting up appointments for them to come for a visitation to chose one, after myself scrutinizing them as I only let our pups go to the best possible homes ever ! 

Nothing else got done in the house today but for washing puppy toys, used from last year, cleaning the basement of cobwebs, and dust... you would not believe the dust !  Dogs bring in lots of dirt and dust with them, with there being no way of me being on top of it all on a daily basis, however I do try to keep everything swept every week. Feeding dishes get washed every 2nd day, pens vacuumed out as well once a week, or two.  Always lots to do when you have doggos to look after & spend time.  My dogs never go outside on their own, I always go out with them, spending time with each of them on an individual basis.  Somedays I go out with 2 at a time then they have themselves a big romp together.

I am pooped & will shortly hitting the sack, as you know morning comes early when you are a busy person.  Personally I would rather be busy then bored to tears, wouldn't you?

Hope you enjoyed the "cuteness overload" post.

This is all she wrote this day.... "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"


  1. Which one is Peanut?

    1. Cindy@NorthofWiarton30 December 2022 at 22:31

      Karen number 4

    2. Peanut is the sweetest lol with all the shenanigans of these pups. ❤️

  2. Puppies make me happy!

  3. glad to see you back blogging. It relaxes me blogging. So tempted to ask for Peanut, but don't think I could get through the puppy stage!!

    1. Thank you, Gil. I have been missing it for sometime, however I had to wait until my heart & mind were 100% ready. Peanut quite the feisty little gal

  4. Soo sweet!! I hope they all find wonderful & loving homes for the holidays! xox


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