Tuesday 1 October 2019

My Mind is Swirling

Hello October 1st, how fast you have came back again this Year ….

Part of My Flowerbed September 28th 2019

This morning I had my weekly visit with my Community Support Worker.  I have so much to do before my long time blogging friend, Lynn of @Turnips & Tangerines, arrives to visit this Saturday I am overwhelmed, and not because of her visiting as her room is the only clean room in the house, it is everything else I have on my plate … *Sigh*  Anyhow back to where I was going with this... instead of staying at the house I choose to go for a walk as I haven't been on a walk since returning from our vacation on the 18th of September.  Way too long not for me to walk & not be out in Nature.

We went down a no exit road, taking my "Wild Child" aka Mazda with us, as she is more wild then usual being in with her pups the most part of the days.  It was a lovely breezy walk, with not even a slight thought to there being no sunshine.  It couldn't been more perfect to chat, take in the surroundings, and watch Mazda enjoy herself.

The old corner fence was decorated by Nature itself, the berry bushes were bright red, and returning home I captured the Daisies still showing off their brilliance.

Walking out and about in Nature calms my Soul, helps me forget what I have been overwhelmed about, relaxes me which is something I have found difficult to do most of my Life.  Life in itself is good when I am out & about surrounded by Nature.

My mind has been swirling with so many thoughts of what I want to say in my Blog posts.  I have so much I want to say.  I have so much to share.  I have so much there are times I feel my mind is going to explode.  I am crying and feeling happy I am back blogging again.  I feel safe from everything when I can put out who I "really am" without the fear of being judged.  Those who might judge me I am thinking would not be reading my posts, so that is a feeling of security for me.  Although there might be people who would or do read my blog & judge me, but I hope that along the way they would learn compassion, empathy, and put away such thoughts of judgements & self centeredness, as not one of us were born perfect, and not one of us will every be perfect as I am certain we are all equal in having each of our own flaws... that is comforting, is it not?  I laugh at myself for the way I think sometimes, but that is a good thing as well.  What a mouthful that was I think !

I did get one thing checked off my list today ! which was folding and putting away 4 loads of laundry.  Can you imagine ???  I still had a load from when we were camping, a load of towels, one of puppy bedding, and another of this & that.  I refuse to use my dryer, especially if it is not an low rate day, so I waited to wash it all and put it out on the line this past Sunday.  It had been the perfect drying day.  Really I have been busy all day, not just folding laundry, honestly.

Tomorrow afternoon is the WRAP group, and I have homework to review for DBT group on Thursday, and of course it is the 3rd Quarter for the Crabby Cabbie soooooo that paperwork needs organized and dropped off to the Bookkeeper.  Also prospective puppy owners, or I should actually say a couple, husband & wife, are arriving late afternoon to see their little bundle who they are 99.9% sure will be theirs for his Lifetime.  Okay Heather, in case you are reading this post, nobody ever arranges someone to come in to let a puppy out when they are at work, or looks for a crate, or never ever names the puppy if they are not going to get him 100%.... Anthony is hooked, and you? we knew you were the first time you seen his photos, yes ?   I will let Syd the Kid know it is a 100%  done deal.

The new Season for The Voice began again last week. It is on Monday & Tuesdays until they have chosen their "picks".  It is now 7:43.  I have a few things to do yet, but at 8 pm you can be guaranteed I will be in front of my TV.

Another day is coming to a close... 

This is all she wrote, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy, so nice to see you back! I hope you find blogging helps you move forward. You probably haven't heard that I ended up paralyzed after heart surgery last year, but my wife has stayed with me and become my caregiver. Those spouses make such big sacrifices for us. Look forward to seeing more posts!

  2. Lots of love my dear friend. You can do it!

  3. Being out in the outdoors and in nature has a restorative effect.


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