Saturday, 5 October 2019

Beyond Excited !

Here I am at 4:50 am Saturday morning... yes I have had insomnia for Years, however been much better about that the last couple.  Then why on God's green earth would I be wide awake, although not bushy tailed, at 2:48 am? because …..

My friend is arriving today on a Jet Plane flying in from Milwaukee into Toronto Pearson Airport !!!!  We have NEVER met in person yet, and I am so excited for her arrival ! why you might ask? because...

We have been in contact for at least 7 years, first through out blogs, then email, then a couple of phone calls, then writing, yes using Snail Mail through the Post Offices, then Facebook, then texting almost every week if not more some weeks.... Lynn always said, "everyone supposedly has a twin in this World", and she is positive we are twins in Spirt as we are so much alike in our interests, fears, likes/dislikes, except she doesn't care for Liver & Onions, but.... her husband Jim does, and that has to count for something does it not?

Unfortunately Lynn will technically be here 5 nights, but in reality we will only have 4 days together, and trust me I have those 4 days planned out to the hour (not really but that does sound rather fun saying that).

We pick her up at the airport just after 12 pm this aft, providing all goes well at the arrival with no headaches with Customs holding everyone up, then head to one of Rob's favourite restaurants along the way home, we many just a bit out of the way to Pebbles in Varney.  Rob loves this restaurant as Mennonites own it, and being brought up & adopted by a Mennonite Family, the food preparations are right up his alley.  Since it is a Buffet, we will be so full, by the time we get back home we will all be tired & ready to roll right into our beds.... I will forsure, and actually Lynn might too as they are heading into to the Milwaukee Airport around 5 am, oh it is that now I bet she is up and loading her very "large" suitcase into the vehicle about now.  "Large" suitcase? of course as you have to have lots of room in your suitcase when it is your very first trip to Canada & you want to take Dare's Maple Cookies home with you, just maybe a few bags would be all.

Lynn has never had a Cottage Roll before.  Cottage Roll will definitely be on the menu while she is here.  Also since I have past blogged about my favourite Wiarton Restaurant, The Green Door Cafe, she would also like to lunch there.  Reservations have already been made for Tuesday, as I was all over that one like a dirt shirt.

Depending on the weather,,,,,hmmmm, which is not always dependable by any means this Fall, either Sunday or Monday we will take in a bit of hiking, a trip to my Hometown, Southampton, Sauble Beach & Sauble River, as well as one of my favourite back roads at this time of year, Rankin River Road.  Tuesday while I get a haircut, I booked Lynn in for a Pedicure, then we go for lunch, and maybe a bit of a shop to show her around Downton Wiarton.

Then that leaves Wednesday, which I have left open to see what trouble we will get into doing that day.  Alas it all ends Thursday when we return her as she will be "Flying on a Jet Plane" back home…..

There is my excitement all laid out, and will be validated in the upcoming 4 days.

Wow I can't believe how much I really have missed blogging these last 3 years, but for a couple of posts as you can tell by the side list.  It is making me feel free and happy with my fingertips flying across the keyboard, and my mind flowing freely.  It almost feels liberating, releasing all those happy hormones.  This is good as I have had a surmountable stress the past week, which had released so much Cortisol the Binge Eating was way out of control, however that will be another future blog post, as I am going to hang onto these good feelings I am having in the moment.

When Rob & I had been "Glamping" in June & September at the Oastler Lake Provincial Park just 10 minutes South of Parry Sound, ON, I got back into my Passion for taking photos there.  The park ha an annul Photo Contest, which Yesterday I entered with the following four photos:

 This photo was taken at a Tent Camping area... could you imagine open the doorway to your tent in the morning & having this view?  what a way to begin a day !

 This Photo was my favourite Look-Out spot in the park.

 I love this photo of Rob & our Aussie, Buddy looking over the Lake in contemplation.

This photo is one of my favourites, I call it "Sleeping Child"

The were emailed off to the Contest yesterday, so we will wait and see.  If I do not win I am okay because I love these photos and they bring me warm memories of my time spent away with Rob, and brought my Passion back for taking photos.  There was one time I would never be seen without a camera, now I can be more sneaky by using my iPhone XR, although I would like another camera as I miss my Fuji, which they do not make the model I used anymore (they always seem to take the good things that worked well away, do they not?).  I don't care for having to change lenses on the Cannon Rebel to take long shots, I would prefer to have the Zoom built in a DSL styled Point & Shoot Camera.  Maybe I will have to somehow convince Rob I NEED one for Christmas this Year?

I have had another crazy busy week behind me, not leaving me much time to get as ready for Lynn's arrival as I wanted to be, but its ok her bedroom is clean, the bathroom and kitchen a well, and our Aussie/Kitty House sitter is going to do the floors today for me, thank goodness, God forbid I have company and they get "stuck to my floors" … oh man the embarrassed !!!

Stay tuned as I am certain I will be blogging our daily adventuress in my upcoming blog posts.

Until then... I am "Beyond Excited !"

That is all she wrote...."Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

PS:  Just to add to the excitement Davidson has caught & brought a mouse up from the Basement, I will be letting Rob address that situation when he wakes up, after letting him have a coffee first of course.0


  1. Good morning Cindy. You sure sound excited. We enjoyed our visit with you folks last year. Hostess with the mostess as my mother used to say. Have a grand time!

  2. I was excited when you came on your visit too ❤️ It was so nice.


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