Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What My Husband Is Made Of

What my husband is made of? and I will guarantee you it is far from "sugar & spice" .... but what he is made of is:

1)  Being my best friend;
2)  Always doing his very best of what he is capable of;
3)  Trying to Fix how I am feeling;
4)  Trying to Fix all that needs to be fixed;
5)  Out working 7 days a week to support us;
6)  Always thinking about others, or most of the time;
7)  Loving our Aussies as much as I do, though sometimes they;
8)  Pmsing some days the same time I am, and trust me this in not always a good scene;
9)  Loving our kids, even though that gets frustrating sometimes, as kids will be kids, as we were   once.
10) Being grumpy, but really not meaning to be;
11) Doing things, not always because he wants to, to make me happy;
12) Being a very good son-in-law when my Mom lived 5 years with us;
13) Being a very good brother-in-law to my siblings;
14) Helping others when there is a need;
15) A best friend to his friends;
16) A great cook, not counting the times he has helped me do preserving;
17) Wonderful helper in the gardens
18) Stopping for me to take photos, even if he is in a hurry;
19) Doing stuff for me that he thinks is stupid;
20) Looking after our Aussies so I can go away for a day, weekend, or a week,inbetween working.
21) On occasion has been known to make the bed, and/or do dishes.

I could go on and on and on, but I was really happy the other day when he ....

.... took off my old nail polish before I went to get a pedicure.  However he wasn't his usual thrilled self that I took his photo doing so !  LOVE YOU HONEY *smile*.

After I had gotten the diagnosis of the Bipolar 2 I had headed down to the Wiarton Library within a day or two thereafter, where I had found a couple of books on it.

This one was the one out of the two I liked.  I googled it and actually found a copy on I purchased for .01, plus $6.49 shipping & handling, so I could read it at my leisure and mark pages as I would like.  My friend, Geraldine, who owns the New Leaf Health Centre, not only recommended the Light Therapy for me, she also recommended Desiccated Liver which I am taking daily.

Should anyone be interested in seeing where I ordered the book, please *click* HERE.   For more information on Desiccated Liver, please *click* HERE.

The Book I read parts which explained some of my behaviour(s) which have made me miserable and answered questions to some of my actions.  One was interrupting people in conversation at times... I could see myself doing it, however felt uncontrollable powerless to stop myself from doing it at times.  It is like my brain races so fast I have to get my thoughts out immediately ... then realizing what I was doing I would die a million deaths for doing so.  I just found myself very hyper at a meeting I had attended last evening doing the same thing ... I beat myself up about it all night.  That is just one example of what I found out about the disorder I have from this book.  I can't wait until my own copy comes so I can go through it more thoroughly and hopefully understand more about what I have been experiencing all these years.

This morning a really great friend of mine came to visit me.  The 2 1/2 hour visit FLEW by in no time.

This is my friend, Reenie, who also made these adorable snowmen she gifted Rob & I.  They are made out of socks, which she had googled when looking for Christmas gifts to make.  Are they not adorable????

I have had a busy meeting with a Chamber meeting Monday & Tuesday nights, an Open House tonight after the Wiarton White Wednesday at the Chamber office, tomorrow night a Business After Hours at the Berford Street Artisan Co., and hopefully rest Friday.

I had also dropped into one of my favourite Wiarton shops tonight, The Cluttered Cupboard.  Photos to follow tomorrow I hope as my neck and arms are paining too much to type anymore tonight.

I am overwhelmed at all the support and messages I have received the past couple of days.  Once again, I can not thank everyone who is here now and in the future for me as I continue my journey in this Life.  Should I be able to help someone by sharing my life experiences, or someone with me, then it it all worth it.  Helping each other should be what it is all about, yes?  Thank you.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hi Cindy, Just wishing you all the best with your new health issue. It's a challenge but now you know what you have to do to get well again. And I'm sure you can do it. Women can do most anything in life. Whenever I'm feeling low, I listen to 'You Raise Me Up' by Josh Groban. It really works. Take good care of yourself.....Bess

  2. No, Rob doesn't look too happy in that photo, but a man who takes off your toe nail polish? That's true love!

  3. Where is the Emogie for hugs?


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