Monday 30 November 2015

It Has Been Going...

Yes day by day it has been going .... up, down & around, as time most certainly isn't going to wait for us now is it, so you best jump on board and stay on board regardless.

And regardless of how tired I might be feeling, I still go, go, go, even though most days it is in circles.

Believe it, or not, more so Rob can't believe it, I have actually been cooking a little more then I had been for months.  The other night I had made a leftover turkey casserole, and tonight a smoked ham dinner.

This Leftover Turkey Casserole was very YUMMY !  and of course, very easy peasy to make.

What have I been doing the past few days?

I updated Rob's android phone for him; I admired the fern in our flower bed which is flourishing; I have been also admiring the Coloured Pencil Set I had bought the other day to use with my "adult" colouring book for stress relief (have been a bit too stressed to try it out yet).

What have I not been doing? cleaning my house and getting organized.  I had been too busy last week with one night packaging Santa Claus Candy bags, the next night attending a Chamber Sub-committee meeting, the next night attending an Open House at the Chamber office, and then Thursday evening attending an Open House at one of the downtown Wiarton Businesses, The Berford St. Artisan Co., which was catered to by the Berford Street Pizza (yummy).

Friday night I had the night off, and Saturday I passed out some bags for the Yellow Pages Shop the Neighbourhood downtown Wiarton.  Rankin River Trading Co. had a 50% off on all Winter Coats and Boots, where I got a beautiful Chillax weather proof jacket .... LOVE IT ! and LOVED the price of it too !

Sunday we spent a good part of the day getting Rob a new work phone & trying to get it set up with the new PAYD which will allow us to take debit & credit card payments from his Crabby Cabbie customers.

Today I had some Banking and Christmas Parade running to do, however still managed to get in a walk, if nothing else, with my friend Lynn this afternoon.

Now???  The "Voice" is on TV ... I am off and running to watch it, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. No wonder you're exhausted! That's a lot of running around!

  2. Sounds like you are doing a lot, Cindy, a great step ahead for you but be careful you don't overdue! Your husband must have been very happy to come home to a nice meal!! :) Have fun with all the Christmas events.

  3. And on what day do you rest my friend? Be Well.

  4. That is a lot of running about, Cindy.


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