Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wow Where Have That Two Weeks Gone By To?

...... I find myself almost at a loss for words.  I am sure I have officially become a "couch" potato, as I really haven't known anything but our couch for over the past two weeks now.

I really can't remember in my whole 53 years of life of ever being so sick.  It has been a long haul, seemingly to carry on somewhat further into the days ahead.  It all began the evening of the 24th of December 2011, awaking to pains I could never imagine feeling they were so intense in my joints and muscles.  I was of the opinion it was a very bad flu, which I am sure it started out to be, spending the whole of Christmas Day in bed, barely rising if my memory serves me correct.

For some reason a day continued into days that followed in more pain and weakness.  Rob took me to the hospital, I am thinking it was Boxing Day, to where the attending physician sent me home saying it was a "bad bug" and I just had to ride it out, not to bother coming back unless I was "spitting up blood".  Well any mention of Rob taking me back again was out of the question, I was so upset and had set my mind to wait until my own Doctor was back in his office the following week.

By the time the following week had arrived I am sure there had been some very delirious days and nights inbetween it all, as I can remember barely getting myself up to the washroom back and forth.  I was drinking gingerale and water mostly, and remembering having some fruit Rob had picked up for us, along with some crackers a couple of times throughout the whole of the week.  I could hardly breath, nor speak, I was so weak with such a pain in the right side of my chest.

Finally this past Tuesday Rob took me in to our Doctors, where Dr. Loney concluded either pleurisy or pneumonia, which I have had a number of years ago (maybe 10 years ago or so).  The good Dr. gave me a shot for pain, as well as a prescription in hand for antibiotics and steroids.  He also arranged that same day for me to have a chest xray.  Off to the Wiarton Hospital we went to where Rob took me in for a chest xray.

The very next day concluded I needed a CatScan of my chest with an appointment being made this past Friday at the Owen Sound Hospital for one.  Still weak and not realizing how much so, Rob dropped me off at the entrance of the Hospital, whereas I almost made it up to the Clerk to give her my information when I felt my legs begin to leave my body.  It must have shown on my face, as they had me swooped into a wheelchair before I knew it.  The staff was most wonderful on helping me get my testing done, and took me back to the main entrance where I was able to phone Rob to come in to collect me.

With the medications I can now talk clearer once again, but am so limited to what I am able to do, as I find I exhaust so easily.

My Doctor's office received the results of the CatScan back the same day, this past Friday, and are now making arrangements for me to see a Specialist hopefully by the middle of next week.

I attempted to try doing a few dishes this morning, however my knees almost went from me and it was not the bestest scene I am sure.  Rob was sure to tell me very quickly to start listening to my body, as he must of heard me laboring and got up to see what I was doing.

Oh I am so blessed to have such a good husband.  I have just begun the past two days to regain some of my appetite back, and he has been cooking up a storm of macaroni/tomatoes yesterday, and Hamburger Helper today !  What a lucky gal I am to have a guy who cooks.  For some very strange reason I have had the weirdest craving the past week or so for Bacon and French Toast .... I have no idea where this has surfaced from?

I miss blogging every day; I miss getting up, about and around.  Life is so sweet and we take so very much of it for granted.  I could never imagine how people manage such situations without a life partner or a close family member or friend nearby.  I have had so many well wishers come through for me, and my heart is full of gratitude for all of these wonderful people in my life.  The members of Cindy's Recipe Exchange are still participating, and this I have been so grateful for as I have been enjoying going in on Facebook from time to time when I am sitting up to hear what everyone has been up to here and there.

I really wish everyone All the Best in 2012 for Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Hopefully once I can regain some more energy in the days ahead, I will be able to find the strength to see if I have any photos on my camera prior to all this "sickness" business arriving on my doorstep and maybe post something more interesting then all this sickness business.

Alive and on the mend, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So glad to see you posting again Cindy! It means that you are feeling a bit better .As I am sure,and as all the recipe exchangers ,we are so glad to see you regaining your strength ! Loojing forwward to the time when you are your old active self again !

  2. WOW, you have really had a time of it, hope you are feeling better soon. Don't rush things, take time to get back a little each day, don't want to be down and out again!!

  3. you have certainly been through a lot and Rob is right listen to what your body tells you...



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