Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not Too Much Of A Day Whatsoever.

I am a little behind this afternoon sitting down to blog, however not that I really have too much of anything to really blog about today at all.

I found myself on the phone with a close friend of mine this afternoon, as we were trying to figure out how to upload a resume to Workpolis, which was seemingly very difficult as when I received the resume via email I could not open it as it was done on an Apple Computer, and I have a PC.  I needed to convert his Resume onto a Word Document in order for it to be uploaded on the Workpolis website we were trying to work from.

We did persevere when I finally was able to receive the said document by email in PDF (Portable Document Format), copy it over to a Word Document, then go through the motions of uploading to the Workpolis website.  Another experience under my own and my friend's belts, but don't ask me now how I did it, as for the life of me I surely can't remember.  We are both happy it has been done !!!

"This was the view I had in the wee hours of the morning around the 5 am mark, when I looked out our bedroom window.  The picture does not show the really "cool" aura the splice of moon had around it, but before it clouded over it was really quite bright."

This morning was a very slow go and get started one today.  For some strange reason I was totally exhausted and had to peel myself from where I was sitting having my first coffee to even think about taking Missy Mercedes out this morning.

Then to have to even think about going out next with Bandit and Lexus, how exhausting was that !

I am sure it took me until about 11:00 am to get myself somewhat out of the "funk" I was in.  I really hadn't thought I had slept any better or worse last night then any other night.  Whatever it was, gave cause for me to really, really drag my "butt" around this morning.

Since we had some Peameal bacon roast leftover, it was an easy decision for me to make Rob a Dinner of Peameal bacon, homefries and eggs over easy today.

"Since we are not breakfast eaters, per say, we enjoy making a Dinner on occasion out of Traditional Breakfast fixings."

I remember when growing up my Mother used to make bacon, eggs and toast for a noonday meal.  Bacon was such a luxury to have back then, as I remember we were only allowed two pieces each, and that was that at the time.  Lots of things seemed to had been stretched more when I was growing up, and again as I was raising my own boys on my own, everything had to be stretched as far as it would go and then some.

I do not forgot those "stretching" it out further days, as Rob and I have had a few of those ourselves over the past 17 years.  I still try to stretch things as far as they will go.  Why not be other then thrifty or frugal, as one never knows when times will change as quick as spinning a dime on a table.

What a beautiful full of Sunshine day it was outside my windows and doors.

When I was outside with Bandit and Lexus it was cold and crisp, but otherwise enjoyable with the Sun out in full force.

I never cut back the dead plants in the Fall, leaving it to be done in the Spring, as I enjoy the shapes they take with snow fallen on them.  With the snow covering them at times, they appear to take on a new form of life at times, adding to the landscape in their surroundings.

I did have a fleeting thought today that I would like to get started back into a regular exercise routine here at home, as I did last year, with getting my Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Miles" CD back out, and the Wii Board and Wii Fit game dusted off and ready to be used once again.

My breathing has seemingly almost returned back to normal once again, and the pain in my chest is almost completely gone, so I am thinking the pneumonia must almost be completely gone.  These are good signs, so maybe by next week I can get myself "on the band wagon" and started once again on something a little more regulated on a daily basis in way of exercise.

Want to know more about Leslie Sansone?  as she is the gal to follow from in front of your TV at home in my books, as I LOVE walking, and walking is what she does .... this is the go to link to learn more:

This was pretty much or pretty much not how my day went.  I am still feeling weary.  I had planned on cleaning our bathroom today, which never got done, but then again the day is not over.  I did wash and hang our bedroom comforter, vacuum the diningroom, make Rob Dinner and do the dishes, oh yes and help a friend, so all of that has to account for something, does it not?

I am thinking I will make myself a salad for my supper tonight, and maybe if I don't clean the bathroom it will get done sometime tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I think you did amazingly well today !That sunshine was really wonderful wasn't it. After that nasty day we had yesterday it sure felt good and I did walk to the store and to get the mail .Glad to see you are feeling better and better everyday!


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