Monday, 6 June 2016

Two Moons

Here I find myself at the beginning of a new week already ..... yes, we all know how fast time can fly by us, do we not?

Last week we had to head down to the City of London as Rob had a consultation with a back specialist which we have been waiting for the appointment since last year.  It sure takes time to get into some of these specialist that is for sure.  I had been quite impressed that we didn't have to wait too long past our 11 am appointment, which was a real bonus (especially when the parking meter is ticking outside; not cheap to park at these big hospitals).

We both liked the specialist, whose name I can't pronounce unless I hear it said first.  The results are for Rob to go back in a couple of weeks, when we get a call with another appointment, to have needles put in his vertebrae.  It was also discussed should the pain blockers not work then they would burn the nerves.  It all sounds a little scary, or more so painful, but if it stops the awful daily pain he is in then so be it.

The rest of the week I barely remember what I did or didn't do, which is really a good reason why I should begin blogging again daily so I do remember ....

Saturday I went to a 20 mile Yard Sale with my friend, BJ.  With all the starting and stopping along the way that took up the whole morning !  I was happy to get some relatively current DVD movies for Rob for $1 each, which made me pleased as punch.  Rob had to go to Toronto this day, and wasn't back until well after dinner time, so a friend and I went downtown to the Wiarton Inn for some dinner.

Sunday turned out to be a fairly nice day, considering we had tons of rain come our way throughout the night before.

My stamina isn't what it should be since I haven't been very active the past Year, but I still managed to clear out a very small section of the front flower bed.  Look at all that was pulled out of that very small section and what still has to be done !  

I seriously thought I would just mow the gardens in, but I used to really enjoy them so I thought I would try to make a go of them.  I broke down last week and asked two friends if they would come out to help me weed it (they both said yes, and I am hoping they don't regret that once they see what a mess it is).  The sad part was I hadn't even touched them last year .... and anyone who knows me would know my flowerbeds barely had a weed in them when I was on my "high" in life.

A few people on Facebook have been doing "spatchcock" chicken, so yesterday I thought Rob and I would also give it a go.

Before and after photos of our "spatchcock" chicken.  Should you be interested in trying this out yourself just *click* HERE for a video on it.

Today they were calling for, and still are, 40% chance of  Thunderstorms.  So far the sky has been full of sunshine and white fluffy clouds with no sign of rain.  We will see.

I had a friend call me this morning to tell me to watch tonight's sky for two moons.  Really two moons? that is because she took the time today and washed her floors !!!  Well let me tell you, you best be watching the sky tonight for four moons, cause I washed my hallway and living room floors today !!!  I must be feeling better with the new medication cause I would be scared to tell anyone when the last time was that I had washed my floors.  Awful to say, but that is exactly how sick I have been over the past year and a half or so.  

Yes life most certainly got out of hand on me while I was sick and powerless.  I have to stop being anxious and realize it took that long to get in such a disarray that it won't change back up to the way it was overnight.  Hopefully, with the help of the new medications, I can get over my anxiety attacks and get a little bit more done each day .... the depression has slowly started to lift, so this has been very positive too.

Encouraging news this morning when I got on the bathroom scales, I was down another pound !  With 60 pounds put on from all the different meds I have been on the past year, being back down 12 pounds has been very enlightening.

Thank for for sharing my journey with me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It does sound like you're making progress.

  2. You must be feeling better indeed! Gardening, out and about, washing floors! Sounds like a big step in the right direction. Hope Rob's back turns out ok.

  3. Glad to hear things are picking up for you. Baby steps, lovely xx
    If I was closer, I'd come and help you weed :-)
    (As long as you cooked me lunch...)


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