Thursday, 9 June 2016

LOVE BBQ Season !

Another beautiful day behind us, as I look forward to more in the days ahead.

What did I do today?  the usual make the bed, do up the dishes .... then the unusual as I cleaned one side of the patio doors today.  Why only one side? well the sun came around to that side of the house and I find it easier to clean windows without direct sun on them.  Do not know why, but do know this works for me.  Will try to get at it first thing tomorrow morning before the Sun moves into the South, as really one sparkly patio door window will just not do.

This afternoon I opted not to stay in to do housework, meaning wash the kitchen floor (which is in dire need of a washing), but took myself outside and cut the lawn.
This time of Year is one of my favourites with everything fresh and green.

Oops I almost forgot, I also got out for a walk with my friend, Sharon, this afternoon.  I walked a total of 11015 steps so far today which is the equivalent to 7.3 km (4.53 miles).  I am pretty amazed that going out walking is not as strenuous to me as it was a couple of months ago, especially since I really haven't been out walking much the past 3 weeks.  I am happy Sharon is back from her holiday so I have someone to go walking with on a more regular basis.  Thanks Sharon !

My bff, Vicki, and her hubby, are coming up with their RV this weekend.  Vicki and I usually don't have any problems keeping ourselves busy when they come up.  We are going to go to the Wiarton Farmer's Market tomorrow, and if there are any Yard Sales Saturday I am certain we will make our presence known at them as well.  Fingers crossed the weather is as lovely as it was today.

Dinner was delish again tonight.  I LOVE BBQ Season !!!!  Rob made himself a couple of beef burgers, and he made me a Turkey Burger.  Burgers and salad most certainly hit the spot.

I haven't gotten back to the point of cooking and baking like I used to yet.  First of all I am still not feeling like it, and secondly I have been very strict on sticking to my 1200-1400 calorie a day diet.  Gaining 60 lbs from medications I had been taking last year, has not been as easy to come off as it was going on, so I have been very diligent in sticking to my daily calorie intake .... it is coming off slow but steady.  I was happy this morning as I got into a pair of jeans that would not have fit me a couple of weeks ago.  Yay me !!!

Tomorrow I have my bi-weekly appointment with my Doctor.  I am pretty certain he will be increasing my medication.  I have been very happy with how I have been feeling on the new meds, with really no side effects this time around, other then I have still been having anxiety attacks, but still a much better mood.  Plus I have been doing more then what I had been two weeks ago !!!!

Fortunately it not being as cold today as it had been yesterday, we did not have to fire up the wood stove this morning, and not either this evening.  It sure has been an up and down Spring, has it not?

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. We have yet to fire up the grill! Hopefully this coming week, with the hubby off for a week..I still haven't gotten myself motivated to walk, so go for you for sticking to it:) Have a great week-end Cindy~

  2. So happy to see you feeling better my friend. Pace yourself girl!

  3. Great to be back walking with you.Plus side is we can talk about anything and everything with each other .It is so nice to see you feeling better and happier .Have a great weekend Cindy

  4. The walking certainly is a good thing for you. Keep it up!

    Yes, it's been cool. I leave early on in the mornings, and I debate whether or not to put on a leather jacket when I go.

  5. Glad to hear you're out walking again, and enjoying the season! It is a beautiful time of year!

  6. Walking is a great anti-anxiety exercise!! And I'm so glad you're feeling more positive! I also love BBQ season - it just makes meal planning so much simpler!


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