Thursday, 19 March 2015

Too Much Birthday Party ???

I suffered all day yesterday with a headache, and woke up with a nasty one again this morning.  It was not the only thing I woke up with, as I had stomach problems again.  I haven't had a trip to the Emergency Dept. at the hospital since December, so I guess this morning had been long  over due.

Rob was out on a call first thing, however when he got home loaded me and the boys up and dropped me off to the hospital.

Dr. Uffen was on call, and I had him with this issue before.  He was very caring and informative.

After consulting Dr. Caulfield (who was in the Wiarton Hospital on Thursdays) again the thought was it might be the entry going into the Pancreas, which  the Gall Bladder had been attached to (when I had one), that might be having spasms causing me the pain.

Since the referral to Dr. Kaal had been made back in December I was told the wait was up into April this Year.  Dr. Uffen was going to dictate a letter to Dr. Kaal's office to see if I can get in earlier, hopefully with a scope preformed soon after.

I got "sprung" from the Emergency Department at 11:30 am.  While I had been gone Aiden & Connor had helped Poppa fill up a wheelbarrow with wood.  Needless to say we missed out going to the Library again, but they never even mentioned it.

I slept all afternoon.  The boys? they put together a Lego set I had bought them yesterday which took up the whole afternoon.

Dinner time I had finally gotten up.  Rob had put a Deli Chicken we had gotten in the Crock Pot to reheat, so we had it along with steamed broccoli, and of course, leftover Birthday Cake.

There had been an After 5 hosted by the Wiarton Home Hardware Building & Decor Centres this evening.  I quickly went up to take photos on behalf of the Wiarton Chamber, then came back home.  I won a door prize thanks to RAM Trophies & Sportswear for their donation.

I am done like dinner.  Maybe too much Birthday Party yesterday had its toll on me? too much cake?
Today is my Niece, Joanne's Birthday, as well as my BFF, Vicki's Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS I hope you both had a super day !!!!  xoxoxo

I have lots of photos of the boys I yet have to share, but that will had to be another day, as now I am going to head back to my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Too much cake may be the case. Get your rest.

  2. After I had my Gallbladder out I developed IBS and this was 16 years ago ! seemed like everything I ate affected me and stress and lack of sleep made it worse and with the IBS I get very gassy and that is the worse cause I cant pass it so it just rolls around and gets worse I had tummy pains really bad doubling over and running to the bathroom all the time then it got to the point where I could not go to the bathroom I had lost lots of weight from it all to much actually and that was just as bad my insides are chopped liver now from it all but I find probiotics helps keep everything calm finally after all these years of going to the Dr and hospital I have a handler on it ! Hope you can figure out what is causing your discomfort and get it fixed and feel better soon ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day ! Happy spring !

  3. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your time with the grands - and no more cake for you!! :)


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