Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rocking The Shoe Styles

I didn't sleep the whole night through last night, however I actually felt pretty rested today, so I must have gotten enough to keep me fueled all day long.

I received a "new to me" recipe from a friend a couple of weeks ago, one that I had even sampled from when she had made it, so today I made I my mind I was going to make it along with a Black Bean & Feta Salad to go along with Dinner this evening.

Along with an 8 oz container of whole Mushrooms I enjoyed this dip for Lunch.  Very YUMMY !

The repair man came to check out our Samsung dryer this morning.  I would highly recommend Paul's Appliances out of Owen Sound, as the technician they had sent out on our service call was pleasant and knowledgeable.  I was very comfortable with him being in our home and with his service.

I let Lexus out and stepped out the side door to feel the sunshine on my face momentarily.  I had my slippers on when I slipped on a pair of shoes to go out in.

Yes I most certainly had been rocking the shoe styles today, along with the slippers as well.  Lexus didn't mind my style at all, she rather enjoyed my company outside with her.  Check out those pom poms !

Rob had came in after lunch.  I heard him downstairs and called out to him as he seemed to be down there for quite some time.  Finally he got upstairs when I had noticed instantly ....

This Year we will have been together 20 years, and today was the first time I seen Rob without a moustache.  And he still has a very sweet smile without it, even though he was being goofy in this picture for my benefit.  Apparently when he had been trimming it he had gotten a cramp in his hand resulting in a slip of the razor that could not be fixed, so off it came.  I do not mind it off one bit, but he said he will be growing it back.

This afternoon Rob had a Doctor's appt. with our GP, Dr. David (Diodati).  He was so pleased with the weight Rob has lost and how much effort he has put into it.  Geesh I am sure the weight Rob lost he handed over to me .... I will be working on getting rid of that extra baggage now that I have been feeling better these past few days, and hopefully onward.  I am so very happy for Rob being now "health" conscious as overweight can lead to diabetes.

Dinner this evening was Beef Liver, home fried potatoes, and Black Bean & Feta Salad.  It was not only healthy, but delicious healthy !

This evening the Wiarton 3rd Annual Job Fair was being held at the Wiarton Community Centre (Arena) from 5 pm until 6 pm.  I attended to take photographs for the WDCC's Facebook page.  It is great to have the photos to look back on each year.  There had been a great show of businesses, and people seeking employment.  

Afterwards, since I had Portia along in the vehicle with me for the ride, we went for a bit of a walk downtown.  Rob was to join us, however was called by a couple of taxi fares.

Portia is quite the good little traveller.  Really she isn't too little any more, and has no problem sitting on the floor of the passenger seat as she was taught when she was really little.  This works great when she isn't in the back in a crate, especially with the upcoming wet muddy weather ahead of us.

I am heading out shortly with the Aussies, then taking it easy the rest of the evening as I have lots to get done tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. A slip of the razor! He certainly looks very different!

  2. glad you feel rested despite having no sleep.

  3. Papa did that ages ago and he looks soo young with out a beard but even younger with out a mustache as well lol . Oh that dip sounds YUMMY ! so does your supper nice photos and snazzy shoes to I like them lol ! We are in a big melt down here lots of puddles melting snow like crazy and warm temps got up to +8 again today by the afternoon and sunny . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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