Friday, 13 March 2015

Old People & Us

Last night was dreadful with only two hours sleep.  The good part was I was snug as a bug very cozy in our bed so I stayed put, not even looking at my iphone.  I was ready to go to sleep at 7 am when it was time to get up, of course.

By 9 am I was ready to go back to bed, and actually laid down for 15 minutes, however that did not work.  I did manage to get about 1 hour of sleep in on the couch this afternoon.  I was so tired today.

What did I accomplish today?  The past couple of year's bookwork for the Crabby Cabbie was boxed up and labelled for storage, our bedroom was dusted and vacuumed, the living room, kitchen and hallway were also vacuumed.  Tomorrow I tackle the 2 spare bedrooms for the boys, the bathroom, and the dining room.

After my little nap I had errands to run and I dragged my butt to get them done.  By the time Rob arrived home right after me at 6 pm, we had decided to dine out.  Since we no longer drink alcohol, no smoke, we take the liberty of dining out lately as a "treat" for both of us.  Yes we went back to our favourite Wiarton Restaurant, which is the Green Door Cafe.

Sunday morning breakfasts beginning this upcoming Sunday, March 15th.  Rob enjoyed Cheeseburger Soup & a Homemade Cheeseburger for his Dinner, well I had the Squash Lasagna (again).  Not too certain why Rob was making this "weird" face and hadn't really noticed until I had uploaded the photos ... more expressive without the moustache, is it not?

The day had been a gorgeous Sunshine day all day long.  The Sunshine does make us feel better, thank goodness, as Winter seems to have dragged on again this Year.  The upcoming School March Break looks to be more of the same weather with the exception of a couple rain days.  The end of the week they are calling for flurries again, so it is not over yet until the "Fat Lady" stops singing.

This is a shot I took over looking Wiarton & Colpoy's Bay from the West.  Still ice out on the bay, but not to be trusted after all  the mild weather the past while.

Rob & I are officially Old People now as we have been part of the Ben Gay Rub Club for the past few months now.  I must have really wrenched a muscle as my back on the right side is so sore from the bottom of my shoulder blade right down to my lower back.  At least I am not flat on my back as I was last Saturday for the whole day.  Rob has been rubbing Ben Gay on me a couple times today, and that smell is one I remember when I was younger, as one of the smells which was familiar to me as an "old people" smell.

Those days are now here for us .... oh my what will there be next?  Wheelchair parking?  oh yeah Rob has one of those already for his hip !  I am DOOMED !!!

On that note I think I should take my old bones to bed soon before I can't manage to get there on my own, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I think Rod and I are fast heading for that club too!!!

  2. Great view over the bay!

    It'll be well into April before one can assume spring really is around.


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