Saturday, 28 March 2015

In The Blue

I might be in a lot of pain, but I am very grateful that I slept all night until 5 am.  Happy happy happy I was about that.

This morning I had errands downtown Wiarton.  I left the house at 9 am, not returning until almost 11:00 am.  It does not take long for time to fly by when you have a couple of stops to make, never mind popping in to see my girlfriend to enjoy a coffee with her.

I did get laundry done today.  Three loads to be exact.  I also made mental notes of what and where I am going to start purging and decluttering.  I started with Rob, as when I was putting laundry away I was taken back on how many pairs of jeans he possesses, and bought 2 more pair only last month.

Yes I was "in the blue" over the number of piles of blue jeans Rob owns.  All I got from him when I brought them all to his attention was "the look" as to say, "yes is that a problem?".  Out of these 5 piles (not including yet another pile on the top shelf in the closet) he managed to throw out one pair.  He is worse then a woman, as I am sure he has 3 different sizes for when he looses or gains weight.  *shaking head*

For some reason I got a chill this afternoon.  My feet, hands, and even my nose were all freezing.  I ended up having a bath as hot as I could stand, which actually did the trick of taking the chill from my bones.

Our niece's husband, Rich, is very talented with is own business of Ironworks.  Richcraft currently is offering a "special" which is 25% off, for a limited time only, pre-ordered weather vanes..

Yes this is one of Richcraft's amazing weather vanes.  I absolutely LOVE it, but then again I am a huge fan of both Rich & his work.  His lovely wife, Jenn, is also a gem, and we all know there is always a gem behind any good man.

For more information on Richcraft, please drop on over to the website by *clicking* HERE.

Dinner was not only easy with a Cottage Roll put into the Crock Pot earlier today, but it was very colourful and yummy as well.  LOVE ME that colour !

Rob and I can not believe since the weather was getting a bit nicer the past week, that our pain levels increased more then when it had been down in the minus double digits in February.  Yes dampness does a number on arthritis does it not?  Hot baths, a warm blanket and some good pain rub can go a long way some days .... damn getting old sucks does it not? but still I am certain I love the scenery on this side of the dirt then the other side.

Time to take a couple of Aussies out for the last time this evening, and look forward to maybe another good night's sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. My husband is the same with his clothes! He bought 3 pairs of new jeans and I told him to get rid of 3 luck. They are too small but in the closet still! It will be a while before the dampness goes away, until then, stay warm!
    Dinner looks delicious!

  2. I've got five pairs of jeans. Of course, I tend to stay the same trim size.

  3. dh never wears jeans and I rarely wear them either.


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