Friday, 6 March 2015

Consider Yourself ...

Consider yourself .....

.... Mooned !

I was "tickled pink", blue & gold at my luck of capturing such a great shot of the Moon early this morning, just before 6 am..  After I had all the Aussies out I hurried back out in the dead cold of the morning with my camera to get some shots of the Moon before it headed completely to the other side of the World.

We were all up at this morning at 5:30 am.  It was freezing in the whole house and I had been totally grateful of my very warm duvet as both wood stoves went out and it had been -19*C outside & only 16*C inside.  My dear Rob did not get home until 6 am, as he had been out of town on a run.

By the time Rob did arrive home, with a Tim Hortons Dark Roast in hand for me, I had the upstairs wood stove "fired" up, and the bed was still warm for him to crawl into.  Needless to say he is taking tonight "off" as he is very tired.

After having the Aussies out already umpteen times I went out to the West side of the house where I had noticed this poor remnant left of a Rose.  Surely Spring will eventually arrive, won't it?  I had almost given up on combing my hair one more time today as it seemed fruitless today with the cold bitter winds.  It had been combed at least 5 times at this point in the day.

I had plans with my girlfriend, Colleen, who I had seen since her birthday in October, to meet up with her and her sister, Heather for Dinner at the Green Door Cafe.  I feel like I have ate there most of this week.

We were able to meet up for 4:30 pm.  The food was fantastic as usual.

I had the Chicken Caesar Wrap with a side salad (which I boxed up to take home), Colleen had the Stacked Rueben Grilled with homemade fries, and Heather had the Shepherd's Pie with a side of Garlic Bread & Cheese.  Yummy ... Heather & I each stole one of Colleen's fries too boot.

We had a great visit for about 1 1/2 hours.  Always stuff to catch up on even though we talk on the phone at least once a week.

Steve it had really been nice to run into you at the Green Door.  Hope we can get together some time to catch up on you and your families transition of moving to South Bruce Peninsula from the GTA?  Maybe we could meet up some evening at the Green Door Cafe for some Dinner .. *smile*.

I  had given Colleen 3 super cool Silver Geometry Nutcrackers.  Two small & one large.  She loved them !  They had been for Christmas however she had taken sick when we were to meet up at that time.  Colleen gifted me a soft leather green purse & a Storm Glass, which is very cool.  Thank you girlfriend .. love you bunches ! xx


I just had the Aussies out for the last time this evening, and yes it is still darn cold out there with the wind making it feel much colder.  I am going to be turning in early to a nice warm bed and a little TV very shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I agree love the photo of the moon. Good that you had a lovely meal out with friends....

  2. Great picture, Cindy, that's a keeper.
    So glad to hear that you had a ncie day with friends. For goodness sake, put on a hat!!!!! lol

  3. Im so sick of having ugly hair, Ive mentioned the C word more than once (that would be cut). Instead, its just too each to braid it while its still damp.

    1. That word should be EASY not Each, gads, Im going to bed.


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