Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Capital "B" Busy Day

Okay waking up at 2 am just does not cut it, especially when the Aussies were quiet until 7 am, instead of their usual 6 am (old time) being a real bonus.  Never mind, the Sun was out, the day mild and much snow melted.  It was all good despite today being a capital "B" Busy day.

By the time I got going, I was out the door before 9:30 am to do a couple of errands downtown.  I ran home to let the Aussies out, then back out for a meeting at 11:00 am which went until just past 12:30 pm.

Right from the meeting I headed over to Gateway Haven Nursing Home to pick my Mom up as she was scheduled for a chest x-ray today at the Wiarton Hospital.  The staff were great having her all ready to go and down in the lobby waiting for me, so it was just a matter of loading her up in the van and going a few blocks to the hospital.

It is difficult at times for anyone with a parent or loved one when they witness them slipping.  Upon heading out Mom mentioned to me that Fritz had died, so my brother had told her.  Fritz was our father, who has been passed on over 30 years ago now, 32 years this June 21st to be exact.  She told me this twice on the way to the appointment.  I just never let on any different, other then asking how old he had been, which she answered, 63.  He had been 59.

In-between telling me about Fritz's death she mentioned about my youngest son, Paul, getting married in July this Year.  She had that "bang on".  Alzheimer's/Dementia is a nasty disease, and probably more so when the person realizes it is happening to them.  I know I forget things, but for the time being I blame that on menopausal hormones, as us women should, yes????

Mom when I picked her up giving a big smile for me to text Paul, as he loves his Grandma, and then when I had her back in her room.  I had stopped at Tim Horton's to get Mom a coffee to take back with her.  I asked her if she would like anything else and Chocolate Tim Bits had been her choice.  I got three for Mom, two for me, and five Fritter ones for Rob.  Everyone was happy with a little treat.

After I had left Mom I headed up to the Wiarton Home Hardware Building Centre where I got Rob some tubing for the run off from our eaves, since the one underground was still frozen and we didn't want it backing up into the basement this Year.  That and two more stops on the way brought me home about 3 pm..

Rob left on calls while I took the Aussies all out.  Enough was enough, as I decided to treat myself this afternoon, so the heck with housework ... especially since temps were well above the freezing mark today.

Yes it was that kind of capital "B" busy day, this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Quite enjoyed the selfie in the bathroom!

  2. Isn't that leg hair thing hilarious? My friend sent that to me this morning too.
    Has your Mom had a meds review lately? My aunt seemed to be getting a bit worse, cousin took her to see the doc for a meds review and a little tweeking was a big improvement.
    The snow came crashing off my back room a few minutes ago. We're getting water in the wood room right now.....not much we can do about it until it thaws right against the foundation

  3. It's a hard thing, watching a parent diminished, either physically or mentally as the condition might be.

  4. My mom had early onset Parkinson's and along with that came dementia. It was the hardest part watching her fine mind lose its way.


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