Thursday, 26 March 2015

Breakfast With The Mayor

Good thing I am an early riser as this morning I attended breakfast with the Mayor at 7:30 am hosted by the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce.  Once I got all my Aussie duties out of the way, and myself ready, I headed out to first pickup friends, Wenda and Cathy, who own The Painted Turtle & Headquarters downtown Wiarton.  

The WDCC has began these breakfasts for Business owners within the Community to interact with the Mayor in a comfortable and casual atmosphere where Community issues and/or concerns can be addressed.  

A couple of subjects touched upon this morning were the "Big Dig" an upcoming downtown update to replace many very old water lines, etc, the Airport, which is jointly owned with Georgian Bluffs,  the possibility of Wind Turbines coming to the Bruce Peninsula, and Paid Parking at Sauble Beach.  

It was nice to be enlightened by the Mayor on these subjects instead of trying to read between the lines of newspaper articles and/or public speculations.

Host, WDCC President, Paul Deacon, introduced South Bruce Peninsula Mayor, Janice Jackson, to the invited group.

The businesses who are invited to a breakfast are limited in numbers (as too many people would not afford casual discussion(s) ), and include a mixed variety of people.  This breakfast meeting was the second one, with one more planned this Spring, and resuming again in the Fall.  It is hopeful a large part of the Business Community will be invited and attend these events in hope a good relationship is built and maintained with the Mayor.

I had never met Mayor Janice Jackson before today, and really enjoyed listening to her speak on the matters put to her.  I found her to be very positive about growth within our communities, as well as keeping the taxpayers tax dollars in mind with doing so.

I got home around 11 am, had myself some lunch, did the dishes and made the bed before heading back out to attend a Living a Healthy Life Workshop put on my the South West Self Management Program for 1 pm at the Wiarton Library.

This is a 6 week workshop for people with or caring for someone with a Chronic Condition, whether it be for Arthritis, Chronic Pain, or a Mental Health issue, just to name a couple.  The workshop is offered free.  Should anyone like anymore information on a future workshop you may do so by contacting South West Self Management at 1-855-463-5692.

Today's introduction was nothing I did not know already, as probably will be the case with the whole workshop, however I feel it is good for me to attend for validation of my own chronic pain issues, as well as knowing and meeting other people with the same or similar issues.  Even if I come away with one new learning tool I feel the one day a week for six weeks will be worth it.

We never stop learning.\

Can you believe Easter Weekend is only a week away from tomorrow?  hoping everyone has prepared themselves for it ....

Hahaha ! this was so cute I could not resist sharing it.

Tomorrow I have an appt. with a Neurologist, so we will see where that goes.  Not familiar with Fibromyalgia or its symptoms, please *click* HERE.

With a busy couple days behind me I have been getting the repercussions from them with pain from head to toe.  Hopefully I can sleep tonight and feel more rested for the day ahead of me tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

DISCLOSURE:  This is my personal daily journal with all opinions being my own and not affiliated with any organization I might belong to or be affiliated with.


  1. Hopefully your appointment goes well.

  2. I hope you appointment goes well too Cindy. Let us know how you get on.


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