Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Birthday Party !

Aiden, Connor, Bandit & I headed South this morning after 10:00 am.  Since I hadn't been feeling well I thought it best to go down and stay over night then travelling down and back all in one day.  This way Rob didn't have to have someone cover for him while we were gone, and he was around for the rest of our Aussie Crew.

Another good reason, after we decided, was since Briar's Birthday is this Sunday, March 8th, and Josh's is March 30th, we would have ourselves another Birthday Party !

Aiden & Connor are watching Netflix, which slows down the internet, which is giving me grief on uploaded photos and collaging them so I will just share three of the main highlights of today, and more tomorrow hopefully.

We arrived down to New Hamburg just after lunch time.  We loaded up all the kids between the two vehicles and headed over to McDonald's for lunch.

Yes all five kids, along with Liz and I managed to get seats close all together.  The kids at two tables and us at a table across from them.  They were very busy enjoying their lunches as you can tell by this photo.

After lunch we headed over to the Mennonite Thrift Store where I was able to get a couple of really nice tops for my Mom and a couple stuffie toys for the Aussies.  Then we headed back to the house where Liz put a Chicken and vegetables on for Dinner before we all went for a walk around the block.

We also had to slip out to go to the store so I could get a Birthday Cake for the other two March babies, Briar and Josh.

Nice job on the Cake we picked up from Sobey's.  I really liked how the blue and green looked nice together.

After a great Dinner we all enjoyed a piece of cake ....

... the looks of anticipation are always priceless, are they not?

After Dinner another walk around the block with the beds, and now settling down before it is time to call it a night.

Tomorrow morning Paul and Liz are heading out to work, while Aiden, Connor, Bandit and I head over to the bowling alley to meet up with Aiden and Connor's Mom, Holly.  The boys bowl at 9:30 am.  I am to meet up with my Great Nephew and his grandma at the Tim Hortons so Riley can drive back home to my brother's with me.

Before Riley and I head back home we will go back to the bowling alley to meet up with Holly and watch the boys bowl.  I have never seen them bowl so this should be fun for me.

Another big day ahead of me tomorrow before I return home, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Looks and sounds like all are busy and having fun . My boys used to 5 pin bowl when they were younger on a league as did I ! Lovely photos hey I am a March baby to next week ok well not a baby there are days I feel 90 more often then I care to admit lol ! Have a good time tomorrow and Happy First Day of Spring !

  2. There are a lot of fine people born in March...just saying!!

  3. That certainly is keeping you busy!


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