Saturday, 14 March 2015

Almost Ready

Another bombed out night of not sleeping well.  It was slow getting motivated this morning, but I finally managed after almost being up two hours.

This morning consisted of cleaning the dining & living rooms.  There is tons more to be done in this house that has been let go for the past few months when I was not well, however the light is at the end of my tunnel and slowly but surely I am headed towards it as each day passes.  Thank you for all the love and support from everyone.

Rob had a friend over today and they stocked up some wood back in the basement as it had been down to almost nothing.  There are still going to be some cold and/or damp days ahead before we even make it to Spring, or at least until Summer at the rate we have been going.

Today it rained, had pellets of ice, then huge snow flakes, and now snow with the winds having gotten up somewhat.  Yes it certainly has been a mixed bag of wintry weather.  The wood stove was "fired" up to keep the dampness from seeping into our bones, and will remain so until the warm weather comes our way again.

I left about lunch time on an errand downtown.  I also popped in to have a  coffee and visit with my girlfriend at her store.  There are times when those visits with each other always make us both feel better.  It is great to have friends to hash things over with at times, is it not?  different friends for different hash overs.  I have one friend who we can tell ANYTHING to each other, and that can more then likely end up in laughter many times ... *smile*  "MUMS the Word"

I just realized that March 2nd past has been 4 years to the day my girlfriend, Colleen, had been in a car accident together.  I have to admit my fear of Winter driving has diminished with time and not as bad as it had been the first couple of years after the accident.  I had recounted the whole ordeal HERE, and still do on occasion in my mind.

When I had been 28 years old I had been in an accident wherein a dump truck at pulled out in front of us when we were in the oncoming lane, safely passing the vehicles in front of us, or at least thinking we had been.  I still to this day have a fear of passing vehicles.  It had been a miracle we had hit the back tire of the truck otherwise we could have been decapitated.  Gruesome to think, but spared the reality and I do count my blessings.

It has been now 4 years since I began blogging ... and truly I don't think I have looked back.  I have made new friends, found out more about myself, about others and sincerely have enjoyed the past 4 years of blogging, even with the moments of feeling stale or just not feeling like it.  To me it has been therapeutic in more ways then one, as it is mine and nobody can take that away from me, and if they don't like what I journal about they have the choice to not be here to read about it.  A win win situation in all aspects as I see it for myself.

I also have been grateful for all the support from friends and family these past four years who have supported me without ever judging.  That has pretty much meant the most to me, and even for those who might have but have kept it to themselves, that has also been appreciated.

Well I can say now that I am almost ready for the arrival of our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor.  I am actually getting butterflies in my tummy as I have a whole week planned out for us !!!

YES I am HAPPY the boys are coming to stay with us for a whole week !!!  and yes I do love Pharrell William's song, Happy, do you as well?

I have a super busy happy day ahead of me so I have my fingers, toes, legs and eyes all crossed for a  good night sleep ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. you're going to have a great time with them,

  2. I cannot believe i have been bloggingsince 2006
    Now its a normal daily occurance as breathing

  3. It is very therapeutic isn't it. Hope you have a fabulous week with the kids!


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