Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Real Poopy Day

Yes today was a real poopy day, right from the get go.  First off I really didn't feel up to getting out of bed after a night of broken sleep, so that never starts a day off right, does it.

With Rob gone out the door first thing it became a revolving door with the Aussies, then the bathroom door with me.  I did not have the flu, but wherever I had went right through me all day until 3 pm.  Good thing I did not have to go out anywhere today until after 3 pm.

Portia is quite relaxed & I am thinking she is thinking she is the Queen of Sheba of the household.  Wouldn't these photos say that?

Yesterday my friends sister sent me a text to see if I would meet up with them for Dinner after an appointment they had.  Their appointment was to be at 3:15, so I said I would leave here at that time, as it was a drive over to Sauble Beach as we were going to meet at the Sauble Dunes Restaurant.  

Time to kill when I arrived in Sauble I took a few photos.

The famous "archway" onto the shoreline beach of Lake Huron.  The ice goes out much farther then the bare eye can see.

You have to love Sauble Beach's humour in the Winter months (these were on the side of closed for the Season stores).  A bit nostolgic out at the beach.

Keeping with the theme, Sauble Businesses, such as the Sauble Dunes Restaurant have adopted the pastel colours for their outside decor.  Love the colours such as these from days gone past.  What a deal for Seniors on Wednesday ?  Seniors Buffet for $7.99 !  and a Sunday Brunch for $12.99.  For more info & menus just *click* HERE.

I sat there thinking the girls would be arriving any moment.  After almost 3/4 hour my phone rang and it was Colleen.  When I had asked her where she was, she had said at home.  I find out her appointment was not until Friday, wherein all along I had assumed it had been today.  Damn, damn, triple damn, another "poopy" moment in my day.  Thank goodness Colleen had called before I had sat there any longer.

I returned home when I remembered I was to call Sears as our new Samsung clothes dryer was taking 2 hours to dry one set of bed sheets and a cover.  I first let three of our four Aussies out before I made the call.  The call to Sears ended up with a call made directly after to Samsung who looks after the warranty.  While downstairs giving the rep the model & SIN #'s, Buddy decided he wanted out.  

Yes I listened to the Samsung rep, and juggled to take Buddy out at the same time.  As I was walking out the door Rob had been there with the Tractor running.  I could barely hear, never mind holding on to an exuberant Buddy when he seen Rob, all the while trying to communicate with the rep on the phone.

Samsung call resulted into me putting a load of laundry in the washer, which is now in the dryer on "timed" dry with the rep calling back at 7:30 pm to see how it performed on that cycle so he could determine which sensor they were looking at.  

Not only was I having a "poopy" day I was feeling quite frustrated.  Oh yes I also made Rob a plate of French Toast for Dinner, and have taken the Aussies in and out a couple more times since.  

Our sweet Elizabeth send me some photos of all of them since they had Aiden and Connor this past weekend.

Everyone here in the photos except the oldest, who is Josh.  Briar, Chloe, Aiden and Connor bringing up the front.  Then our Paul & Liz.  The sun was obviously very bright by the looks of their eyes.

Aiden had made a bridge from Straws at school on the Friday, so on Saturday they all made a bridge(s).  What a great job they all did by the looks of these photos.

There have been three new videos posted on our Checkerboard Aussies' Facebook page, one very funny one of Rob and Bandit that I had taken last night.  Should you want to have a peek please do so by *clicking* HERE.

Here I sit waiting for the Samsung rep to call me back.  I am so frustrated with these high prices supposedly "High End" appliances that do not perform past 6 months of being new.  First my oven range, now the dryer !  Cheap cheap cheap "poopy" work with no quality control or quality period anymore.  Bring back the jobs with quality control !!!

Am I tired?  I most certainly am so.  Tomorrow is another day yet to come as I continue BIG breathes, nice slow and even (*smile*),  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. here's hoping tomorrow will be less "poopy!!"

  2. Well that was a "crappy" day! Lol

  3. What a COLD looking beach!! Can't wait for all the ice to disappear. I hope tomorrow is a better day!


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