Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Beautiful Day !

A very cold crisp morning but also an extremely beautiful beginning to the day.

Last night I had been speaking to Elizabeth.  She told me her and her cousin, who was going to be her Maid of Honour, were going shopping for Bridesmaid dresses today.  I so wanted to be part of it ... and expressed this to Rob.  He told me to phone her up to tell Liz I could go along.  We were all so excited !!!!

This morning I headed South down the highway to Liz and Paul's at 7 am.  I arrived in good time, but before I arrived Liz told me to brace myself .....

Mercedes' photo last Friday, and Mercedes' photo this morning ... YIKES !  Liz had taken her to the regular groomer for a "hair cut", but when they had picked her up last night she had been "shaved".  When they arrived back home the first thing the kids said was, "Grandma is going to be mad".  Hahaha.  Thank goodness it will grow back and she will look like an Aussie again, but in the meantime she will be freezing her butt off outside in the mornings, and she looks part Dalmation and Pitbull to me.  Still she is sweet and cute.

Liz and I were to meet her Cousin, Vivienne, at David's Bridal Salon in Cambridge at 11 am, and we were almost right on the minute when we arrived there.

We were all so excited, and I was so happy that I was able to go along with them today.  It really made my day !

We all were having so much fun the 2 1/2 hours were were there just flew by us... and we could have stayed longer if we hadn't had to get going.

After Vivienne had tried on a "few" selections, this one absolutely was "it" for all three of us.  The colour Liz chose will be Watermelon.  Liz loved this dress so much she found one in her size to try on herself.  Beautiful dresses for girls who are beautiful inside and out.

Once a dress was chosen for the "big" girls we went on to look at the ones for the "little" girls.  Liz will be going back down this Friday with Chloe and Briar for some fittings.  We had all liked this style below.

I had asked Liz is she was going to wear a veil.  She had thought maybe a hair clip with some very pretty bling, however I suggested while we were there, "what the heck, try some veils on".

The "perfect" veil had been found.  At the reception the veil can come off and the bling can stay in.  So very pretty to compliment the pretty girl who will be wearing it.

Just before we were going to leave I thought I would look at a couple dresses for the Mother of the Groom.

The second one I had tried on was the one all three of us loved.  As beautiful as it is, I can not justify spending $379.00 on a dress I will be only wearing for a few hours.  I am going to look at a couple more shops before I decide.

I wish I could go back down Friday, however I have two other commitments that same day.  It makes for a long day going down and back, however it had totally been worth taking pain meds and being tired, every second of it.

Liz and I had a quick, but very yummy, lunch at Meme's Cafe in New Hamburg.  We both enjoyed a Wrap with a small side Feta House Salad.  Should you ever be in New Hamburg, well worth the stop for lunch.

I had left for home a bit after 2:30, with one stop at Food Basics in Hanover I was home at 5 pm.

Tonight I am going to put my feet up, relax and watch The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Boy does Mercedes look different!

  2. I am sitting here with my mouth open looking at the photo of Mercedes. I wonder what she thought when she say herself in the mirror. Actually I am sitting here chuckling to myself, as I bet she had a few swear words to say!!

    Corinne got all the bridesmaid's dresses from David's Bridal and was very happy with them as was the girls. Love the colour.

    Sorry have to say it again, I can't get over poor Mercedes.........LOL

  3. We had that happen to our Miggs poor thing got shaved to close around her bum she was shafting every time she walked ! Never went back to that groomer again now she has a groomer that does her perfectly which she is going to next weekend !! Lovely dresses I hear you I don't by pricey cloths no matter how many time I wear them lol ! I am glad you all had a good time though . Lovely photos , thanks for sharing have a good day !


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