Friday, 6 September 2013

In Yet Another Tail-Spin

There must be something very catching this week, as I can not believe the amount of people I have heard comment on not getting a full night's sleep.  The only condolence I have gotten from this is the knowledge I am not alone in this World while I lye there for hours on end with useless processed information from the past going through my head, or things I have no control over changing.  *Sigh* such a waste of energy when my body should be getting some much needed sleep.

Regardless of how much sleep I had or didn't have the day still begins with or without it.

This morning Rob was home, as we had to head on over to the Owen Sound Hospital where he was scheduled for an Electrocardiogram.  Our Doctor is very thorough, so I think he was just "checking" everything is alright in there without there actually being any symptoms.  Rob is a wee bit on the overweight side, so he is probably making sure his heart can take the extra thirty ten pounds or so Rob has put on the past Year.

While Rob was over at the main hospital, I took myself over to the Rehab building, directly beside, to have myself a visit with Uncle Basil.  Visiting hours are set from 2 - 7 pm, however the staff was kind enough to let me visit after Uncle's breakfast until his first session at 9:30 am.  We had a pretty lengthy visit for about 1/2 hour or so.  Uncle is looking really good, and doing equally as good with his physio therapy at getting his right leg working proper again.

Once Uncle headed down the hallway, I headed back over to sit and wait for Rob's tests to be done.  He did show up and we were on our way around 10 am.  Off to Southampton we went so I could deposit him to work before coming back home.

In all this whirlwind of going here and there I had no breakfast, it being lunch time by the time I got back home.  I poured myself a bowl of cereal when the dogs started up as someone had pulled in the driveway.  Rob's cousin, Joyce, had came for a bit of a visit.  I sadly only had cereal to offer her, but she had herself a late breakfast already so I carried on with my own bowl.

Really I was happy for her visit as it had settled my thoughts from racing around my head so fast and I got to relax a bit before carrying on with what else had to be taken care of this day.

After Joyce's visit, I got to faxing some papers down to our Insurance Broker, then took off downtown to drop off something to my friend, Abby at the Wiarton Farmer's Market, then over to the Wiarton Chamber to drop off another item there.  Run, run, run ....

Back home again late day to more phone calls with the Insurance Broker.  I even managed to get about half of the bathroom finally cleaned today, with only the floors needed washed in there left to do.

Finally after 4 pm I got our Dinner put together and into the Oven by 4:30.  Rob came home and we managed to sit down together to eat before 5:30 this evening.  That was early for us this week.

Meatloaf you say? not just any Plain Jane Meatloaf, this was a Meatloaf made from Venison (thanks Uncle Basil).  BBQ Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Dijon Mustard, diced Onion, Bread Crumbs and then you have a very moist flavourable meal 1 hour later, that is lovely and lean.

Yes Venison ground most certainly is not as fatty as beef ground.  Truly it was very good, and far from gamey tasting.

I have taken it upon myself to "try out" the Weight Watcher's Point System to loose weight.  Since I have not stuck to any kind of exercise program, as much I would like to, with being so busy with this Crabby Cabbie business seemingly more then ever, I thought I would begin watching what and how much I put into my mouth.

As everyone well knows when one is happy, sad, tired, angry, or otherwise emotional, that these same emotions can cause us at times to stick food in our mouths without realizing what we are doing.  Hopefully by counting my points every day, and recording them in a little book, I will be more accountable for my eating habits then being total out of control as I have been the past few months.

I am happy to report the 5 lbs I put on the 5 days I had been down in Nova Scotia while eating my way back to Ontario, I have lost all 5 since returning home.  Since I started "counting" points a few days ago, I am down another 2 lbs.

Wish me luck as I will need all I can get ... especially when I go past a bunker offering Ice Cream.

Unhappily I do not think I will be frequenting the Ice Cream Counters in Wiarton at Lloyd's Smoke Shop, nor at Northern Confections as much as I was, if at all any more.  It might be the "odd" container of low fat Frozen Yogurt in my home freezer from here on in.

Yes I was busy today with this, this and that, finding myself in yet another tail-spin.  I am weary and patiently waiting until it is the last out and about with the Aussies tonight so I can "hit the sack" early, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oooohhh the meatloaf sounds good!!!....Similar to the moose meatloaf I had up in Shawanaga this past weekend!!

  2. What's wrong with plain Jane ...that's me!
    I've not slept for three nights,and now I'm you think it's the change in seasons why we are all not sleeping?

  3. Hi Cindy~ Your meatloaf sounds wonderful....I love meatloaf.... Let me know how the Weight Watchers point system works for you, I have wanted to lose my extra lbs for awhile now:) As far as not sleeping goes, I am tired as heck during the day but I'm up all's getting old! Have a great weekend~Lynn

  4. Sounds like a tasty meal, Cindy!

    I haven't really gotten a good night's proper sleep in a long while, but I think that's the grieving process at play.

    1. I am sorry William, I hope the healing comes soon for you.


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