Thursday, 5 September 2013

I LOVE Them !

It has been another long day for myself and Rob.  I was awake well before 5 am, with the two of finally getting up about 6 am.  Rob was staying home this morning as we had an appointment at 10 am.

It is getting more difficult with each passing Year to find Insurance Companies who will take on Taxis as a "Risk", since there are so many claim incidents in the large cities.  We were receiving a new quote for our Crabby Cabbie Business and the company had asked that an inspector come out to meet us to see our vehicles and discuss, in person, how we operate our business.

Our meeting lasted maybe just over an hour.  The Inspector called in his report to the Insurance Company, as not to hold up things any more longer then necessary.  The meeting had been a success and were were taken on by the Insurance Company.  In this respect we are ready to carry on with Business for another Year.

Some people have no idea the "behind the scenes" of how some, or most, businesses run or the overhead they have.  Not as easy as it all looks from the outside looking in at times.

My Cousin Todd also dropped in afterwards.  It was nice to see him again, as it is a rare occurrence with us living where we do, and him with his work.  Once Todd left, Rob got ready and headed down to work to take over from our driver who had been covering for him while we had our meeting.

I took off directly downtown to the Bank, then head North of the Checkerboard to my Doctors to get my "shot in the arm".  I changed up my appointment to today so I could address something else tomorrow morning.  

I never got home until later this afternoon, and then had been on the phone finishing up some loose ends with our Insurance Broker.  Our Insurance Provider has to been one of the most considerate hard working individuals I think we have ever had working on our behalf.  Truly it is quite enlightening to know there are still such people out there that care to do their best job for others.  Rob and I have been very appreciative of her in every respect and then some.

I had a load of dark clothes that also need my attention to get out on the clothesline this afternoon.  I sure hope they dry tomorrow, as they are going to be left out there tonight.

Our local Foodland Store had Fall Garden Mums on sale for $5.99 this past week.  I was happy to pickup two "full" pots for the front of the house.  Have to love when there is colour about the house from Spring to Fall.

When picking Yellow Beans yesterday I noticed the plants had been dying.  Then I noticed this white gunky stuff on the stems and leaves.  I have never seen this happen before in all the years I have planted vegetable gardens.  Any idea what causes this fungus type yuck?  Needless to say the bean plants are dying very quickly.

The wall of Sunflowers we have been planting the last couple of years at the West edge of the garden to help block the prevailing Westerly Winds are like Beacons over the garden.  I do LOVE them.

I am not the only one who loves Sunflowers,  for their beauty, as do the Bees for the nectar and later the Birds for their seeds.

Tonight's Dinner was easy and quick as we both had a leftover Sausage on a Bun.  Rob, garlic pork and I, Italian Turkey sausage.  Afterwards we had to go down to meet a lady where Rob purchased a Balance Band.  Rob had the opportunity to try a friend's Balance Band for a few days last week.  After he had returned the band he noticed a real difference with his pain heightening again.  He purchased his own this evening from Linda Bridge, a Representative here in Wiarton, at 519-534-5710.

To learn more about Balance Bands, please check them out at the following link:

Would anyone believe me that I only had time to barely clean 1/8th of my bathroom today?  I have high hopes to do more at home tomorrow then I managed to accomplish today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I ran my own cleaning business for offices years ago and believe me the behind closed door part of the business is no fun , paper work galore , clients to please and listen to when in a bad mood and so on !! Glad those days are over for me ! Our sunflowers are looking pretty sorry for them selves as it has bee quite chilly at nights here ! Tonight it is to get down to 6°C feel like 3 °C . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. Those sunflowers look great and I don't think I have seen such large Garden Mums - what a bargain.

  3. Love both the sunflowers and the mums, lovely fall colours to go along with the cooler weather.

  4. Sunflowers are always a way to brighten up the day. I do like them.


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