Tuesday, 17 September 2013

First Frost !

FROST !  there was a heavy frost on the ground when I looked out our windows this morning.  Really? is it not too early for there to be FROST???   Summer has not ended yet, has it???

Early this morning out with the Aussies I took in the Frost on the Roses.  It is amazing how hardy they are when we think they are otherwise so delicate.

I ventured further out back into the Vegetable Garden to take in the Dill, Leeks & Pumpkins.  I am afraid I might have lost the tomatoes, but hoping there might be something to salvage as I have not but a small pony basket so far ... the Sedum is an absolute gorgeous "pink".

How did my day continue on ..... my morning was busy with "Crabby Cabbie" calls, when I on occasion need to "fill in", as my dear Crabby Cabbie Rob was out of town, and our Driver John had covered Saugeen Shores for him today.

My afternoon?  I felt like a vegetable as I had been so tired with laying in bed awake most of the whole night through.  Yes this Thursday coming is a Full Moon, so this has to be the answer to all the craziness in our sleep patterns the last few evenings.

Who didn't LOVE *Creedence Clearwater Revival*?  I sure was rockin' out to CCR in the 70's, this I know.

Late today I had to take the Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" van into the mechanics to leave for it to have a couple things checked out on it.  We like to keep on top of any little noise we can as soon as we can to try to avoid any bigger problem occurring.  We drive our vehicles with care as they need to last us, and will if they are cared for and driven properly they will last longer then if we didn't.

Once back home, I had some mushrooms I had bought on discount the other day that needed attending to.

Into the fry pans they went, now cooling on the counter to be bagged up and put in the freezer for future stews, soups and sauces.  Handy dandy when prices rise in the upcoming Winter months.

I almost forgot about the Fresh Attitude Salad I had purchased a couple weeks ago at our local Foodland, which had some pretty yucky spinach in it until the mail arrived yesterday.

Veg Pro was good to their word by sending me out a Gift Card for Foodland to cover the cost of the salad, and a bit extra with it being in the amount of $10.00.  The original cost of the salad had been $5.49.  I am always happy when the Customer Service excels within a company and they stand behind their products 100%.  Too bad all companies did not follow suit, is it not?

I think the fatigue is getting the best of me with a headache coming on and my neck giving me much grief.  It is time to wrap up my day shortly by taking out the Aussies for their last out and about for the day, then calling it a day myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Take your rest while you can get it.

    It's that time of year. I started out this morning with a pullover sweater over my shirt and a leather jacket. By afternoon, I was carrying the jacket around.

  2. Yikes that frost thing.....not a fan:) to early. Hug B

  3. We had frost too. All the squash vines are toast now.

  4. Hi Cindy~ I loved CCR:) I still don't know sing the words right ♫There's a bathroom on the right♫ lol Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines


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