Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Race Is Almost On !

Today was another extremely busy day with me feeling a bit overwhelmed throughout most of it.  No matter how overwhelmed we might feel some days, we always manage somehow to get to the end of the day still all in one piece physically, but maybe a little "off" mentally some days.

This morning was spent trying to get a bit organized with more Crabby Cabbie paperwork, after I had been downtown to setup the Crabby Cabbie draw for Wiarton Wednesdays.  Once I had accomplished a wee bit of this and that I headed back downtown around lunchtime to have lunch with my friend, and hand out Wiarton Wednesday flyers for about 1/2 hour beforehand.

This afternoon?  a wee bit of cleaning and decluttering some (more) paperwork.  Paperwork really can get overwhelming in itself some days, never mind the rest to go along with it.

Late afternoon I headed back downtown Wiarton to take some photos for the Wiarton Facebook page.

Before packing up the Crabby Cabbie draw, it was brought to my attention the Peninsula MultiSport Race is going to be happening this upcoming weekend.  This will be its 3rd Annual, and it has grown in leaps and bounds since its very first Race, according to organizer, Leigh Grigg of Grigg Sport Strategies.

Here is Leigh checking out the Race Participant's shirts done by Wiarton RAM Trophies & Sportswear, and supplied by its Sponsors.  It was Size XL, so it was great Dr. Barker happened by to model one for us.  Such a good "sport".

This will be the Event to follow this weekend.  Check it all out by *clicking* HERE.

I am happy today is done, as my allergies have been flaring a bit today effecting my breathing and my left ear being congested to the point I can barely hear out of it.  On the flip side it turned out to be a beautiful weather day with the 80% Thunderstorms they had predicted not happening !

Tomorrow is a new day ahead that I am happily looking forward to, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Love the muscle pose from Dr. Barker! Tell him the next time you see him that I think he's a real hottie!! ;)

    Glad you're feeling better, too!

  2. So how come you are not participating in a race? :) Considering how much you run every day, you'd totally win :)


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