Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The First Time This Year ...

... I headed out to the Keady Market this morning just before 8 am.  Need to get there as early as possible before the crowds get to rowdy.  Before I left Rob told me to come outside and bring my camera.

Mama Robin was chirping it up pretty good, as one of her puffy babies had fallen, or been pushed, from its nest.  It was fearless and never moved a fraction while I took the photos.  By the time I had returned home, baby and Mama had been gone.  Wonder if the Mama can lift them back up into the nest or not?  Hmmm... I wonder.

It was a beautiful Summer day.  Quite the perfect day to be going to a local outdoor Market.

I only bought a bunch of radish, some green onions and a new wallet for Rob.  We walked the whole market as the colours were most pleasing to the eye.  Lots of other interesting things to see once we had also sauntered down Antique Alley.

There was even a familiar face, as Laura was there with all her totally awesome preserves.  Entertainment?  Scottish, Celtic, Jazz and even Palm Reading.  

It was a good market day, and we were not even trampled or ran over once.

It was after the Lunch hour by the time I got back home.  After a quick bite to eat I had to, once again, attend to some Crabby Cabbie business.  I think I am permanently "stuck" with that Crabby Cabbie guy and his business that always needs attending to.

Rob and I had to head down get my Winter vehicle Rob had gotten me changed over into our name and plated at our Service Ontario office.

Hadn't even pulled out of our driveway to see this poor guy trying to re-load a window or door.  As we drove by we noticed one of the straps on the back had broke.  Not a nice place for something like this to happen on a curve of a Hwy., but could have been worse if it had hit another vehicle, so really it was all good.

I was thinking today how fortunate we are to have a Service Ontario Office located at the South side of Wiarton.  Sure saves the drive into Owen Sound, especially for the people way up on the tip the Peninsula in Tobermory.

Rob had been working on a couple of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles this morning.  Was Bandit a help?

Ha !  Bandit decided he was going to claim the van seats sitting out on the grass by "marking" them as his.  Oops .... Rob was not amused, but if you *click* on the photo you will see the big "grin" Bandit was giving him, as much to say, "Sorry Dad, didn't mean to pee on your seat".  Really gotta love that boy and his pearly whites ! 

Late afternoon arrived with me finding myself making Potato Egg Salad for our Dinner.  Before Dinner I took in a bit of the beauty in our gardens.

The Wedding Clematis is putting on another beautiful show-off this Summer.

Another day behind me, with a brand new page to turn tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy, I thought I'd bump into you today at the SMART recertification but BJ said you were taking a breather...missed you :-) Really enjoyed your photos of the baby robin, and your hollyhocks...what a fantastic colour. Take care,
    Lotte H.

  2. Luv your pictures, Cindy! Looking at them reminds me that I have to make the most out of summer as fall is only a month and a day away.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. The robin was a fledgling,no doubt pestering Mum all day preferring to eat than fly.
    Jane x
    Jacob says "way to go Bandit! that's what I would do"

  4. Awww, that's a late baby isn't it?
    Did you ever find out what all the police action was about?
    CRAZY busy around this house lately. I'll tell all in the coming days.

  5. Bandit!!!!!

    Time for the little robin to get out and about flying. Looks like he's about set for it...

    And that is a busy market.


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