Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Long Overdue Fun Visit

This morning was a nasty start first thing to my day.  My head felt as if it was going to explode with Sinus pain so bad I was prepared to remove my head from the rest of my body.  T-2's, Nasal Spray, and an allergy pill barely gave me any relief, or should I say no relief instantly.

I managed to get two load of laundry in the washer, and hung out on the line before my niece, Joanne, came for a long overdue visit today.  It has been difficult to get together with her work schedule and me either being busy, or not feeling well.  Despite the pain I was in first thing be damned if I was going to cancel our visit today.

By the time Joanne arrived for our "lunch date" the pain had somewhat subsided.  

"Lunch was, once again, amazing at the Green Door Cafe, downtown Wiarton.  Joanne and I both had the "special" which was a Barbecued Wrap with choice of side, we both choose a Caesar Salad.  Lunch this good for less then $10.00, tax included; who could turn such a yummy fare down.

Joanne and I did the whole downtown circuit from one store to the next.  I hadn't been in one of my most favourite stores for quite some time and thought what a good time to drop on in at ....

The "Cluttered Cupboard", located directly behind Wiarton's Main Street, up behind Sadler's Home Hardware Store.  It is a store you would not want to miss going to if you happen through Wiarton.  Uniqueness is something you will find in new, antique, or re-purposed items within the walls of The "Cluttered Cupboard".

Where to find The "Cluttered Cupboard"?  *Click* HERE, or should you have a Facebook Account, *click* HERE.  You will not be disappointed.

After ducking into stores here and there downtown Wiarton, we enjoyed a Homemade Ice Cream Cone at Lloyd's Smoke Shop, then mosied up the South Hill to "our" favourite house that is getting a long, long overdue face lift by owners who purchased it 30 years ago or so for their retirement home (hope I have that information correct).

This home certainly must have been, and will be again, quite magnificent.  The South half of the roof has been re-done in Cedar shakes, as well as the Turret.  I would LOVE to have a tour inside this home, before and after the renovations.  Wouldn't that be something?  I think I will do some digging to see maybe if this could happen.

Walking back North way down the hill towards where my Van was parked in front of the Pet Store, how could we not go in?

Beside the "rescue" kittens, the store has some new Lop Ear Bunnies.  The Brown/White one is a female and is expecting some baby bunnies soon.  I will have to drop around again when she has them to see how sweet they are.

It was a wonderful fun filled afternoon today.  Joanne left back for her home after 5 pm.  Our Dinner has long been over with, the laundry has been collected from the clothes line, and now I wait until it is time to tuck myself into my bed with hopes this dreaded Sinus headache that has returned will leave me again soon, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You are one amazing lady! With a headache like this, I would never do the laundry! More than likely, I would hide somewhere in a dark corner....

    1. me too - I don't know how you manage so much with your health problems.

    2. I put up with the pain and live, and try not to show those days I do not manage well, Susan. I am trying to live my pain instead of it living me.

  2. Cindy have you ever tried acupuncture? I am seeing a Traditional Chinese medical practitioner for some currently and he told me most of his clients have fibromyalgia and /or headaches! I was there for neither but found him very knowledgeable( and he's in Bruce county!)

    1. Yes I did; this is how I found out I had Fibro; this man has been practicing for over 25 years with physio & acupunture. Acupunture has almost sent me right over the edge with the pain it has caused. I also have gone to pain management for shots that has cause me more stress as well.

  3. Although a few days late.... THANK YOU for sharing about our store here on your blog!! :)

  4. In terms of when you're having sinus problems, have you tried sleeping sitting up? In an easy chair?


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