Monday, 26 August 2013

50% Off ! Happy People ! Beauty !

That was some Thunderstorm we had go through our "neck of the woods" last night.  There was an amazing Lightening Show at 4 am if anyone cared to take it in as I had.  6 am arrived with me up getting a coffee into me, updating our Facebook pages, then hitting the shower, leaving the Aussie's needs to Rob this morning, as .....

Vicki and I had been out the door before 8 am as we wanted to check out the new Value Village in Owen Sound who were having a 50% off Sale today.  First impressions on entering the store was how bright, clean and airy it had been with lots of room between the aisles.

The Customer Service experiences we had been totally amazing.  Vicki and I had been through the doors right at 9 am opening.  By the time we were ready to "check out" it had almost been 11 am with the store having had filled up with lots of Shoppers there taking advantage of the Savings from the 50% Sale.

I was a happy person today as I was able to go shopping with my girlfriend, Vicki, and then my girlfriend, Toni with an "i" was able to meet up with us for lunch afterwards at Wendys.  Two other happy people had been our husbands, Rob & Doug, as they both were the ones who had benefited from our Value Village shopping spree this day.  Lucky guys ! look at the size of those bags.  I had spent $51.42, a savings of 50% and Vicki, purchased at least $35.00 worth.  We were pretty happy shoppers this day.

When we got home, Vicki took to their trailer, while Rob and I had ourselves a coffee before heading downtown Wiarton to do our banking.  We weren't barely back home when it was time to get our Dinner going.  Before leaving I had put Pork Back Ribs, thanks to Vicki and Doug, in the New Crock Pot I had gotten at the Garage Sale this past Saturday (the Smart Program one with all the bad reviews if anyone remembers).

I headed out into the garden to get some beets, as I was cooking them up, along with the greens to go with the Stuffed Zucchini I was also making for our Dinner.  

Dinner was Simply Delish !!!  What more is there to say other then the Ribs were falling off the bones, the Stuffed Zucchini was grilled to perfection, and the Beets and Greens were melt in your mouth.

By the way, this first slow cooked meal I made in the Rival SMART Program Crock Pot turned out to be a winner !  I was more then pleased with its performance, and hopefully for many more meals hereafter it continues to be the same.

Since the weather had turned out most beautiful this afternoon with the rain having gone from the skies, we decided to go out on the bikes after we had cleaned up from Dinner.  

Doug wanted to go somewhere to have an Ice Cream Cone.  Off to Sauble Beach we headed.  I left Doug, Vicki and Rob behind at the Dairy Queen while I walked the 2 blocks down to the beach to Scoopers, as I am really not too much of a fan of Soft Ice Cream.

The funny thing about going for ice cream was that Vicki and I had stopped downtown Wiarton on our way home from shopping at Lloyd's Smoke Shop to have each a Homemade Ice Cream Cone.  Shhh... we never did tell the guys.  Just a wee bit of guilty tinges I am sure, but not as much as the load I am certain my hips are feeling after two ice cream cones in one day !!!

While I was waiting for the others to come down to the beach front to collect me, I enjoyed watching the setting Sun.  Lake Huron absolutely has some of the best Sunsets the World has ever seen.

Once the Sun begins its decent, it is not long before it is gone ...


We truly have so much beauty in our every days, do we not?  Whatever "bad" day we might find ourselves having, I am certain there can always be found one "good" thing in that whole day.

My girlfriend, Brenda called me tonight.  I had not spoken to her since before they had left on a 2 year stint to Ethiopia.  We chatted it up for over a good half hour, but being as tired as I am, and my blog post still having to be done I had to let her go with promises we would get together soon for tea and catch up more at that time.

I am tired, and tomorrow brings another busy day for me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. glad you're happy with your new slow cooker, your supper looks yummy.

    We had nasty thunderstorms for a lot of the day yesterday. Finally cleared up around 3 pm-ish.


  2. The storms were bad weren't they? Today we have thick fog,but at least it's not raining!
    Jane x

  3. Awesome sunset pics!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  4. I heard from someone who lives at Lake Charles that the lightening just went on all night. So glad we were still in Penetang where the storm was mostly over by nighfall, although it rained throughout the night. We had been up to Beausoleil and around the 3 ports where the Tall Ships were in the afternoon and it was a beautiful day, many, many boats at Beausoleil. However, after we got to the marina and were safely tied up, the winds picked up, the sky blackened and the boats came rushing back to the marinas in the bay. Not nice to be out there with the wind and lightening.
    So happy that you had success with your crock pot. Ribs look so yummy. Here's hoping you continue to enjoy meals from it for many years.
    Alice J.

  5. You really are in and out all day!

    I'd prefer ice cream from a proper shop to that of a franchise anyway...


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