Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winter Has Entered The Building In Bruce County !

What a blustery Winter day this has turned out to be.  One minute you can barely see out the window, then almost the very next it is clear as a bell.  Snow and high winds has made their way into Bruce County, and we have been getting a Winter blast since early this morning.

"One minute it is this ...... "

"..... then it is that."

"Then from this again ..... "

".... back to that it goes within minutes."

I  most certainly hope the wind dies down a bit tonight for when my "Crabby Cabbie" is out tonight, and stop going from this to that, as I do worry about him when he is out and about.

Today the VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) exercise program began again for the 2012 Year this morning.  I decided I would like to go, even if it was to sit there and participate from a chair, as I still am not feeling 100% yet to start doing aerobics, however light it might be.  I am glad Rob drove me in and I did go participate, as it felt good to get out to see and talk to the girls.

It really did lift my spirits by going, and I still had fun participating from the sidelines on a chair.  Any movement is better then no movement, so even if exercise has to be done from a chair, you are still moving and still doing your body a favor by keeping active, so don't think your not.  Any effort is a great effort !!!

I had decided yesterday I was going to make Chicken Parmesan, that I had thought I was going to make last week but ended up trying the Slow Cooker Chicken Ranch recipe instead.  I usually try to plan what I am going to have the day before so I can have something out thawing in the fridge overnight.

"Oven Ready."

"Oven Finished."

"Yum ... all ready to be consumed along with cauliflower and our very own garden potatoes."

The recipe I use is my Auntie Gerry's recipe, and is about the easiest one I have ever came across.  Anyone liking to try it for themselves, here it is:

Easy Chicken Parmesan Chicken

6-8 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1. Dip in a mixture of 2 tsp water, Salt/Pepper & 2 eggs2. Dip in mixture of 1 cup bread crumbs & 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Spray baking dish ( I used a small roaster)

3. Place chicken, after dipping in egg & crumbs into baking dish. Cover with mozzarella slices & 1 - 213 ml tin tomato sauce (1 cup) (I used flavored tomato sauce)

4. Bake @ 350 covered for 1/2 hour or longer; uncover and continue baking until cheese

Not only is it easy, it is good too !

I have been having a "hankering" for a Mac & Cheese Casserole lately.  I have Chicken Thighs out to make a pot of Big Batch Chicken Soup tomorrow, maybe I will also make a casserole to have for our Dinner.  Sounds like a plan to me .... now will I have a crusty or plain topping on the casserole?  Decisions, decisions there will always be, will there not?

I do not knit.  Both my sisters knit, why could I have not learned.  I just have never seemed to get  it right on the many times I have attempted over the years.  Oh I can knit a scarf, but that is as far as it goes, and even then I don't know how to cast off to finish it .... hopeless I say, hopeless !  LOL

I do admire knitting, and people who do knit.  I came across, what I thought to be pretty cool, was a pattern for a knitted laptop.  Just because I don't knit doesn't mean I don't share, so share the link for this knitted laptop pattern I will do as follows:

I hope someone out there has a use for such a pattern, as I really do think it was pretty unique and nice looking.

Oh yes, I do follow We Are Pet Nation on Facebook, as they choose a Pet of the Day every day from what I am sure zillions of photos they must receive every day.

At the end of each month, WAPN takes all the Pet of the Day photos and compiles them all together into a making a video.  It just so happens our very own "Checkerboard Aussie", Miss Lexus, made the December video with her "Reindeer" attire on.  See if you can pick her out in the following video:

Once again, I can not thank We Are Pet Nation more then enough for being there for all of us Pet Lovers.  Not on Facebook?  Then just pop on into their website at the following link and check them out for yourself, as they are all about the Pet Lover and their Pet !

If you are on Facebook, just pop right on over to the We Are Pet Nation page, and "like" their page, so you too can see each and every one of their Pet of the Day, or even send them a picture of your own pet to have featured !

Ohhhh, that was pretty much my day, other then I did do one load of laundry and have it hanging on the clothes horse in front of the woodstove drying, and a sink load of dishes from our Dinner that are now all done up.

Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes have all been outside for a run recently, with Mercedes now asleep at my feet, so I think I will stay "hunkered" in until I am needed again to venture outside of my door, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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