Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy Six Month Birthday Missy Mercedes !

Today little Missy Mercedes is six months old .......

"She is certainly getting to be a big girl now, is she not?  Happy 6 month old Birthday, Mercedes !"

 "Our outing first thing this morning .... it certainly does not look like the 12th of January, now does it?

I had decided against doing the Chicken Parmesan for lunch, trying a new slow cooker recipe instead:

Slow Cooker ~ Bacon Ranch Chicken 

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 tbsp real bacon bits
1tsp minced garlic
1pkg ranch dressing mix
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
egg noodles

Combine bacon, garlic, ranch dressing mix, soup, and sour cream; mix well. Pour over chicken in the crock pot. Cook on high 3-4 hours. Then shred the chicken and put back in the pot and add the egg noodles; mix together

Rob rated the dish a 9 out of a 10.  I personally found the Ranch to be a little on the overpowering side, thinking to use only 1/2 the 28g pkg. of Ranch Dressing/Dip next time.

"From start to finish ...... "

"While I was waiting for our Dinner to cook, I folded all the tissue and Christmas bags up.  Now they are all ready to be put into the closet for Christmas 2012 !"

"Before I had started our Dinner, Rob had to take me downtown to our local Foodland store to pickup the Ranch Dressing and Sour Cream for the recipe.  I found a "great" buy on the veg/fruit discount rack for a whole bags of pears for a whooping .99 cents !  I love fruit, so they were quickly added to my cart.  What a great find today !"

Other then cleanup from after lunch, this has pretty much been the total of my whole day.

I am feeling very  poorly today, and really quite exhausted, even after my very best endeavors of "taking it pretty easy" yesterday.  I had thought my fingertips were getting better from the swelling, but apparently not so, as this morning they started paining and swelling again.   Ummmm.... not too sure what is going on there.  Will have to wait it out and see what happens.

Tomorrow morning I have a trip up to Lion's Head to get my weekly allergy shot, as I have missed out on this the past couple of week, as well as a trip into Owen Sound to the afternoon appointment with the Specialist, Dr. Mark Newton.

There is a very brisk wind coming out of the East today, with the Weather Network making promises of a Storm front heading in.  I am so hoping it isn't too bad for my "Crabby Cabbie" to be out in tonight, as I do worry so about him ....... I am a worrier, so what further do I need to say?

I am not sure when I will be back on next, as I might be too tired tomorrow after my day to even "think" about "blogging".  I am off for now, as I make myself ready for my new found friend, "The Couch", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. ah Mercedes my favorite puppy! She is such a good girl.That reduced rack at foodland is great1Got a nice spagetti squash there yesterday only $.49 ,so great for eating healthy!


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