Friday, 13 January 2012

A Happy Friday the 13TH Day It Is !

Friday the 13th, 2012 ..... ooohhhh, am I scared?  NOT !!!   Friday the 13th days are usually one of my better days, as they roll around.  Does one think maybe it is a state of mind we put ourselves, to be weirded out by a Friday the 13th Day ?  LOL  ....

"Out first thing this morning was most certainly a change from how it was yesterday morning."

Since I had taken Chicken Broth from the freezer yesterday, I had to get it used up by putting a soup together this morning.

"I got myself organized after a bit, and began the progress of "getting" it all together, chopped up, and then into the pot for all to "sweat" before adding the Chicken Broth and simmering to a wonderful doneness."

While the veggies and broth were simmering away, I placed 4 large bone-in chicken breasts into the oven to cook.  Chicken for a new recipe I am going to try out tomorrow, with the remainder into the "soup" pot.

"Once my Crabby Cabbie had some sleep, until at least the lunch hour, we took leave and headed out for my 2:30 appointment with the Specialist in Owen Sound.  Just a "tad" blustery, but nothing at all too serious."

"We arrived to my appointment in quite a timely matter, and were directly ushered right in to await Dr. Newtown."

We waited not long until Dr. Newton came in and introduced himself.  He asked me how things had been going with me from the time I had realized I had first become ill.  The verdict is "I have un-treated pneumonia".  Umm, really, can you imagine that !  I just suppose this is why I have remained so tired, weak and still have a pain in my right lung?  So happy to finally have a "verdict" in on all of this !

Dr. Newton seemed extremely displeased when I had told him I was sent home from the ER, when I had been just after Christmas, with a "you will just have to ride the bad  bug out".  He was very surprised I hadn't ended up in the Hospital !!!

After sending me down for yet another xray, I came back to the little cubicle for him to relay that "indeed the pneumonia is still present and invading my lungs.".  We parted ways, with him giving me a "strong" antibiotic that is to be taken once a day for seven days, and an appointment set for two weeks time for another xray and a revisit with him at the same two week date/time.

I was very very impressed with Dr. Newton.  His bedside manner was impeccable;  he was forward, informative and straight way to the point, leaving no lingering grey areas to be suspicious of.  I look forward to returning to see this Doctor in the two weeks allotted time.

By the time we got home, it was after the four o'clock hour, whereas I rushed to get Rob a bit of lunch together for him to take along to work, and settled in myself by de-boning the chicken breast, putting enough away for tomorrow's recipe, with the remainder going into the soup pot.  
After making a couple of phone calls to family members, who had been awaiting news of my appointment, I finally settled myself in with a bowl of homemade soup and a cup of coffee.

I am happy to now think the new medication will start doing its "magic", and I will hopefully start feeling better and regain some strength once again.  I hate feeling so exhausted and weakened all the time.  It truly has seemed like a very long haul to me these past couple of weeks ....... I will be glad when it is all over with.

I had a "wonderful" unexpected phone call from a friend just the other day, telling me I am like a "firecracker" going at both ends and finally "exploding" in the middle !  LOL, let me "Tell the World", I am going CRAZY laying around like I have been, and totally can't wait until I can get out about and around to terrorize everyone and everything as soon as possible !!!  Thanks Beverly, I always enjoy a phone call coming from your way !!!

The promised snow of the past couple of days, was and is still coming down pretty steady at times ....

"This picture was taken shortly after I had arrived back home this afternoon.  The snow is starting to accumulate, little by little ..... I hope it doesn't get too heavy later on, as I always worry about my dear "Crabby Cabbie" out driving around in not so desirable weather, especially throughout the evening and wee hours of the morning."

I am looking forward to trying a new recipe tomorrow, which I had come across earlier today, for a Broccoli Braid which appealed to me after I had read it.  Really, and to think I have all the ingredients for it on hand as well !  I am so very impressed with this fact.

This was how my Friday the 13th went with good news knowing I STILL have pneumonia, but now have NEW MEDS that should start looking after the infection, along with the thoughts of ENERGY being returned in the days ahead ..... oh I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY about this !!!

With this all behind me, I am thinking I will just take it easy the remainder of the evening, and look forward to my tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. UGH!! I'm so glad you saw a dr. that actually KNOWS what he's talking about and you can finally start to heal!! That happened to my husband before as well! Feel better soon, i`ll send up a prayer for you!! (((hugs)))

  2. So glad you were able to get into a real DR. It's a wonder you weren't sicker than you already are with the ER Dr poo pooing you back home. Your soup looks sooo good, just what you need along with the meds to get you back on your feet, take some time to heal!! Prayers and hugs for you.

  3. glad you saw a doctor that is going to do something about the situation.

    Just a sprinkling of snow here as well, but flipping cold.

    Stay out of the cold and take it easy,



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