Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Bad, The Good, And Getting Through It All

The "bad" is I started breaking out into hives Sunday evening, along with having the ends of my three fingertips on my left hand swell to such a point of pain and discomfort it has been making sleep unbearable the past couple of nights.

Antihistamine took care of the hives, however not the intense swelling of the fingertips.

I discontinued all medications yesterday afternoon, placing a call into my Doctor's office this morning.

My Doctor's office did call me back this afternoon.  Conclusion:  My Doctor is changing the antibiotic medication, thinking this is what was causing all the extra discomfort.  However, I am to remain on the Prednisone and continue with plenty of liquids.  Maybe by tomorrow, Rob will be able to go down to our Pharmacy for the new antibiotic prescription the good Doctor has ordered for me.

The "good" is I heard from the Specialist's office this morning.  I have an appointment with Dr. Mark Newton this Friday at the Owen Sound Hospital's Ambulatory Care Unit.  I am anxious to go see about the results from my CT Scan, and hear his "take" on what has been going on with my lungs, as I have yet to hear anybody's "take" on what has been going on in there.

"Getting through it all"..... life does have to go on, so this morning I did make the Black Bean and Feta Salad.

"Before I got started on the salad I had to send Rob outside to get some fresh parsley, as the recipe called for 1/4 cup.  Can you believe it is the 10th of January, and we are still gathering "fresh" parsley from the Herb Garden?  Amazing !"

"Got the pork chops and the sauerkraut started up and going in the Slow Cooker first off."

"Here we go, all ready with all the necessary ingredients at hand to get it all going.  Black Beans drained and rinsed, all else ready to be squeezed, minced and diced accordingly."

"All done up ready to be refrigerated whilst the Pork Chops continue cooking in preparation for our noontime Dinner.  The recipe makes a "substantial" amount, as this is in my largest Pyrex bowl."

"Dinner is "served" to fit a King and Queen.  Pork chops smothered in sauerkraut, steamed broccoli, Black Bean & Feta Salad."

I must say, we really did enjoy the salad, and I would think it is a "keeper" to make and serve again.  Like any other marinated type salad though, I would think the flavors would be best blended the evening ahead in order to marinade further throughout the salad.

Once cleanup was all done and over with, I am now also "done".  I took advantage of that "little" window" of feeling good for a bit yesterday, and managed to "overkill" the feeling by wearing myself thin today, and probably yesterday day too being out and about when I should have been on the "couch". 

I am so guilty of doing this to myself .... the "nature of the beast" so to speak, however now I am paying for it.

Feeling I have taken another step backwards, talk to one's self:  "Smarten up "old girl", or you are never going to get better sooner then later at this rate" !"

"GUILTY" as charged, and I will try to do better here on in ........

Yesterday I forgot to "rave" about the great deal I got at the Deals Store in Owen Sound, a store I was browsing, located beside First Choice Haircutters,  while Rob was getting his haircut.

"Free !  I got all this stuff from a bin that was marked "free" !  I was so pleased with myself, as I never usually fall into a "free bin".  All to be put away in safe keeping until next Christmas rolls around."

This has been my day so far, and now I really am done "Like Dinner" as the old cliche' goes.

My Crabby Cabbie has gone off to do what he does best, and I am thinking the couch, my newest best friend of the past two weeks, is looking pretty good to these tired eyes at the moment.  I am in a "funk" that is giving me a "light headed surreal feeling".  Not sure where this is coming from .... illness, fatigue, or maybe a combination of it all?

On this note, I do think I will call it a day to try and now give myself a much needed reprieve.  I am off, surely not running, towards my newest best friend, "The Couch", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Rules for Wednesday - Don't do anything!!!!


  2. I agree with Gill .....SLOWDOWN YOU ROADRUNNER BEEP BEEP lol!really those were great finds for free ,pork and sauerkraut sounds great!


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