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Lots Of "Local" Flavor & "Talent" In & Around Bruce County !

Learn to laugh at the little things and this whole “existence” thing will be a whole lot easier. Be amused by your mistakes and failures and be thankful that you learned your lesson and won’t mess up like that again. And most importantly do things that you enjoy! Life is not strictly business, it can be mixed with pleasure.
Perfect Life Secret & Tip this one is.  Since I am usually so sleep deprived I find myself laughing at myself quite frequently, I am sure for fear of crying .... LOL.  "Life" really should always have a little pleasure mixed in with business at ALL times, as I am sure ALL Business ALL the time, can't be ALL that healthy for us, now could it be ?"My yesterday began with the "sun" peeking from the clouds out of the Eastern skies."

I am so happy I did not have to seriously stay home yesterday to chase "dust bunnies" around the house all day long.  A friend of mine, Anita Dejong, who owns and operates "Sweet Things" From Dejong Acres, alongside her husband, Brian, and two daughters, Rayleen and Nicole, sent me an email yesterday morning with the attachment to it as follows:

Was I ever excited a Wiarton Christmas Farmer's Market was going on every Friday at the Old Oxeden General Store located just 5 minutes outside of Wiarton.  The "poster" alone was enticing enough to draw me there.As soon as I returned home from my weekly "jab" in the arm at Dr. Loney's office in Lion's Head, I made sure I got the "pack" all looked after, few things tidied up around the house, and as soon as my "Crabby Cabbie" got up with at least "one" coffee into him, we headed out ....." ..... just 5 minutes out of Wiarton on Frank Street was all it took before we arrived at our destination."

"The Old Oxeden General Store is far from difficult to find, as it is right on the main corner and there was lots of "bright" signage."

I was so excited, I barely could wait for Rob to get parked so I could see what was behind the door of the Old General Store.  Patience is a "virtue", so I did manage to contain my excitement, and most certainly was not one bit disappointed when I did walk through the door to ....

 ".... meet the gal behind the Oxeden General Store,  who also produces the lovely display of Homemade Goodness from Local Grains, shown below, by the "Rising Sun Bakery".  It was my understanding as well, Kelsey Carriere also organized this Christmas Wiarton Market.  All Kelsey's "Homemade Goodness" can also be found every Saturday at the Owen Sound Farmer's Market, or by calling to order at 519-534-2043."

"Pottery displayed for sale by Timothy Smith of Gleason Brook Pottery, located just around the corner from the Old Oxeden General Store.  Gleason Brook Pottery is Open All Year from 9-5, and can be contacted for further information by calling 519-534-3222.

""Canterbury's Pure Beeswax Candles", owned and operated by Lori Bumstead of Shallow Lake, Ontario.  I absolutely love "Beeswax Candles" and Honey.  More can be learned about Lori and her honey of a business by calling her at 519-372-9206 or visiting her website at ."

"Baby quilts and children's hand knitted items made by Betty.  What I found to be most interesting was to learn about the "tie-dye" items also displayed in this photo, that unbeknownst to me, another local "talent" has been operating right in Bruce Peninsula's own backyard.  Take a tour of "Kind Hands" by visiting their website as follows:  I was totally in "awe" of what has been going on the past ten years, just North of the Checkerboard."

"Anita Dejong was in attendance with lots of lovely ideas for the Christmas Season by "Epicure Selections".  To learn more, please do so by contacting Anita personally at 519-534-1211, or by first seeing what it is all about by  visiting the website at  Not to forget lots of chicken, duck and lamb products, home grown by Dejong Acres, can also be purchased by contacting Anita."
"I am sorry to say I have absolutely no information on the person responsible for these totally delectable looking creations.  This is all the more reason to mark the calendar for one of the three upcoming Fridays to find out yourself  by taking an enjoyable drive out to the Wiarton Christmas Farmer's Market at the Old Oxeden General Store, anytime between the hours of  10 am to 5 pm."Rob and I both enjoyed ourselves this morning at the Market, and then on our way home, Rob thought he would "treat" us to a Tim Horton's coffee."Obviously, like Rob & myself, the people in the vehicle ahead of us at the Tim Horton's drive-thru, must enjoy their Motorcycle as much.  Great bumper stickers !" 

Since I had taken homemade Chili out of the freezer for Rob and my Dinner ....".... how appropriate was it Rob had purchased a loaf of "healthy" bread made by the "Rising Sun Bakery"?  Oh yes, it was very very good ! "

Later this same afternoon, my "Crabby Cabbie" did take leave for work, leaving me to tackle a job that needed tackling sooner then later.
"I am pretty certain our bedroom closet has more room in it now I have everything under wrap."

Since I am so excited about all of this "local" talent in and around Bruce County, now would be a perfect time to introduce a young lady who does amazing "artwork" of one of my most favorite views.
More can be learned about this up and coming young artist and her paintings by "clicking" on Sarah's web link as follows:

I am sure there will be no disappointment with seeing more of Sarah's talent displayed across a canvas, as she truly does possess a gift to be able to create such amazing paintings.  

*Sigh*  What a wonderful day I spent by "wholly enjoying my existence", ending last night by having an enjoyable vigorous walk downtown Wiarton with my girl, Lexus.  

Lots to do today, as a little bird put a "bug" in my ear there is a Christmas Craft show being held today at the Wiarton Propeller Club, that I just might have to check out before I tackle any Christmas Baking.  As per usual, I must first check in with my Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy.

Looks like it will be a good day to spend indoors at a Craft Show, and to stay home to get some Christmas Baking started.  I am hoping it is not raining later at 7 pm when the Wiarton Christmas Parade is happening.

I am weary before I go further, but with the thought of beginning a new adventure in my day ahead has me,  once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Great blog as usual Cindy ,finally had a chance to get back to reading it as Owen kept me just too busy but loved every minute spent with him


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