Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Goodies Are Packed & All Ready For Delivery !

Be known for your kindness and sympathy.
This is one Life Secret & Tip, I do NOT believe I fall short of.  All my life I believe I have strived to be a "good" person by showing kindness, compassion and sympathy, even towards those who I have felt at times have not been deserving.  Showing all of these emotions towards others, can be made in the way of the smallest gesture such as a "smile", or spoken out in a "good morning".  It does not always have to be in the way of a huge display of hurrah and giving.Being there for someone by lending a listening ear, or even offering acknowledgement of a good deed someone has done for you, are only a couple of ways one can show kindness and/or return kindness.  Accepting of one's situation, should they be going through a "rough" patch in life, is a small way of showing sympathy with maybe an act of kindness to go along with it.  It is not a difficult task for any one of us to be kind and sympathetic towards others.  A lifelong rule to try and keep close to memory is, "one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself".
I kept myself busy yesterday with the usual humdrum chores of everyday living such as folding clothes, doing dishes, you know those "have to be done" things.  One thing I did do was bring out all the containers containing  the Christmas Goodies up from the downstairs fridge, so I could get some packaged up for gift giving.One could possibly imagine how time consuming this all was ? as I am sure it took me over an hour from start to finish, clean-up included !  As one can see I "got 'r done", and do the containers containing all these "said" goodies, not look festive ?I had it all done in time so I was able to place a gift of goodies out in the mailbox before the Mail Lady dropped around with our mail.  Her container was not in this photo, as it had already left the building at this point ....   I also included a "note" in her card saying "I hope your "hubby" shares YOUR goodies with you this year" !  LOL, last year she had given us a card with a note included, telling me how much her husband had enjoyed my goodies.  I can't wait to see her response when she drops off her Christmas card to us.I decided I needed some fresh air, so contacted my friend, Sharon, who was available for a walk this afternoon.  I got myself ready and off I went.  Usually it has been little Miss Mercedes going off on walks with me, however since she is getting to be a big girl now, I have decided it is time for her to learn about taking turns.

"The "big" guy, Bandit, got to go along on the walk this time.  As you can tell by this photo, it was serious business going on a walk with the "straight ahead" let's get going look".  The walk was a little more lengthy this day with Bandit along, as for the life of me, I do not understand how this guy can manage to "squeeze" out a little drop at every tree and post we passed !  Must be a "guy" thing ?  LOL."

The walk was revitalizing, even though Sharon, Bandit and I got a little wet as it had rained a bit on the way.  Once back home it was time to get the Supper show on the road, as my "Crabby Cabbie" has been working every third Monday days, and this had been that time of the month rolled around again.Since there were leftovers from the day before Slow cooked Roast, it only made sense to make up a Shepherd's pie with them.  I got the potatoes on to boil, the carrots and onions as well, along with a separate pot of garden beets (have I mentioned before how much I loved cooked beets?  LOL).  

"Once the gravey was reheated with the leftover beef, cooked onions and carrots added, along with the mashed potatoes to top it all off, and heated in the oven for 1/2 hour, it made a great Supper.  Easy peasy as one-two-three.  Rob had two helpings of the Shepherd's pie, with me having a single serving, and two helpings of the beets, of course."

Yesterday I had also received two emails from two different persons, containing the same information.  Did you know ......
The Red & White kind of gives it away, but one never knows now a days ....... LOL !  What would you think?I also came across some tips on "How to Avoid Holiday Family Stress" from the Everyday Health web page.  I enjoyed the read, finding there to be some valid points within the article.  Here is the web link should anyone like to read the same article for themselves:http://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-holidays/how-to-avoid-holiday-family-stress.aspx?xid=fb_EH_20111213_family Most importantly I have to keep in mind that .....

...and even less time now since 6:25 am, when I had  first captured this "countdown" image.Time to be checking in on what the Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy has to say about today's forecast.

Okay I am liking the show of Yellow, however having a bit of problem with the "risk of freezing drizzle" part, for obvious reasons, as my most favorite "Crabby Cabbie" will be out in it !Ha,ha,ha, my long time Facebook gal pal from Australia, Jiba, also emailed me yesterday with Christmas greetings and Blessing from herself and her family.  She had read "Crabby Cabbie" so many times, she wanted to make sure "Rob" was still his name !  Yes he is still "Rob" part of the time, and always "Crabby Cabbie" the remainder of the time ..... but is still dearly loved, lol.I so enjoy getting "regular" correspondence via email, rather then the flooding of jokes and sayings all the time, as I find I don't always have the time for some of them.  I do always find time and look forward to the emails I receive which are on a "personal" note.  Should anyone ever like to drop me a note of such, or need a copy of any recipe I might post at any given time, please feel free to email me at justnorthofwiarton@live.ca , as I would love to hear from you.Always lots to do, with maybe some people to see along the way, as I head out towards a new daily adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. great post and your shepard pie looks delish!!!

  2. I am with you on beets, I especially like them pickled with shepherds pie. Im ust grow some this coming season as we don't have any this year.



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