Sunday, 11 December 2011

Family Can Be So Much Fun & Important For Us To Have In Our Lives

These books will help you decide what you want to do in this life and how to get to that point. They will also profoundly change the way you look at the purpose of existence. Read them!This Life Secret and Tip for this day is number 18 out of 50, but is strange this would be the one for this day, as just last night my friend, Bob, emailed me a video to watch on Life After Life.  I am thinking this tip must be a message for me to share the video with others.  This video takes about 40 minutes to watch, so anyone who would like to at another time might want to click on "Life After Life" to save the link or watch it now.I must now go to the beginning of my yesterday, as it was so much "fun" !!!  Every year my Auntie Gladys, Cousins Vi, Suzanne and myself meet for a  pre-Christmas luncheon together.  This year, Suzanne's sister, Peggy, was up from the City and able to join us.  We have usually always met at the Green Door Cafe tucked away in downtown Wiarton, so this is where we met again this day.Should any time a trip be made up to the Bruce Peninsula, it is well worth the stop for some food fare and beverages at the Green Door Cafe, but word of warning "reservations" are highly recommended.  Learn more about the Green Door Cafe yourself by perusing their website at:  Have an event that needs catered to?  I have heard numerous times the Green Door Cafe is one of the best in Bruce County who cater Weddings and such functions, so keep this little tidbit of knowledge filed in a safe place for such an occasion !Here we are just arrived and barely seated when my dear Cousin Suzanne runs into people she of course knows.  

"Phew, finally I get "photo" proof that it just isn't me who possesses the Masterson Trait of having the "Gift of the Gab" !!! "

"We were all so busy catching up & enjoying our time together, I never did get a group photo, however we are all together in this one.  Auntie Gladys, Vi, Peggy & of course myself & Suzanne reflected in the mirror."

 "Lunch?  My mouth waters just looking at this picture.  We all chose the Quiche and side dish of either fries, soup or salad.  Of course I had the salad, as I knew there was more to come ...."

"..... and it did so in the form of an Apple Blossom.  Yummy, yum, yum it was so good !"

After lunch was over and done with, we all decided to do a little shopping next door at the Rankin River Trading Company.  The Rankin River not only has some really cool gift ideas, they also carry a nice selection of men's, women's and children's clothing.  A bit of everything can be found when you drop in there.We all wanted to go check out The Cluttered Cupboard, which I had only been once before with really not too much time to really have a "good" look around, but I was able to this time around .....

"Not located on Wiarton's main street, but just behind where lots of public parking can usually be found on Lousia Street."

"Truly there are some pretty unique gift ideas and lots of them to choose from at the Cluttered Cupboard."

"The one particular item that caught my eye, was this uniquely made Bird House.  I love Bird Houses!"

"I even took a close up shot of this one, as my Cousin Vi's husband, Ross, just happens to make Bird Houses.  Um, I am sure it had to be at least three years ago now he had promised to make one for Vi and I ?  Wonder if he ever reads my "blog", and if so would get the hint? Miracles do happen as we all know !"

"A couple of us had made a purchase or two, and before we made our exit down the stairs, to our right was ...."

 " true are these words, which we could take as being our own? "Be Yourself" !"
My dear Cousin Vi, is such a talented person in her own right.  Every year she makes each of us something "special" by her own hand.  This year it was in the form of an Angel.

"Hand-painted with love from my Cousin Viola.  Each year I take the ones Vi had made for me from past pre-Christmas luncheons .... how many now?  it brings a memory of each time we have spent our times together.  In my heart, it really doesn't get much better then the wonderful memories I have gained from year to year."

What a fantastic adventurous day I had with family members who I love and know love me back.  It really sets the mood for how Christmas should be with loving and caring for one another.  I am truly blessed my father was from a family of nine, so I have known the enjoyment of having many Aunts, Uncles and first cousins, with wonderful past memories, with more to be made together in our future.Since the Wiarton Weatherman guy wholly cooperated with the weather being cold but fair yesterday, I will see what he has in store for me this day ahead.

Oh !  Clearing !!!  I love that word clearing, and I love seeing Yellow, as yellow means "Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows"!  A great day to get some Christmas decorating, baking, shopping, family get-togethers happening, would it not be?  Not in a Christmas mood yet, well Mr. Nat King Cole is sure to put anyone in the mood for Christmas ....

It is Sunday, my "Crabby Cabbie" has a day off, so I am sure there will be some kind of adventure awaiting me in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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