Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Gifting Was A Little Early This Year At Our House.

I am going to "skip" posting one of the Life Secrets & Tip for today, as I just have too much of my own life to reflect about with the goings on from my Yesterday .... it all began with by a run up "North of the Checkerboard" to pickup my Mother and bring back her for a Family Christmas Gathering.

Before lunch, we decided to open our gifts to each other while Grandma was here with us, so we "got on down" to doing just that ....

 "First a display of a little "brotherly love", which I just happened to capture, thinking I had better get a picture of this display of sibling "love" into a frame for proof further down the line .... lol."

"We got on with the task of turn taking of opening gifts, with Mercedes begin very helpful at times.  I am not sure if Connor didn't like receiving the top as a gift, or maybe it was the colour that didn't suit him?"

 "Paul had  to have a little enjoyment by trying on Holly's gift ..... I am thinking he was maybe a little jealous he didn't get a Hat/Scarf/Glove set?  Next Year Baby Boy, Mama will make sure I get you one.  Beside the point, it looks much better on Holly."

"Something a little more fun then a "shirt"."

"Paul was pretty excited with his gifts of a "Mortgage Jar" and a "white" Roots jacket.  He has been obsessed with having "white" clothing at a very young age, which is any Mother's nightmare ! 

 "Mother was pleased with her gifts of a brooch and slippers from my sister, Donna, & I, along with the Fruit Basket her Church had delivered to her."
"Aiden was really happy with the clothing items he received from Poppa & Grandma."

"The Kids got Dad & I gift certificates to our favorite restaurant, "The Mandarin".  We were both beyond happy with this gift."

"Once the fun of the gift giving was all done, it was "bring on the food" time."

"My two little "Rip-tail Snorters", knew they had to eat up their lunch, as there were Christmas Goodies to follow right after."

"...... and sure enough, there were lots of Christmas Goodies to be had after lunch."

 "The boys were trying out Poppa's Christmas gift from Grandma, before he had a chance to get himself all cleaned up and ready for his "Crabby Cabbie" work."

"My most favorite "Crabby Cabbie" all ready to go out into the World of Cabbies, and hopefully with not too much "Crabbiness"."

"With there only being "one more sleep" til Christmas, I must warn everybody, I did sight Santa downtown Wiarton Yesterday, & I am sure he was keeping an eye out for who was being "naughty or nice", so make sure you are behaving !"

"It was quite a day had by all of us, so it wasn't too late in the evening before we all called it a night."

With Christmas Day Eve upon us, I am hoping the Wiarton Airport Weatherman has a great forecast for the day ahead.


A mix of sun and cloud. 40 percent chance of flurries this morning. High minus 1.


Cloudy. A few flurries beginning early this evening. Amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind south 30 km/h. Low minus 2 with temperature rising to plus 1 by morning.

It is looking pretty good with hopefully a bit of snow for Christmas morning, and great roads for those who are travelling.  Perfect !

I love the show the X-Factor, and enjoyed the Christmas entertainment from the show ...... but then again who wouldn't enjoy listening to a up & rising young Canadian Talent, as well as a famous Guru in the Music irWorld.

With the Christmas Turkey already in the oven since 6:00 am, and my Rip-Tail Snorters up and active, I think it is time I head off into the rest of my day ahead towards a Christmas Day Eve adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. It looks like a wonderful & fun day!! :) LOVE the martgage jar! Just awesome! Have a verry Merry Christmas!!


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