Monday, 5 December 2011

An Adventurous Trip Into Bruce County's Sister County Of Grey

No explanation needed.Definitely NO explanation for this Life Secret & Tip for the day is right, as books open for us a whole new learning experience or enjoyment.  I hope books are never totally replaced by technology, as it wouldn't be the same if we couldn't say, "It is a good day to curl up with a good book", now could we ?
My yesterday started out not too exciting as myself and the "pack" had to be very quiet so our "Crabby Cabbie" could get some much needed sleep.  Needless to say I had to do some quiet chores, one of them being the laundry.  I am so totally grateful for the woodstove and a clotheshorse.  The clotheshorse I have is very wobbly and not too sturdy at all, but pricing out a new heavy duty one would run me almost close to $50.00-$100.00, depending on the size.  I will have to keep my eyes and ears open for a new used one, as I am not sure my wobbly one will be able to take the pressure much longer.  With it just being Rob & I, with the exception of bedding, most times the clotheshorse is all that is needed.  Clothes dryer?  That would cost hydro, and we give Hydro One more then they deserve already each  month, as far as I am concerned !After I had completed all the "quiet" chores I was going to, Rob finally emerged looking somewhat, but not totally rested.  I had a suggestion for us, which to my delight he willing agreed it was something we could do this damp, wet, dreary day yesterday was.We had decided to head over to Owen Sound to go to a couple of stores, as the grapes we had purchased last week at the No Frills store, were all gone to mold the very next day.  We also needed to return another item not needed, and pickup some dog food for the "pack" at the Walmart Store.  Once all our running around was over with, we headed over to the ....

"Where it is held every year at the ..... "
I had never been to a CFOS Christmas Fund Broadcast before, so I was really looking forward to seeing what it was all about, other then what I had heard on the 560 CFOS Radio station in past years.

We were barely there 15 minutes when we started running into lots of people from in and around the Wiarton area, such as parents of ....

 "The Wiarton School's Children Choir.  What an awesome bunch they all were !  They were  getting ready for a little "warm-up" session before it was their turn to "hit" the lights and big stage."
There were not only talented young little people there, but more talent in the way of us being able to see in person, Sarah Slater's creativity by way of her paintings being there on display throughout the Roxy's foyer ....

" "The Sarah Slater Art ~ Sky Perspectives" is so amazing to see in person; a photo does not really do complete justice in this case.  As I had mentioned in my previous "blog" post, Sarah's Art may be viewed from now until February 11th, with more information at her web link:

"It is well worth the viewing should you already be in the area, or if not by making the trip to the Roxy Theatre to personally view yourself.""

Rob knows, but has never heard or seen this particular friend of ours perform, so what a better time then on stage at Owen Sound's Roxy Theatre.  This same friend did not know we were going to be there either.

 "This friend, "Live on Location" was who else then our very own, Ralph & Friends.  Oh no, I think the photo below was when I had been "spotted".  Can't get too much past that Ralphy Shular guy, as I have heard he has eyes all over two more counties other then just his own of Bruce County !"

"Rob & I enjoyed listening to Ralph Shular on Guitar, Doug Sutherland on Fiddle, Bob Corp on Mandolin and Miss Brenda Sparks on Guitar, and all of the three songs they had performed and sang."
We had an awesome time at the CFOS Christmas Fund Broadcast, and stayed for one more performance before we took our leave to get ourselves some supper.

"As we were heading to our favorite little Chinese Restaurant, how could we NOT notice this fantastic light display of Santa at the Owen Sound Tourist Train Station."

Rob and I really enjoyed our time together on our adventure over in Grey County's Owen Sound, as the talent, entertainment and cause was all "wonderful".  By the time we got back into Bruce County and home, looked after all three of the "pack", watched a little TV, it was time to call it a night, which we did.

Time to look forward to a new week, so I will see what the Wiarton Weatherman first has to say about the upcoming day ahead.

More rain?  Changing to flurries?  Oh man, sure glad I am staying home today ....  and have I "Ever Seen The Rain", of course I have, and I think I would much rather see the rain then flurries most days !

Once again I am off and running towards a brand new adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hopefully next year I can take in the show ,looks like it was a great fundraiser!

  2. was snowing here a little while ago....guess it's a change from all the rain.



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