Tuesday 9 February 2016

It Has Been Awhile

I guess it has been awhile since I did a blog post, so much that I have had people contacting me wondering why .....

.... well I had a few bad weeks, and last week I even found myself "back paddling" more or less.  My medications had slowly been increased to the maximum, and I did not react too well to the increases.

Should anyone have experienced "restless" legs, then they would have an idea of what akathisia feels like.  This was one of the side effects of the higher dosage of Latuda I was feeling within an hour of taking a higher dose.  More on akathisia may be found HERE.  Not a great way to feel when getting ready for bedtime, and one that makes you feel you are going out of your head !

Back to the Doctor last Thursday took me back down from 100 mg to 60 mg of the Latuda.  I am feeling much better without the dreaded side effect of the akathisia, thank goodness.

What is Latuda? Latuda is a mood stabilizer for Bipolar Depression.  More on Latuda by *clicking* HERE.

One major event went on since my last long ago post.

Rob's 60th birthday has come and gone on the 31st of January.  It was a quiet celebration with just the two of us going out for dinner at the Harriston Park Inn, in Owen Sound.  More on the Inn by *clicking* HERE.

What else has gone on? really not too much more.  I am becoming very boring I am afraid, and truly not feeling too much like doing blog posts, or much more of anything else for that matter either at the present time.  I am hoping with the med adjustment this will all change for the better in the upcoming weeks...... wish me luck please.

I have been "back paddling" so much lately that I hadn't even made my bed for almost a month.  This is a huge "no no" for me, as it, if nothing else, was something almost guaranteed I did every day.

Good news ! since my adjustment in meds my bed is getting made once again on a daily basis, and I have even accomplished making a couple of dinners as well, Chili being last night's dinner.

I have also been out walking, as weather and time affords, with a friend.  We try to get out every day, however that is not always possible with both our schedules, so we make the best of what we are able to do when we are able to get out.  Hopefully once the weather breaks and Spring/Summer arrives I will see myself much more active then I have been.

I had mentioned that along with medications for the past Year that weight gain was part of the side effects.  Since on the Latuda my hunger level has finally evened out somewhat, and I have managed to loose 4 lbs.  Not a lot, but a start ......I will take the start and keep working on it from there, otherwise if I stop to dwell on it too long it will get me down.  Forward and Onward ......

What I have continued to be doing is the 52 week Money Challenge.  How has everyone else been doing with that?  I am working at it backwards again this Years, so I just deposited 49 dollars last week (hope I am right with the program with that dollar amount).

I haven't been using my new camera as much as I would like, however I did get a cool photo of our kitten, Leo, the other day ......

Cats are just so flexible, are they not?  Has Leo been getting along with our dogs, one might ask? yes he is getting along pretty good with them for the most part.  There has been a couple of yelps with claws making contact, however as of yet nothing too serious.

I have meetings today.  One at 5:30, and the other at 6:30 pm.  Until then I am going to relax somewhat, and be thankful there is leftover Chili for this evenings Dinner, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Glad you are feeling better, keep smiling Cindy

  2. It takes time for these meds to sort themselves out, especially when other meds might be part of the equation as well. One day at a time.

    Leo does look like a handsome fellow.

  3. One foot in front of the other, Cindy!
    Welcome back.


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