Thursday, 3 September 2015

Just Now

We just now got home from a long long day ....

The fridge in our RV went kaput, at the most inopportune time of course.  I called everywhere last night, Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc..., to find the cheapest 24" wide  fridge would be $649.00 plus taxes, plus delivery.  YIKES ! there was no way I was wanting that to happen.

My friend, Vicki, checked for Scratch & Dent places on Kijiji.  I found two when I went on the Owen Sound site.  This morning I called both; the one in Owen Sound had nothing, however the one in Durham just had one come in yesterday afternoon.  What were the odds of that happening???? and he had never had one in that size before.

The best part of the whole story is the grand total was $187.50 !!!!

I also might add when crossing the street on the walk light on my way to the bank in Durham, a van whipped around  the corner missing me by a foot after he finally noticed me.  Yes my Angels were with me today, as most days I am certain.

After getting the fridge we headed down to Kitchener as Rob had ordered spare tire for the RV as well, and they had came in.  That was at 5 pm we got there, then went to Costco for much needed dog food.

Yes it has been a long day .....

When I was out with my friend, Lynn, the other night I was gifted a Cactus.

It is HUGE ! and I really really LOVE it.  The flowers are amazing.  I hope I don't kill it and it continues to do well.  It didn't even blink when I moved it home, and immediately began blooming; lucky me.

On that note I am going to soon call it a night, Just North of Wiarton and South of the Checkerboard.

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