Monday, 28 September 2015

A Big Job

Today Rob got a very big job done, despite the humidity of the day ....

We had purchased this for one of our vehicles, however Rob erected this 20 foot structure at the back of our house to put in wood for the upcoming Winter.  It is getting too much for us to go out across to the Woodshed in the bad weather.  Hopefully this will simplify things by having it closer.

My morning was spent in the Emergency Room at the Wiarton Hospital seeing my Doctor.  The new meds I was trying out over three weeks ago have not been agreeing with me.  It is awful feeling buckets of sweat pour off one's body, along with the clammy feeling of clothes sticking to your skin.  This morning was the last straw when I couldn't make our bed as it was drenched on my side.  Oh and did I mention crying? that I could do on a dime without even having to think of anything *sad*, and never mind the weight I have put on because of meds the past year !!!!

Sigh ....

Short of the long of the story I am weaning off the meds.  He is also going to send me to a specialist to see about my "not sleeping" problem.  I really think if I slept better I would feel better then usual.

The past Year has been a life changing battle for me to the point I have given up things I used to love doing.  I barely cook, and never bake, anymore.  The thoughts of getting organized overwhelms me, but at the same time makes me feel ill.

I am hoping the Year ahead of me sees positive changes going forward; this is my prayer for myself, and others as well.

This afternoon I had to head over to Owen Sound.  I was able to meet up with my Niece who went to Sears with me to shop for new running shoes.  Sears had 35% off some of their footwear, however I got a great pair of Saucony's for a great deal.  We browsed through the Mall then had a cup of coffee before I headed back home.\

After puppy duty and grabbing something to eat the day was pretty gone.

This evening?  The Voice has begun a New Season so of course Rob and I cannot miss one episode, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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