Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Tad Grumpy

This is what happens to me the odd time when I have not had a whole night of NOT sleeping.  Yes I was feeling a tad grumpy today.

Regardless of what I tried I could not sleep.  Yes I even went to another bedroom !!!  Yes I even had a hot bath at 2:34 am !!!  Yes I even tried some medication !!!  Yes I tried it ALL, short of a rubber mallet.

Needless to say other then the bed made, dishes done and a few bills paid, nothing else got down today.

Four years ago a few of us girls from Southampton starting getting together for lunch in the Spring at the Walker House, just to get together and "catch up".  Since I had been busy with my son's wedding this Spring it had been put off until this Fall.  We are getting, or those who are able, together this Saturday.  Looking forward to putting my ears on and catching up.

I did manage to have a couple of winks of "light" sleep this afternoon, but upon getting up I am sure I felt much much more grumpier then when I had layed down.  *Sigh* good thing Rob was on the road, however I am sure Bandit heard a bit of it while he quivered at my feet.

I HATE feeling Grumpy, don't you???

I am going to try to get a walk in this evening before The Voice airs at 8 pm, so I am off and running, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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