Monday, 17 June 2013

Five Generations Worth !

Today it was all about getting the 5 Generations together while my Sister Jeanne is here from Nfld., and her Granddaughter, Michelle is here with her Daughter, Deja from B.C..  We wanted to get them all together since everyone was visiting all at the same time ... what a great opportunity it was for this to take place.

Our Mother with Daughter, Jeanne, her daughter, Joanne, her daughter, Michelle, and her daughter, Deja.

One more last photo of the 5 Generations while little Deja was still cooperating, then one including Joanne`s oldest daughter, Erica.  Then Mother and my brother, Allan.  I was making sure to get them all photographed while they were all there.

I could not miss out on taking Phil`s photo with his most colourful personality, and his pink shirt too.  Phil is Michelle`s other half & Deja`s Daddy.  Then before we left a family photo including Cecil before we all parted.

Once the photos with Mom were done, she hadn`t even say goodbye to anyone, she just took off back to her room without looking back .... way too funny, but so Mom.

Jeanne and Cecil headed out with Allan, while the rest of us headed up to Tim Hortons for a beverage before the kids headed back to Brampton.  Michelle, Phil and Deja will be heading back to B.C. on Thursday.  I was very surprised and happy to see that Erika had been able to come along.  It was nice to have 3 generations of nieces with me today.

When I got back home, Rob was not long coming home afterwards.  He stayed home to have a late lunch while I took a taxi fare up to Lions Head for him to give him a break.  He does deserve a break once in awhile.

I got back home to receive a call from a family who had wanted to come visit the puppies.  They arrived for a short visit, or so they had told me it would be, just after 4 pm.  The short visit lasted until 6 pm.  Our dinner ended up being a bowl of homemade soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Love those quick fixings as backup Plan B.

This is what the meaning of ``pupped right out`` looks like after an almost 2 hour visit.

I am relieved, if nothing else got done, that my kitchen floor was washed.  It was getting very annoying to walk through the kitchen and almost not being able to get back out .... this is what happens when one gets stuck to a floor.

Another busy day ahead of me tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. How lovely to have all those generations of family together and to get photos ! Brampton used to be a quaint little farming town when I was on the farm in Caledon way back , now it is a huge ugly city . Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Five generations that is wonderful. A great opportunity not wasted. Great pics. B

  3. These are photos to cherish. Love!

  4. Aww, these are absolutely precious pictures that need to be framed! Of puppies too :)

  5. How wonderful to have those multi generation photos. You are always so busy.

  6. The photos of your family are fantastic. Puppies good too!

  7. Nice to see the family pics - what a nice looking clan! The pups are way tooo cute!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  8. Five generations are so rare and precious Cindy. That was just wonderful.
    Your Mum is a gal after my own heart. I've been known to walk out the door and go home, home being hundreds of Km away, LOL.
    When yer' done, yer' done.

  9. Five generations is very special:) Great photos~ Lynn

  10. Five generations is rare indeed!

  11. Wow five generations, that's awesome, glad you got some pics!

  12. Nice family photos. Thanks for sharing Cindy.


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