Friday 14 June 2013

Breakfast For Dinner Anyone

Up and at it first thing this morning.  YIKES ! I could barely get out of bed as my muscles did not want to cooperate but I made them.  After Aussie chores and coffee I got myself ready to head up to my weekly Doctors appointment North of the Checkerboard. My sister went along for the ride.

Before we had left, I heard one of the puppies being very loud.  It had not been a playing loud, as it had been a stressed loud.  Straight downstairs to inspect I found the one little guy with his head through the kennel run wiring.  Geez do you think I could get his head pushed back out to the other side... of course not what when through did not come out as easy.  I was feeling a bit of panic for him as I could not hold the wire open wide enough while pushing his head back.  Jeanne got Cecil to come down.  I went in the other side to get the other puppies away, and while he pulled the wire a bit, his head was out without a problem.  

No worries as the little guy was not hurt one bit, but was stressed as he could not go anywhere.  He had been very happy when he first seen me and had stopped his screaming then, so there was no pain involved thank goodness.  Just like having 8 children around at times.  What a lot of work that gets to be some days, as it keeps me on my toes.

Finally we made it up to my Doctors in Lions Head.  I did not only get an allergy shot, I also got a shot of B12.  Energy I am always lacking and welcome anything that will help give me more then warranted to me most times.

Once back home we all got ready to meet my niece downtown Wiarton, as we were going to go to the Friday Farmers Market.

We stopped by Miners Maple Products to pickup the bottles of Maple Syrup we had ordered for Jeanne and Joanne.  

Yes that is Abby Miners bootlegging her Maple Syrup.  Nastasha of Colopy Creek Farm & Bakery is right beside the Maple Syrup with all of her baked temptations, and there is Anita of Dejong Acres having herself some Rhubarb Strawberry pastry goodness.  Anita was selling their homegrown lamb and eggs.  Drool ... lamb is so good.

Before Joanne had to head out to full-fill the rest of her day, Jeanne and Cecil took us girls out for an early lunch at the Green Door Cafe.

Oh my you must try the Green Door Cafes Loaded Chicken, as it is not only loaded it is really good loaded !  We all had the same, however Joanne and I shared our fries and salad with each other instead of ordering the same sides.

When we got back home my friend, Gayle, was there finishing off the planting of the garden.

Gayle and I had the biggest laugh at this last row on how crooked she had made it.  I am to tell Rob the Row of Sunflowers will add creative character to the garden.  Sounded good to us.

Later in the afternoon Cecil needed to go back downtown for his lottery tickets.  He needed an excuse to go other then just for the tickets so Jeanne suggested we go for ice cream.  Shame for shame on us, ice cream two days in a row !

The Wiarton Rotary Club has their annual Dream Draw on.  You can find them in front of the Royal Bank every Friday, and at the Foodland Store every Wednesday.  What a nice Kia vehicle to have a chance to win by purchasing a ticket.

Ice cream Cecil did treat us to.  I had a Triple Chocolate as you can see.  Sinfully good it was.  Bruces Best Homemade Ice Cream at Lloyds Smoke Shop .... YES YES YES, I totally agree with the sign in their window.  I will be going back to sample more at a hopefully much later date then tomorrow.

I needed a bit of a rest when we returned back home for the ..... 3rd time today.  Once I got a bit of a second wind I went to clean out the Everything 8 puppies.  Boy oh boy those puppies do not care where they do their business one bit.  Then it was off to take Bandit, Lexus, Mercedes and Buddy for a run about before Rob got home for Dinner.

Breakfast for Dinner Anyone.....  Cecil and Rob had Eggs over Easy, while Jeanne and I each had a toasted Bacon, Egg and Cheeses Sandwich.  I really do love breakfast for dinner some evenings.

It did not take long for the clock to be after 8 pm by the time I cleaned up the kitchen and sat down to download my photos for this evenings blog post.  Rob left for work, and the company is watching Canadian Pickers on TV.

What am I happy for today ... that I spent a great day with my sister, Jeanne, and BIL, Cecil, and my Niece, Joanne, got to spend some of the time with us.

I still have 8 puppies to get put to bed for the evening, as well as 4 adult Aussies out and about for the last time before I call it a night myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Sounds like your having a wonderful time Cindy and some wonderful ice cream:) Lynn~

  2. Ohmygosh, does that ice cream look heavenly. I'll have one, please! Glad you're having so much fun with Jeanne and Cecil. Bess

  3. I heard that B12 shots really help in boosting energy levels. I hope it works out for you.

    An ice cream with triple chocolate sounds really good right now, although I think it's still quite early - haha

    Have a great weekend Cindy!


  4. Now I'm hungry!

    Poor little pup... good to know he's okay.

    And a fryup breakfast is good for any meal.

  5. Hi Cindy, We have arrived in Kingston so I have free internet, just catching up on some of your past blogs. What kind of day did you have on Friday? I see Abby at the market with her jacket on and Anita with a sleeveless top. lol.

  6. I love Breakfast for Dinner~Yours looks Delicious~ Lynn

  7. You've convinced me to have breakfast for dinner very soon. I don't know why I never think of it--it's fun, easy, and everyone loves it.

    Puppies can sure get themselves into crazy fixes!

    Thank you for linking, Cindy!


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