Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Fun Filled Day It Has Been !

Not too much changed at the beginning of my day with it starting at the usual time of 6:00 am, other then the "Spectacular Six" puppies were quieter then usual, not that I am complaining about this ...

Then the "changes" to my usual routine began just before 7:00 am, when who else was first to arise, no other then my #1 Rip-tail Snorter ...

"It didn't take Aiden too long before he had the puzzles out and on the go."

"Once Paul arose, there was no separating Bandit from him.  He loves his Paul !"

"Next to arise for the day was Connor I am sure, way before their Mama Holly decided to join us ... lol."

"Here is our little man, Connor, not too sure if he is awake yet."

"The day at hand was blustery and wet."|

"Nothing like getting the day off to a great start with breakfast."

".... and of course, here is Paul and Holly's new dog, Chevy, taking over Bandit's spot."

"Rob meets Jack Russel ... um wonder who won this "stand-off"?  take a wild guess?"

"It wasn't long until the boys and Poppa got into their bantering and a bit of arm wrestling."

Rob had to leave us this morning to put on his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and drive into the Sun, which eventually did come out to shine upon our day.  The boys and Paul went for a little outing over to the Government Dock at Colpy's Bay, which is a hop, skip and a jump from our place.  It wasn't long after they had left, Holly and I got a phone call to come and bring along a "bucket" with us.

"Here we are first approaching Paul.  I am certain I will get this photo copied and printed for myself, as I do so love natural photos."

"The crayfish hunt was still going on, with Mommy joining in on the fun."

"They did so find one really big quite alive crayfish."

"As well as some remains of crayfish from days long past."

"Once the crayfish adventure was over with, it being time to head on out."

"We do so enjoy coming down to the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay when the kids are visiting."

"A local fishing boat moored at the dock."

"Cool plant life growing in the sand."

"This belongs to the Diver's, where lessons are taught on board out in the Bay."

We had decided we were all going to go up to Lion's Head to have a visit with Grandma this afternoon.  Once we had stopped for lunch, we headed on over to Golden Dawn.

"Before arriving at our lunch destination at Marydale's Restaurant in Lion's Head, Connor had himself at least 40 winks of sleep."

"After lunch the boys thought a little fun on these Lions just outside the entrance way to the restaurant was the thing to do."

"Here is Paul with his Grandma.  He does so love "teasing" his Grandma, this time telling her it was time to have her nails done .... lol."

"Group shot was in order.  Grandma very happy to have us all there with her."

"This is John Blake, pictured beside my Mother, who happened to come out to join us while we were visiting, thinking it a good idea to get in on the group photos !  Welcome, John."

We had a fantastic visit with Grandma.  She did so enjoy us all being there with her today, as any day we were to visit her.

Yesterday when I had been up to Lion's Head it had been too early to check out The Lofty Lion, but today I was sure it would be open.  It did not take us long to walk there since it is only a couple doors up from the Golden Dawn Retirement home.

"Come on in with me to meet the owner of The Lofty Lion, Kathy King.  What a lovely helpful lady she most certainly is, making us feel most welcome inside her doors.  Thanks Kathy, I will be back!"

"Do you love Vintage?  do you love collectibles?  do you love unique? this is the place to come to find all those things and more at The Lofty Lion in Lion's Head."

We all arrived back home around the hour of 3 pm, for the kids to head downtown to the park, return home again to head back out over to Sauble Beach.  They just phoned around 7 pm to let me know they were heading on over to Southampton to take in the beautiful Sunsets they have there and maybe "hook-up" with Poppa for a bit of a visit ... oh what a break I have been having in their absence, just little ole' me and the "pack" .... lol.   Really though I do love having them all here 99% of the time !

"Since the last Black Tri puppy sold last night, there is still this "One & Only" little red tri-coloured guy looking for his Forever Home.  He really does have a very big outgoing personality, and is really just so terribly cute."

I am pretty sure it is getting to be about that time of day to go back out to give the puppy run yet another "wash down", as well as have everyone else in, out and about a couple more times before my foursome "rift raft" all descend upon me again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh thank you so much much for showing pictures of the Lofty Lion and Kathy. I am making a trip there in the next few weeks. (and to Marydale's)

  2. Such a busy and fun day!! Glad you are enjoying your family time, it's the best.

  3. You have a house full of people!! Glad you have a fun time with all of them! And it looks like you are really enjoying your new camera too :)

  4. What a lovely family your have.

    I like the picture of the "stand-off" : )



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